Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crisp, clean and classic

Today's look encompasses the three "C's" in fashion - crisp, clean and classic. Simple white blouse paired with dressy tweed capris. I adore these capris - the buttons on the sides of the legs are so much fun and just add a little "cuteness" without being over the top.

My go-to Charming Charlie bag would look good with this outfit today too, but I chose instead my favorite purse that I more or less got for free when I hosted a Butterfly Boutique party last year. This bag fits right in with the crossbody trend that is pretty popular right now. I have had a hard time jumping on board with this trend because I just love shoulder bags, mostly hobo styles, but I have to admit, I do like this purse and the concept of being hands free is a good thing!

Also of note, these are my current favorite pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are a fun new accessory for me - I had Lasik in February and it's been a real treat being able to buy cute sunglasses that don't require a prescription. I'm up to about four pairs now that I like to rotate between.

The Rundown:

Shirt - Antilta Femme (Thrifted, with tags still on it from Macy's)

Capris - Mossimo for Target (Thrifted)

Sandals - DSW

Bracelet and watch - Charming Charlie

Necklace - Stella and Dot

Bag - Butterfly Boutique

Sunnies - Lillian's Shoppes

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More stripes and flowers

This was a tough outfit to photograph with such light colors! Anyway, here is another stripe and flower combination. I bought the shirt to wear to a concert last summer, but found I can dress it up if I put it with the right thing. I have had the skirt forever, but it's one of those tried and true favorites that goes with a lot of different things and seems to never really go out of style, so I'll probably be wearing this for some time to come!

The rundown:

Shirt - Maurices

Sandals - DSW

Bracelet, watch, purse - Charming Charlie

Necklace - Gift

Monday, June 27, 2011

Color me mine

Hello! I'm back after a few days away - the Pants Monkey had Lasik over the weekend so I was busy tending to him and not so much to my fashion, ha!

Today I chose a very colorful shirt as the centerpiece of my outfit, the rest of it is all very simple. I love this shirt because it has every color under the sun - which means it matches more or less anything! I wanted to highlight the shirt though, so I stuck with simple khakis today. It's still kind of gray here in MN, so it certainly helps brighten up the day a bit!

The rundown:

Shirt - DKNY, thrifted

Sandals - Target

Watch - Mudd brand, Kohls

Bracelet, earrings and necklace - Premier Jewelry (in home party)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Orange you glad

Orange you glad I got some better pictures? Ha. Seriously though, I'm getting better, I have this indoor stuff kind of figured out!

Today's outfit just feels very orange. Probably because the main colors in the shirt are orange hues. And there is an orange pattern to the plaid pants. I have mentioned already how much I love plaid, you'll see tons more plaid, guaranteed. Also, it's cold in MN today. Cold for this late in June anyway. So, I added a jacket! The jacket helps dull the orangeness a bit. It has a tweed pattern, which is another style I love - anything tweed. I would just prefer wearing it when it's actually supposed to be cold outside, not in June! Oh well, can't do much about it, I choose to live where I do!

The rundown:

Shirt - Maurices

Jacket - Bill Blass (Thrifted)

Pants - Nine West (Thrifted)

Sandals - Target

Necklace - jerseymaids via Etsy (gift)

Purse - Thrifted

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flowers and Stripes

So apparently a trend right now is pairing stripes with flowers. It has to be done carefully, or it'll just look too busy. I have seen bolder looks than the one I put together here, but I gave it a go. I chose "like" colors so it would look pretty well put together and I liked the result. The Pants Monkey told me this morning he liked what I picked out today when he saw the outfit sitting out before I put it on. I have had this skirt forever and I love it - but this shirt I just bought this spring gave it it a whole new look!

Pictures are getting mildly better, I'm trying, so be patient with me! If anyone has any good tips on indoor pictures and/or self portraits, let me know! I've been finding different spots in my office to take them and I know the fluorescent lighting is part of the issue. But, I have this awesome abandoned space in my building that will be developed eventually, but right now is a great place for me to set up shop, since I can't seem to get moving fast enough in the mornings to do these at home. If the weather would improve here in the Midwest too I could even try some outside. So it goes.

The rundown:

Shirt - Axcess by Liz Claiborne (Thrifted)

Skirt - Mossimo for Target

Sandals - DSW

Necklace - Stella and Dot

Purse - Coach (Ebay)

Hat - Target

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Ok, not the greatest quality picture wise this morning, but I'm sleepy today, so I'm lucky to have cranked out what I did. My photographer friend gave me some tips on my flash, so these are at least not as dark as yesterday's photos turned out!

So today's outfit is a very simple one. The main pieces came from my favorite consignment shop, Clothes Mentor. If you are lucky enough to have one of these consignment stores in your town and you have to dress up for work like I do, it is honestly the best way to get good quality clothing on the cheap. I have often times found things that still have the original tags on them for 50-75% off the original cost. Love, love, LOVE this store.

The rundown:

Shirt - DKNY (thrifted)

Pants - Ann Taylor (thrifted)

Sandals - Mudd brand, from Kohls

Watch - Mudd brand, from Kohls

Monday, June 20, 2011

Brightening up a gray day

It's a rather gray day here in the North Country. Again. We have been really lacking sunshine. I went thrift shopping with my madre on Sunday and found this dress and decided, it would brighten things up a bit today! I paired it with my new sandals from Target that I wanted to wear to my outdoor concert but ended up not doing so, good thing because they would have been ruined in the mud. Also paired up one of my favorite thrifted bags, it has every color under the sun and is just so fun to carry. Here's hoping for more sun and actual "summer" weather soon!

The rundown:

Dress - Gap (Thrifted)

Sweater - Maurices

Sandals - Target

Bag - Thrifted

Necklace - Charming Charlie

The Outdoor Concert

Well, really I should label this post, "The best laid plans." We had an outdoor concert over the weekend, tickets bought a couple of months ago and all that jazz. I spent all week crafting the perfect outfit for a summer outdoor concert festival. I was ready for sun and 80 degrees. But we ended up with rain and barely 70. So, The Pants Monkey kindly snapped this pictures of me in my wishful thinking mode, but I ended up changing some before we left. The shorts remained, but everything else was different. Oh well, there's always next year!

The rundown:
Hat - Target
Cami - Old Navy
Tank Top - Maurices
Shrug - Maurices
Shorts - Herbergers
Sandals - Target
Purse - Lillian's Shoppes
Necklace - Premier Designs (in home party)
Earrings - Charming Charlie

Friday, June 17, 2011

Casual Friday

I'm very thankful that I work in an office that allows jeans on Fridays. I try to dress up my jeans as much as possible though! This pair is one of my very favorites, the "Diva" fit from Old Navy, they fit me like a glove, they are just the right dark shade so they feel a little less "sloppy" and well, they just look good! I think those are all important factors in finding a good pair of jeans!

The rundown:

Blouse - Maurices

Pink cami - Target

Jeans - Old Navy

Sandals - DSW

Necklace/earring set - Butterfly Boutique

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

First outfit post - Pretty In Pink

So here's my first outfit post for you! See what I mean about the pictures? I'm almost embarrassed to share them. But I think you get the general idea and I do promise they will improve!

The rundown:
Tank top - Old Navy
Shrug - Thrifted
Capri pants - Thrifted (New York and Company brand)
Bag - Charming Charlie
Necklace - Butterfly Boutique
Bracelet - Charming Charlie
Shoes - Hand me downs from my mom

So let me just say - I only just found Charming Charlie and OMG. Love, love, love this store. It's a grown up toy store I swear. They sell bags, jewelry and shoes and everything is color coordinated. I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. You will quickly learn that I am a purse freak. The bag I picked up from there is a great size and a good everyday bag. It may quickly become my favorite! There will be more on Charming Charlie in future posts, guaranteed.

Otherwise, this is a standard work outfit for me. I adore these pants, you'll also quickly learn that I am obsessed with patterns. Plaid is my favorite color, ha ha. And I enjoy pairing different things with these pants. While it's not terribly summery today here in the northland, it's warm enough for this outfit!


Oh, hello!

Welcome to my fashion blog. Yes, another fashion blog. How many hundreds of fashion blogs must there be out there? Too many I'm sure. So why should you read mine? What makes mine anymore special or different?

To be honest, I'm not sure. the answer! I'm just a girl who loves to blog, who loves clothes and accessories and who loves a good deal. So, I want to share my love of these things with others. I'm pretty much an "average Jane" honestly when it comes to my life. I'm trying to become more fashionable though and this is one way that I can accomplish that.

I have been inspired by other fashion blogs I've read and I am not setting out to copy them at all. I have included their links at the right - seriously these ladies are much more professional than I am and you should definitely check them out!

Brief about me: My name is Beth, my childhood nickname was Bethie Boo, hence the blog name, playing off of Winnie the Pooh a little bit. I'm 29 years old, married five years to my high school sweetheart N. We'll call him the Pants Monkey - long story on that nickname that we'll share at a later date. We have no children, just two cats. Music is a big part of our life, we perform with a Christian music group that travels between three churches on the weekends. I work a desk job - administrative assistant in a health organization.

Brief about my style: I love to shop, I love good deals. I'm not above thrift stores or consignment shops to find things. My favorite store in fact is a consignment store called Clothes Mentor - they buy name brand clothing and sell it cheaply. So many of my finds come from there. I love purses, I will never have enough of them! I love shoes, but surprisingly have very few - I'm working on this. I'm not a "brand" snob for the most part. I do have a love of "Coach" but I am proud to say I've never paid full price for any item I own by Coach. I can find things at Target and Old Navy just as easily as a higher end type place. I do "dress up" for work.

Other than that, we'll get to know each other as we go along here. My goal is to keep my posts from being too long and too "wordy" and instead sharing pictures and such. I will warn now - I am not a professional photographer - though I have good friends who are, they aren't always around to just snap pictures of me! I will work at improving my pictures as we go, I've been reading tips and such and will hopefully get better very soon!

The only people I've told about this blog in real life are the Pants Monkey and my mother, whom I shop with most often, though she doesn't go on the computer ever and will likely never see my posts. I'm not ashamed to share this with real life peeps and if any of them find me, well, hello to you! But, I like the anonymity of this too, so therefore I'm not publicizing it to all of them at this time, that could always change. Besides, I have a friends/family type blog anyway. I'm really just doing this for myself to become more stylish and document my favorite looks and share when I find a great deal somewhere. Anyone reading along will be icing on the cake!

So welcome and check back often, I'll be writing several times a week. I can't promise daily just yet, but it will still be pretty frequent!