Thursday, January 23, 2014


So the fantastic Sara of Sideburns and Bangs nominated me for a "Golden Blog" award. 

The rules are as follows:
 Either use the award logo in the post, or create your own.
-Link to whoever nominated you.
-Write 10 fact about yourself.
-Nominate bloggers
-Tell the bloggers so that they know they have been nominated.

I haven't shared 10 facts in awhile, so here we go.  Some more "all about me."  

1. I didn't have any food aversions while I was pregnant but I will get them every now and then when I am NOT pregnant.  The biggest offender is bread.  Sometimes I just can't eat bread, it makes me gag for an unknown reason.  Wrap sandwiches are my favorite when that happens!

2. Speaking of sandwiches - I love salad and veggies, but I just cannot handle having any kind of veggies on my sandwich.  Unless it is a BLT for some reason.  Otherwise I'd rather eat my veggies on the side.

3. The Pants Monkey and I love some British and Canadian TV shows that we've found and will watch them when our other shows are on hiatus.  From Britain - The It Crowd, Spaced and Black Books and from Canada - Corner Gas.  All very cute shows no longer on the air, but fun to watch the re-runs.

4. I'm a big fan of beer as I've shared before - my favorites are the hoppy ones, I like a good IPA and am so excited that Bell's Hopslam is back on shelves again, it only comes out once a year.  I also took a picture of the last beer I drank before finding out I was pregnant with Oliver - it was a Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA.

5. I think the chocolate chip cookie recipe in the big red Betty Crocker cookbook is better than the classic Nestle Tollhouse cookie recipe.  And I grew up with the Nestle recipe!

6. Giving birth to Oliver was the first time in my life I was ever hospitalized for anything.

7. I love nail polish but I hate painting my own nails.  And I'm notorious for leaving nail polish on way too long and letting it just chip away.  I almost always have some polish on that is weeks old at any given time.

8. I plan to get back into running this spring as time allows and may be doing a 5K with my sister in law in March...which is coming up faster than I realize!  Yikes!

9. This March the Pants Monkey and I will have been together for 16 years - which is half of our lives and then this May we'll have been married 8 years - which is half of the entire time we've been together.  I don't love math - but I love that kind of math!

10. Speaking of time passing, I have my 10 year college reunion this spring and it doesn't feel possible that I've been out of college that long!!

Fun stuff right?  Let's see, I nominate:
Jess of J's Style
Heather at Style Journey
Cara at Cara's Closet 
and anyone else who wants to play along!


  1. Oh Bethie! Fun facts and fun new design on your blog. (esp like the food info and that your only stay in hospital would be for giving birth, sounds perfect to me)

    Thank you so much for your sweet confidence in my abilities and such. Wow, this is going to be a challenge but I am already kickin' cancers arss with my attitude, man! I am so glad you are my friend! So glad. ♥

  2. OOoh, I love random facts! How are you doing Bethie?x

  3. That's my name there! OH YA! Thank you!!!
    SO funny about Corner Gas -- having lived in Saskatchewan, it was a pretty big deal. We never trekked out to the town where they filmed it, but my in-laws have.

  4. How fun! I'm excited to play along, thanks for thinking of me. :) I'm typically not a huge fan of the IPAs, but last year when I was in Kalamazoo, MI for a conference, I couldn't help but get one on draft form their brewery. My husband loves it, and we drove to the other side of Columbus the other night to make sure we got a 6 pack! haha. And I'm trying to get back into running too - here's hoping this winter weather doesn't last forever...I enjoy a good run outside so much more than on a treadmill!

    Jess - J's Style

  5. fun facts!! i am the same way about my nails. every once in a while, i like doing it, but would love to be able to afford a weekly manicure! and if you need a running buddy in the spring, i'm happy to run with you!!

  6. I haven't been to your side of the blogosphere in so long you've changed your blog name, I love it! Wow- 16 years that's an amazing accomplishment <3 And mmm I'll have to try out the chocolate chip recipe you speak of!

  7. I think blogger may have ate the comment I left last week, but this was great! I have weird eating habits too, I don't like dressing on my salad, it has to be on the side. Beer, yum! :)

  8. Came by to see how you are doing and if I had missed a post or not, but every things cool. Check on you tomorrow or the next day. ♥


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