Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hipster cat/copy cat

I saw this sweater at Target recently and I fell in love - it's a cat in glasses.  What's not to love?  Then Sara has the same sweater and posted it earlier this week - no surprise since she and I seem to have a lot of nerd type things in common - and she called it Hipster Cat.  I would have to agree!  It is kind of Hipster like!

And of course because it's the winter that will never quit, it's cold outside and we're not even going to talk about the fresh white stuff on the ground - so I added a blazer so I wouldn't freeze my behind off.  I kind of want to try layering this sweater over a long sleeve button shirt too, but I didn't have a good option for that this morning.

Sweater - Target
Leggings - Simply Vera, Kohls
Blazer - two birds vintage, b (a resale shop)
Buttonflower - MMD
Boots - Target 

For fun, I thought I'd share an old picture in "Throwback Thursday" style.  I used to have glasses.  I had Lasik about three months before I started this blog, so most of you have never seen me with glasses.  I will admit I do miss them sometimes - they were pretty cute - but seeing things like the clock in the middle of the night or not dealing with them fogging up in cold weather is pretty much worth it!

Hipster Bethie, circa early 2011


  1. I might need to copy you both and head to Target!!!

  2. What an adorable sweater! You look really cute in glasses but it must be nice not needing them. I wear contacts most of the time but I am blind without them!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Love the hipster cat sweater! If it was a hipster dog, I would be all over it :)

  4. YUS!!! So glad that you wore it this week! Funny thing is, I tried it on with a hippe-skirt and thought it looked like a very you outfit! lol, great minds! :P

  5. Aww, you *do* look really cute with glasses. I hear you on the vision, though. I've been tempted by LASIK too, maybe if I get enough grant money for graduate school...

    I never understood why it's a faux pas to have the same clothes as friends. I LOVE it when someone else has the same item as I do. I'm so glad you and Sara see it the same way. You both look great in it! :D

  6. Oh Bethie, I am glad you loved the tote. Yes. I love this Hypster Cat ya have here.

    Have a marvelous Easter and give baby Oliver a hug for me. ♥,Renae

  7. Hey, what's Sara doing on your blog? :-) I love the shirt on both of you.

  8. That sweater is super cute. It follows the graphic animal trend too. I am not a fan of cats but lately I have seen so many cute tops with cats and I want one for next Fall. LOL

    OK, I am now all caught up. Stop by to see what's new with me. I wish you a Lovely Weekend, Dear. =)

  9. almost bought one of those this weekend!!!

  10. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this sweater it is seriously adorable!

  11. That top is so cute, I love it! And I love the tbt glasses pic--they do look good on you! (But as a glasses-wearer myself--for reading/computer stuff--I don't blame you for going the Lasik route!)


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