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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Good Eats - S'mores Bars

I made a new recipe over the weekend from a pin on my Pinterest page.  I haven't always had extreme luck with my pinned recipes, so when one turns out, I'm happy to share about it!  I needed a dessert for a get together and I didn't have much time to shop or pick up a ton of ingredients.  I realized I had all the items to make S'mores and we still haven't had a bonfire to have actual S'mores, so I decided to see if I could do a S'mores themed recipe.  I found this recipe I had pinned for Easy Milk Chocolate S'more Bars.  I had everything I needed to make this - win!

So when it says easy - it is definitely easy.  You need an 8 x 8 pan, some Hershey bars, Graham crackers, marshmallow fluff, butter, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, baking powder, flour and an egg.  And that's it.  You start out making dough that sort of seems like cookie dough at first - melt a stick of butter, add sugar and brown sugar and blend.  Add egg and vanilla and blend.  Then in a separate bowl you mix your crushed Graham crackers (they said to put them through a food processor, but I just crushed mine with a rolling pin in a Ziploc bag) with your flour and baking powder and then slowly add that to the wet dough.  It makes a nice thick dough.  Half goes on the bottom of your greased baking pan.  Then you layer in your chocolate bars, followed by a layer of marshmallow fluff.  The last part is the only tricky part, you need to put the other half of the dough on top of the fluff.  Nate helped me roll out the dough on some wax paper and then we just turned it over and peeled it off.  Then we just patted it down, filled any holes and it was good to go.  You bake it for a half hour at 350 and then let it cool before serving.

Oh-em-gee.  It's rich and decadent and delightful.  Gooey.  Sweet.  It was a hit!  I don't think I could eat more than one piece of this bad boy, it was so rich it almost made my teeth hurt, but I'm also not super used to milk chocolate these days.  I would like to try making this again with dark chocolate actually, I think I'd like it even better - but even with as sweet as it was I still really enjoyed it!

I think this would also be good with Reese's Peanut Butter cups as your chocolate base too, I know some people enjoy making S'mores out of those!  This would also go nicely with a small scoop of ice cream on the side!  Overall it was a winning recipe and I am so excited to have an option for extra S'mores fixings if I end up with some again!
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Foodie Friday - Nate's awesome enchiladas

Happy Friday!  Today I thought I'd do something a little different and share one of Nate's awesome recipes! He is seriously an amazing cook which is good because while I can cook, it's not my favorite thing to do and I am much more like "Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee" than anything else, but Nate will go off book and create and experiment and it always turns out so great!  So, today I'm going to share his enchilada recipe.  He sort of created it last summer when we were in the thick of CSA veggies and it quickly became one of our favorites! So here we go!

Step One: Finely chop an onion, half of a red pepper and half of a green pepper.  We like to mix the red and green peppers for a nice blended flavor, the sweet from the red and spice from the green, but if you prefer one over the other, than use one whole pepper of your choice.  We use the food processor because later we end up needing it to puree the veggies into a sauce, but you can chop by hand if you prefer.  We also add in 1-2 jalapenos.

Step Two: Add in diced tomato and some minced garlic (we just use the stuff in a jar).  When we have fresh tomatoes we use them, but right now tomatoes are not in season yet, so we just used one can instead.  The garlic is as much as you like for taste.  Puree until it's still a little chunky, but somewhat blended.  

Step Three: Put this mixture into a pot, simmer on low for a while (pretty much as long as it takes to get the rest of this put together) - add in chopped cilantro (can be fresh or from a shaker jar) and some salt and pepper to taste.

Step Four - Make margaritas.  This step is extremely important.  We have a great recipe for these too, but I will share that another day.

Step Five - Peel and slice zucchini.  Yes that is right, there is zucchini in these bad boys!  And this zucchini just happened to be fresh from our CSA box this week!  You can pretty much use any kind of filler you want, but this is one we stumbled onto last year that we really enjoyed.

Step Six - Chop up your meat - we use whatever leftover meat we have, be it steak or pork chops, you could probably do chicken as well, but we like something a little less light.  This week we used steak.  Put about a tablespoon of butter into a skillet (we use a cast iron skillet) and add your meat and veggie to the skillet.  Fry up until soft and warmed through.

Step Seven - Drink some of your margarita.  This is important.  Do not skip this step.

Step Eight - Prepare tortillas.  We use corn tortillas and we warm them in the skillet with just a little butter, less than a minute on each side.  Then layer sauce, meat/veggie mixture and cheese.  Roll up and place into baking dish - we use an 8x8 Pyrex.  You also do not need to grease the dish since the tortillas were warmed up in some butter already.

Step Nine - Once all of the enchiladas are rolled up and placed into the baking dish, top them with more sauce and more cheese. Place in a 350 degree oven and bake for about 15 minutes.

Step Ten - Take out of oven, scoop out of baking dish and put onto your plate and then into your belly!  And drink more margarita.  Ole!!

I may not be much of a chef, but I love being Nate's sous chef, there is something that is just more fun about cooking when you do it together. I've been enjoying being able to help out more now that Oliver goes to bed pretty easily at night.  We put him to bed and then we cook our dinner. When Oliver is over we'll make him our junior chef and it will be a family affair!  Do you enjoy cooking?  What's your favorite recipe?
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend roundup

Well did you all have a good weekend?  Ours was quite lovely!  My favorite was my surprise Valentine's Day dinner - the Pants Monkey outdid himself once again.  He made us a French themed meal with recipes from the Julia Child "For the Love of French Cooking" book.  We had mussels in white wine sauce, asparagus in a white wine reduction and steak that was seasoned with peppercorn and fried in butter - healthy?  No.  But freaking delicious.  He also just made some store bought twice baked potatoes and chocolate cake.  Oh and a homemade Caesar salad.  We drank wine and just enjoyed the evening - especially because Oliver more or less went to bed while we were eating!  Below are some photos.  I love my chef husband!!

Saturday we attempted to sleep in - Oliver is kind of an early riser so those days are kind of gone sadly, but we managed to stay in bed until close to 8, I'll take it when my days usually start at 5:50 these days!  We got him up, played a bit, then loaded him up to go meet a friend of mine who was in town just for this weekend. We went to college together and she now lives in New York and doesn't get here too often at all, but she was able to come for a brief visit, so she got to meet Oliver and that was nice.  Saturday evening we opted for greasy spoon burgers and laid low for the most part.

Sunday I did two masses with my music group while the Pants Monkey stayed home and played Mr. Mom. It was the longest stretch he's gotten to be alone with Oliver and they did great!  He even gave him a bath and everything all on his own!  When I got home from church I took Oliver to a blogger craft day so he could meet some of my blogger buddies - he had already met Miss Lori, but now he got to meet Megan and Nora from two birds and Erin from Due Midwest.  I didn't really craft anything, but it was nice to see the ladies!

After that we headed back home and then my parents picked us up and took us to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant in St. Paul (Cossettas for you locals) - it was delicious and Oliver was so well behaved!  He has regressed a bit in his night sleep, waking a bit more frequently again than I'd like, but it's hard to be mad at him when he's so well behaved during the day!  I'm guessing he's in a mini-growth spurt again based on his eating pattern, so I'm hoping we're back to good night sleep again soon.  Next weekend will be a little more crazy, we have his baptism on Sunday.  I'm looking forward to it, especially because I don't have to do any work, my parents are hosting the luncheon for us!  That certainly makes life easier!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The number game

Hello everyone!  We've made it to Hump Day!  We're halfway to that coveted weekend!  And next week is a short one with the Thanksgiving holiday!  We've got this!

So it's really interesting to me the foods that will spike my blood sugars and the ones that don't.  I have to check my blood sugar an hour after every meal for the Gestational Diabetes.  It's all about balancing your carbs - not necessarily the sugar.  And you have to eat SOME carbs.  So, here's an example of how funny I think this is - yesterday for lunch I had a spinach salad with some chicken, a small yogurt and a breadstick.  My number was in range, but on the high side of normal.  For dinner, we had nachos with cheese and meat and well, taco chips of course.  Chips you would think would really be something that would spike me - nope.  My after dinner number was on the low side of normal!  Potatoes and rice spike me.  Pasta does not. With bread it kind of depends.  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  It's just all big old game, but at least I'm still winning!

Shirt - QT Maternity, consignment
Sweater - swap
Pants - Liz Lange, Target
Shoes - Steve Madden, thrifted
Necklace - Stella and Dot 

I told Mr. Monkey I don't know that I want to test at all on Thanksgiving Day - not only is it going to be a carb heavy meal, we're going to be eating at odd times that day too!  We'll see.  The end of this wackiness is in sight at least!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So.  Let's talk food.  Yes, this is a fashion blog.  I have my outfit pictures from yesterday to share as well. But I want to talk about the awesomeness of my CSA share.  I've mentioned it a few times this summer on the blog here.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  How a CSA works is, area farms sell shares of their produce and when you buy one, you get a box of goodies every week.  

Back in January, my mother in law asked if we'd be willing to split a full share with them this summer.  It was an investment - but we decided to take the risk and see how things would go.  We also added a half dozen eggs to our order, which meant that in addition to a box of veggies each week that we split with my in-laws, we also get six farm fresh eggs.  I was nervous about doing this, I didn't know if we'd actually like the items we got or would be creative enough to use them all.  See, the challenge is - you don't necessarily know what you're getting each week until the day the box is delivered.  Much of it depends on how the season is going and you pretty much get what you get.  But, I've been very pleasantly surprised at how well we have been doing with this and I can honestly say, it's the best thing we did for ourselves this year.  I look forward to each Thursday when our new goodies arrive!

Dress as skirt - Cliche Mpls
Tank top - Mossimo, Target
Jacket - LOFT, thrifted
Sandals - Merona, Target
Necklace - Charming Charlie
Bracelets - thrifted and S&D 

I've also mentioned before that the Pants Monkey loves to cook and is far more creative and willing to take risks in the kitchen than I am.  That may have helped us a great deal in making this CSA share work well for us.  I know my in-laws have actually struggled a bit with their items.  They also went out of town a couple of more times than we did this summer too.  Not everything is unusual - right now in fact we're getting very normal, common veggies - tomatoes, carrots, green beans, etc.  Earlier this summer is when we were getting more unusual items like kale, collards and fennel.  We've managed to try every single thing though and I have loved it all.  Because our growing season was late too we'll be enjoying products at least through the end of this month.  I will be sad when it's over!

Follow me on Instagram (feed is at the right, otherwise my username is muppetmusic22) to see pictures of some of the delicious creations we make.  I will apologize now for making you hungry if you do!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The heat goes on

Uffda, another HOT one out there.  So, it's another sundress!  And it's another totally not maternity outfit.  I kind of love that I have some things that still work!  And I'm cool and comfy and that also makes me happy!

Dress as skirt - thrifted unknown
Shirt - Ruff Hewn, from friend
Sandals - Xhilaration, Target
Necklace - S&D with MMD buttonflower
Bracelets - Target and Bead for Life 

It might be crazy hot, but we're eating a winter meal tonight!  Got a nice crockpot of chili waiting for us at home.  We had all these tomatoes and peppers from our CSA and thought - what better than to use some of that up than with some chili?  Who cares that it's over 90 outside?  The crockpot doesn't heat up the house!  I remember we ended up doing that on a hot day last year too.  Eventually I get tired of summer meals, you just have to shake it up a bit!

In other news, you may remember I mentioned I had a friend who was due any second with her third child - she finally had him yesterday!  He's a big one, but I'm so very happy for her and excited that my little guy will have a playmate.  I went to visit over my lunch hour yesterday, got me pretty excited about meeting my little man too.  Lots to do before then though, so he can just keep right on cooking for now!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Veggies, fruits and bridges

I found some inspiration again, hooray!  I spent a little time looking at my closet last night and found a bunch of new ideas and possibilities so I think I'm good to go for a bit longer here!  I'm excited about this outfit, how have I not put this combination together yet??

I have to laugh, the Pants Monkey and I are funny.  Similar to my feeling summer fatigue yesterday with my clothes, we get summer fatigue over meals we cook too.  We eat a lot of salads and lighter dishes or things on the grill in the summer but after awhile it gets boring.   Last night we talked about it and decided, screw it, let's make one of our winter meals.  So, it might be 96 degrees outside today, but we've got a fabulous crockpot full of chili waiting for us when we get home.  Mr. Monkey makes outstanding chili.  So yeah.  That's our dinner.  We're weird!  We'll just crank up the A/C and hide in the basement and pretend it's winter.  Or something.

Speaking of food, I am excited that summer produce is starting to hit it's peak, I love fresh veggies and you just can't get them year round here, so you have to take advantage when you can!  I don't have a garden, but there are plenty of other options, little farmers markets and roadside stands work just fine.  We had the most fantastic corn from a roadside stand the other day in fact.  We grilled it and it was delicious.  I'm enjoying peach season too, there's a little grocery store near my work that gets Colorado Peaches by the case and they are to die for.  I think I'll be grabbing some this weekend and making a peach pie!

I should stop talking about food, because now I'm hungry!  Actually on a serious note, I do want to mention that today I'm remembering and reflecting on the 5th anniversary of the 35W bridge collapse.  I'll never forget that day, I was getting a pedicure with a dear friend and my cell phone rang and Mr. Monkey said "have you heard what happened?  Part of 35W fell into the Mississippi River" and then a hush went over the entire salon as it seemed we all heard the news at the same time.  13 people ended up losing their lives when the bridge collapsed and many others were injured.  It was a very scary day.  The freeway system was a mess for months afterward, since 35W is a major road to get to and from Minneapolis.  I am still impressed at how fast the bridge was rebuilt.  Anyway, I know I'll never forget, since it happened practically in my backyard, it ranks up there with 9/11 and Columbine on major events that have had an impact on me.

Outfit rundown:
Tank top - vintage, Salvaged Strawberry
Skirt - American Eagle Outfitters (old)
Necklace - Stella and Dot with MMD buttonflowers
Sandals - Old Navy
Bracelet and earrings - via swap with CC