Friday, February 28, 2014


I honestly can't explain my obsessions sometimes.  But lately I have been obsessed with all things fox.  My poor child has so much fox themed stuff - blankets and clothes.  His nursery is Dr. Seuss, but even that has the story of Fox in Sox.  I think maybe I've gravitated towards foxes because of their orange color - and that has been one of my favorite colors in the last couple of years.  I don't know, I can't explain things sometimes.  It's like Lucas in Empire Records says "Who knows where thoughts come from, they just appear!"

I had my eye on this cute fox henley from Old Navy back this fall while I was still pregnant, but never got around to buying it because it was so close to birthday and Christmas and I guess I was busy still being pregnant.  Anyway, a friend of mine shared on her blog a couple of months ago about Instagram shops - have any of you checked these out yet?  Some of them aren't not too bad! One of the shops my friend recommended was The Poppy Shop.  The Poppy Shop posted this fox henley earlier this week and I snatched it up immediately!  It was very reasonably priced and the shop owner sent it out super fast and even included a little perfume from Avon as a goodie.  I definitely recommend her shop!

Fox shirt - Old Navy via The Poppy Shop on IG
Sweater - American Rag, thrifted
Jeans - Gap, thrifted
Bag - Mossimo, Target

I had off and on thought about adding a "shop my closet" feature to my blog, but maybe an Instagram shop is the way to go.  Based on this experience I would definitely shop via Instagram again.  It's a cheap way to feed my fox addiction anyway!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pinned and Did It - Channeling spring

I always end up doing a clothing post when I link up with Heather's Pinned It and Did It.  I really want to try other things I've pinned too, but right now I've been needing some clothing inspiration, so here you go.  I saw this pin this week and I loved the pairing of a darker green with the mint colored pants - and I had everything to recreate it!

I decided this outfit would be a good way to channel spring even if it is still colder than the North or South Pole outside again today.  I went for a blazer instead of a moto jacket look - partly because it's what I had but also because it would keep me warmer!

Blazer - Calvin Klein, thrifted
Camisole - Old Navy
Jeans - JCP, JCPenney
Boots - Mossimo, Target
Necklace - Bead for Life 

I have a few other pinned outfits I'm excited to try out.  I've been complaining all week about how I'm feeling kind of sartorially challenged between the weather and dressing for being able to nurse/pump and all that jazz, so I do what I always do and let Pinterest help me out!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I really love that leopard print is still a trend!  I haven't been able to wear this adorable leopard blouse in awhile - since before I was pregnant in fact - so it's fun to wear it again!  So much of my nursing friendly clothing is in gray and black tones, it's nice to shake things up with more browns.  I realize brown is still a very neutral color, but it feels different enough to me!

It's getting harder by the day to creatively dress for both the weather and for convenient nursing. Supposedly this is our last hit of the "polar vortex" - a phrase I've never heard more in my life than I have these last few months!

Leopard blouse - Gap via two birds garage sale
Sweater - LOFT, consignment
Pants - Nine West, thrifted
Necklace - Charming Charlie
Bag - Mossimo, Target 

I am also officially 12 weeks postpartum.  Oliver will be three months on Monday.  I can't believe how fast that time has gone!  While I do wish I had been able to take the full FMLA 12 weeks off for maternity leave, I can say that I do feel like we're getting into a bit of a groove finally with our weekday schedule.  Of course, just when I say that is when things will end up changing or something.  It's always something with a baby! One day a time!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I'm not talking about catNIP with my post title here. I'm talking about the dreaded topic of "nursing in public". Oh the horror! It seems it's still a bit of a hot button issue even though breastfeeding is becoming more of the norm again. One of my friends shared this hilarious video on Facebook the other day. It is not really work appropriate, so watch at your own risk, but it's really quite funny and I thought would be a good point to open the dialogue on this topic.


 If you didn't watch it, I'll just tell you that it's a couple of women singing about how people think new mothers are exhibitionists and are looking for any opportunity to pull out their breasts to more or less "ruin your day with the more vulgar word for breast" if you get my drift.

I have had a few occasions so far where I have needed to nurse Oliver in public.  And I have gotten some "looks" - the judgement eyes, the disgusted eyes, the shock eyes. Now, I take very careful care to make sure that no part of me is exposed to anyone that doesn't want to see it.  I have a very nice nursing cover (though Ollie doesn't really like it when I cover him up to eat!) and it makes the process very easy.  But like I said, I still get some looks when we are out and about - mostly this has been when we've been at the mall and it also happened once in a bookstore.  It's those people that make me want to act like the women in that video and just bare all to them - give me a break here, it's a natural thing and again - I am making sure you don't have to actually SEE it.

Some of our malls here have very nice mother's rooms and if I'm at that mall, you bet I'll seek out the designated place.  But others are not doing so well on that front, so I do what I have to do to feed my kid.

The Pope recently said that women should feel free to breastfeed in public and I commend him for making that statement.  I actually saw a woman nursing her baby in church a couple of weeks ago - nicely tucked under his wrap and I smiled at her.  I wanted her to know I get it.  I understand.

Maybe it's the over-sexualization of women in media these days that make people uncomfortable with anything pertaining to boobs.  I don't know.  But what I do know is, I will feed my kid when I need to feed my kid and those who give me the "look" I'll just give the "look" right back.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Short but sweet

Whew, what a busy weekend!  It was good, but way too short.  Not to mention, we're still recovering from the crazy snowstorm.  The main issue now is it's super crazy cold again, so all the roads have turned to sheer ice.  It's fabulous.

Even as busy as things were it was a good weekend though.  Friday was a bit of a trying day because of the storm and also Oliver was in a bit of a growth spurt and super cranky and refusing the bottle at my parents house, so I received a couple of frantic calls from my mom.  But then the rest of the weekend got better. Saturday we went out for breakfast.  After that I got a few things done at home and then after Ollie went down for a nap I ran and got a haircut finally!  Feels SO much better having it short and spiky again!  I went to do a mass with our church group while Mr. Monkey took the baby to his parents house, then we had dinner with them and they watched him while we had a birthday drink with a good friend.

Blazer - two birds vintage via b. (a resale shop)
Tank top - Motherhood Maternity nursingwear
Pants - Worthington, JCPenney
Necklace - gift
Buttonflower - MMD
Shoes - Mossimo, Target

Yesterday was then a pretty big day - it was Oliver's baptism.  I'll have pictures to share in another post, but it went pretty well overall!  I was pretty proud of my little guy!  As great as it was, it did lead to the weekend being a bit too short feeling though!  Next weekend we have absolutely nothing lined up at all and we're really excited about it.  Quality family time here we come!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow, snow, go away

Well.  Just got dug out from 8-10 inches of fresh snow.  I swear you guys.  I said it yesterday, I choose to live in a cold, snowy state, but seriously.  Adding insult to injury - it had rained before it snowed, so my car was not only full of snow this morning but it also had a nice sheen of ice on it too.  And the locks were frozen.  Sweet.  I had been sent home from work early yesterday, but knew my boss would be gone today and hadn't approved us coming in late or working from home, so I really needed to get out.  Pants Monkey to the rescue - he helped bust open my car and shoveled me out of the driveway.  He's my hero.

I saw so many stupid people this morning.  Yep.  I am not mincing words here - they seriously were just being stupid.  I was cut off by a guy in a big F150 style truck who DID NOT CLEAN OFF HIS WINDSHIELD.  Big pet peeve - it's so dangerous to do that.  I honked at him of course.  He proceeded to drive like an idiot and I thankfully lost him about a block from my parents house.  I also avoided a near miss with TWO trucks with plows that were doing people's driveways and backing up without looking behind them.  Sigh.  You stay classy Minnesota.

Sweater - Mossimo, Target
Jeans - Gap, thrifted
Hat and scarf - Target
Bag - Coach via Poshmark 

So anyway, I made it to my parents house in one piece, fed my child, got back out the door and was only about ten minutes late to work.  It could be worse.  And now it's cold again - but it's Friday, so a good excuse to wear a hat and cover up my shaggy horrible hair.  It most definitely will be getting chopped later today so it's all clean for Oliver's baptism this weekend.  I'm also relieved the storm hit yesterday and not Saturday into Sunday - that would have been worse!  I hope you all have great weekends - and maybe better weather than me if you don't live in Minnesota!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Calm before the storm

It was so nice outside yesterday.  Lots of stuff melted, I didn't have to bundle the baby too much to go outside, I barely needed gloves.  This morning you step outside and it's still warmish, it smells like spring...but there's this ominous feeling of something looming out there.  We're about to get hit with another giant snowstorm.  Sigh.  I choose to live here...I choose to live here....repeat....repeat....

I am getting a kick out of the fact that apparently they have named this latest storm "Seneca".  Hunger Games much?  Too perfect!

Tank top - Motherhood Maternity nursing wear
Blazer - American Eagle, thrifted
Pants - Banana Republic, from SIL
Purse - Merona, Target
Necklace - gift from friend 

Thankfully my boss has already said if things get crazy enough later, I can leave early.  I think we'll be hunkering down tonight and doing very little...which let's face it, we're new parents, that is pretty much every night for us right now!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mama bear instinct

So first off, I have to share this adorable doodle that I had made by Megan of Megan Mae Daily - she drew a custom doodle of myself with Oliver and it turned out so cute I just had to bring it here for you all.  I believe she has a few spots left for custom doodles right now if you're interested - head on over here for details. Thanks Megan!

Next up, it's story time.  Since birth, Oliver has had this almost congested type sound in his chest.  The pediatrician we were seeing told us it was probably just fluid ingested at birth and that it would eventually clear up and go away. It did start to sound like the fluid was gone, but he was still kind of a noisy breather. Along with that we started noticing some signs that maybe he was suffering from acid reflux or something of that sort.  When we brought it up to our pediatrician at the two month check up he just said some kids are like that and that his noisy breathing wasn't any concern.  So we kind of wrote it off, but it was still kind of concerning to us that he was making these noises.  We were starting to wonder if he not only maybe had reflux, but possibly a milk allergy or some other allergy issues.  My mom was also noticing some things when he was with her during the day too so my dad suggested to me that maybe we bring him to my uncle who is a pediatrician and has actually been in Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine as one of the top doctors for many years running.  I know you're all thinking, well that's a no brainer, take the kid to him!  The day my dad suggested this though I was just not in good head space and didn't take the suggestion all that well, I felt like my parents were implying I was a bad parent (they weren't, I was a bit of a hormonal mess, story for another day.)

Of course over the weekend, clearer heads prevailed and after talking with the Pants Monkey I decided we'd make a follow up appointment with our current pediatrician - he's a nice guy and all, we more or less chose him because he came to do the baby exam when Oliver was born in the hospital.  I will admit the decision was made because at the time it was "easy."  But, when I called the clinic on Monday and talked to the nurse line and the nurse I spoke with was super ditzy sounding, my mama bear instincts kicked in and I started realizing, if something is truly wrong with my baby, I want to be with someone I know and I trust.  I want him to go to my uncle.  So yesterday I called my uncle's clinic and explained who I was and why I wanted to come in. My aunt had given the clinic a heads up it turns out, so they were able to get me in within the same day.

Within the first five minutes of my uncle being in the room with us we had a diagnosis.  It's a scary sounding word that isn't actually all that bad.  It's called laryngomalacia - it basically means he has an immature larynx. What happens is like when you breathe in through a straw and the straw collapses - that is what his larynx is doing and it in turn causes him to sound like a honking goose when he breathes.  In very severe cases it can cause babies to stop breathing or have major feeding issues - but that is not the case for Oliver.  He will likely outgrow it in the next few months.  In my uncle's 35 years of practicing medicine he has only referred two babies to an ENT for surgery to correct it, all of the rest of them outgrow it completely.   We felt so much better hearing this news.  He also noticed a few other minor things that we have noticed but our other pediatrician didn't really even touch on at all.  He gave us some tips on how to help Ollie and said that overall he really is a healthy little guy and we're doing a great job.  Again - I don't want to rag on the first pediatrician, but from here on out we're going with my uncle.  Mama Bear Instinct for the win.  And I'm so thankful my little guy is going to be OK.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fur sure

Another cold snowy day yesterday called for a faux fur vest.  Well, I don't know if this is a vest or a little jacket, but either way, it felt appropriate for the weather.  Of course I had a co-worker teasing me "is that sheep or llama? Did you steal it from the Michael Jackson ranch?"  It was all in good fun, he and I have a good working relationship, he actually filled in for me a bit while I was on my maternity leave in fact.

Every time I wear these pants I say I'm going to be done with them - they're so old and one of the pockets has a hole in it.  But you can't see the hole and I just can't seem to quit these pants I guess!  I am so tired of pants - been back at work two weeks and no skirts yet.  I hear the mercury is going above freezing this week though - so I just might pull a skirt out yet!

I had a gift card to Target thanks to singing for a funeral vigil, so I treated myself to this cute little bag - I know I have a problem, I never said I didn't - but was also able to get a couple of little things for Oliver too. And a sweatshirt or two for myself because they were way on sale.  I might attempt a DIY project with one of them, you never know!

Sweater - Ruff Hewn, consignment
Vest/jacket - Swap
Pants - Maurices, very old
Shoes - Mudd, Kohls
Purse - Merona, Target
Necklace - Bead for Life 

Still got the shaggy hair going on.  My hope is to get a haircut before Oliver's baptism on Sunday.  It will happen!  It's funny the things you really struggle to find time for when you have a baby!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend roundup

Well did you all have a good weekend?  Ours was quite lovely!  My favorite was my surprise Valentine's Day dinner - the Pants Monkey outdid himself once again.  He made us a French themed meal with recipes from the Julia Child "For the Love of French Cooking" book.  We had mussels in white wine sauce, asparagus in a white wine reduction and steak that was seasoned with peppercorn and fried in butter - healthy?  No.  But freaking delicious.  He also just made some store bought twice baked potatoes and chocolate cake.  Oh and a homemade Caesar salad.  We drank wine and just enjoyed the evening - especially because Oliver more or less went to bed while we were eating!  Below are some photos.  I love my chef husband!!

Saturday we attempted to sleep in - Oliver is kind of an early riser so those days are kind of gone sadly, but we managed to stay in bed until close to 8, I'll take it when my days usually start at 5:50 these days!  We got him up, played a bit, then loaded him up to go meet a friend of mine who was in town just for this weekend. We went to college together and she now lives in New York and doesn't get here too often at all, but she was able to come for a brief visit, so she got to meet Oliver and that was nice.  Saturday evening we opted for greasy spoon burgers and laid low for the most part.

Sunday I did two masses with my music group while the Pants Monkey stayed home and played Mr. Mom. It was the longest stretch he's gotten to be alone with Oliver and they did great!  He even gave him a bath and everything all on his own!  When I got home from church I took Oliver to a blogger craft day so he could meet some of my blogger buddies - he had already met Miss Lori, but now he got to meet Megan and Nora from two birds and Erin from Due Midwest.  I didn't really craft anything, but it was nice to see the ladies!

After that we headed back home and then my parents picked us up and took us to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant in St. Paul (Cossettas for you locals) - it was delicious and Oliver was so well behaved!  He has regressed a bit in his night sleep, waking a bit more frequently again than I'd like, but it's hard to be mad at him when he's so well behaved during the day!  I'm guessing he's in a mini-growth spurt again based on his eating pattern, so I'm hoping we're back to good night sleep again soon.  Next weekend will be a little more crazy, we have his baptism on Sunday.  I'm looking forward to it, especially because I don't have to do any work, my parents are hosting the luncheon for us!  That certainly makes life easier!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I want to thank you all for the love and support you showed on my previous post - it really helped to write that and be honest and while it isn't like it will change overnight, I do feel a lot better than I did before.  For now I stick with my usual mantra of "one day at a time".

So Valentine's Day seemed like an appropriate day to wear my red Mr. Rogers sweater.  It's a good thing it's warm, it's cold outside again and it's been cold in my office too.  Someday winter will be over right? Seriously.  Looking at these pictures too I'm like man, I need a haircut.  Badly.  No time this weekend either. Maybe I'll let it get longer....who am I kidding though?  I am such a short hair person!

Sweater - Vintage, Hill Valley Boutique
Shirt/dress - swap
Leggings - Simply Vera, Kohls
Boots - Target
Necklace - jerseymaids, gift from friend 

I wanted to do a close up of my very special necklace - my sweet friend Jes, who happens to be the person who did all of Oliver's newborn photos as she is a professional photographer, had this made for me from jerseymaids.  I wear it most days to keep my baby close to me when I'm away from him, and I realized I hadn't showcased it yet.  So, here it is.

I'm looking forward to the day being over and spending Valentine's Day with both of my boys.  The Pants Monkey is going to cook us a rather elaborate feast from what I understand, so I'm quite excited to see what all he has up his sleeve, he's keeping it a surprise.  I sure do love being married to a man who loves to cook! I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day and a wonderful weekend as well!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My heart

Time for a truth post.  My heart is a little heavy right now.

I've been back at work almost two weeks now.  And I'm not going to lie.  It sucks.

I feel a bit overwhelmed.  The dishes are stacking up at home.  Laundry is piled everywhere, both clean stuff to be folded and dirty stuff that needs to be washed.  There's boxes all over from stuff we order to save the hassle of going to the store.  The poor cats are super neglected and race around like wild beasts in the evenings from the lack of attention.  But that isn't the stuff that bothers me.

I'm instead bothered by the fact that by the time I get my sweet boy home in the evening, we get maybe a half hour of quality time before he's cranky and fussy and needs to go to bed.  He doesn't nap well at my parents right now, so bedtime is coming earlier and earlier each day.  I miss my little boy.

I hate the things I'm missing out on during the day - his smiles, his coos, watching him play on his playmat or do tummy time on the floor.  Now I know parenthood isn't all sunshine and roses all the time - but it just feels like I get the short end of the stick now.  I don't get the fun time anymore.  Yesterday I wondered if he'd ever smile at me again.

And then I got this from him this morning:

I needed that smile more than I can say.  It just warmed and uplifted my heart and reminded me that no matter what happens I'm still his mama and he knows that and he does love me.  There is still possibility for some things to work out with work that might allow me a hair more time with him and I just have to be patient and wait to see how things play out.  And I have to remind myself too - I work so that we can take care of him, so we can have health insurance for him and other important things of that nature.  I just wish there was a better way.

So that is why my heart is heavy and hurts a little bit. I'm sure with time it will get easier. But no matter what, my heart will be here first always.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

True Blue

I think this is my first wear of my beloved Anthro pants since I've had Oliver.  I looked in my archives and it appears the last time I wore them it was June and I could just barely button them at the time.  I'm so happy I can wear them again!  Still one of my best thrifted finds ever!!

Sweater - Mossimo, Target
Cami - Motherhood Maternity
Pants - Anthropologie, thrifted
Scarf - Stella and Dot
Shoes - Mudd, Kohls 

I haven't been shopping for myself in forever.  I keep buying things for Ollie since he's growing like a weed - starting to pop out of even some of his three month clothes and moving into size 2 diapers!  I just haven't bought myself anything and I'm getting the bug.  I think it might be time for a thrift store trip if nothing else!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Signs You Grew Up As An Only Child

Once again, I love Buzzfeed.  This video popped up on another friend's Facebook page this week and I immediately shared it on mine.  For those of you just tuning in - I am an only child.  And, there is a pretty high probability right now that Oliver will also be an only child.  I'll talk more about that in an entirely different post, but I still wanted to share this video and just talk about the life of an only child.

Much of what is said in this video is SO true.  And I've always felt as an only child, that only children get a bad reputation sometimes.  Sure, I do believe that some parents of only children do spoil them and don't help them to learn about interaction with others and things of that nature.  But I know in my case, my parents worked hard to not have that happen.  Yes, I had opportunities and experiences that other kids my age maybe didn't get - this was the nature of having a family of three and therefore having less expense.  My mom was able to stay home with me.  We were able to take family vacations every year, including to places like Disney World.  I ended up with a very unique and special relationship with my parents.  But they most definitely did not give in to my every wish and desire.  I remember specifically how badly I wanted an American Girl doll back in the day - they were expensive even then - and they would not let me have one because I used to mutilate my dolls hair by cutting their bangs, so they couldn't justify that money and watch me destroy it!  I wanted a cat for years too and they wouldn't let that happen until I was old enough to help take care of it.  So, they definitely did not just give me the sun and moon if I wanted it.  

Often the response I get when people learn I am an only child is one of pity because I didn't have siblings to play with or grow up with. Yes I didn't have siblings to play with - but I have zillions of cousins (I am one of 38 grandchildren on my mom's side of the family) and three of them lived close enough that my aunt would bring them over every day in the summer, so I got the sibling experience with them.  And I wouldn't trade the relationship I have with my parents for anything.  And I'm quite close with some friends now that I am an adult that I definitely consider to be aunties to Oliver - not to mention I gained a sister-in-law when I married the Pants Monkey and she and I have a very good relationship too.  So I don't feel that I'm lacking in that area.

Sure, I worry a little about the responsibilities that will fall to me as my parents age - but they are also fairly proactive and are planners - I think that there will be things in place before I have to worry too much.  I hope to do the same for Ollie if indeed he is an only as well.

So anyway, I just wanted to share this, I certainly don't think less of those who grew up with siblings, but I guess what I'm trying to say is - don't feel bad for me, I like my life and I don't think I'm dooming my son to a life of horror if I don't give him a sibling either - but that's a story for another day entirely.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Ugh, this outfit is so boring!  But it's so cold again, I just went with what was easy and warm.  And this sweater is new to me, it was in my sister-in-law's donate pile, so I stole it.  It's comfy, warm, easy to nurse in, guess it's a keeper!

Sweater - Old Navy, from SIL
Pants - Alfani, Macy's (old)
Necklace - Swap
Boots - Target 

I am not going to say much more about the weather because it's seriously getting old - but I think with every passing year I'm becoming more and more of a warm weather lover than I used to be!  Bring on the hot - I won't even complain this summer!  Well....ok, at least not right away!

Oliver survived his shots, he was a pretty sleepy boy most of the day on Friday, but the rest of the weekend was back to his normal self, so I'd say we did pretty well!  Thankfully we have two more months before we have to do that again!

Friday, February 7, 2014


I really adore how this outfit turned out.  I got the idea from Heather of Style Journey to winterize my mint jeans - and found a pin on Pinterest as well that inspired me and here is the result.  I love it!

 Sweater - "A" brand, Herbergers
Polka dot shirt - F21
Jeans - JCP brand, JCPenney
Boots - Target

I was so excited to finally get mint jeans last spring and then was only able to wear them a handful of times as I found out I was pregnant the day I bought them!  Thankfully they had some stretch in them so I was able to wear them for a couple of months before they got a little too snug.  I'm happy to wear them again now!

This was from Wednesday.  Today I'm off of work to go to Oliver's two month well child visit.  With shots. Wish us luck.  Poor baby.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The argyle sweater

These are some of my first pictures from the office - it's a little weird getting dressed for work again!  I wore a similar version of this outfit last spring - seen here - during the Pantone color challenge week.  And funny story, when I wore it, I knew I was pregnant, but I hadn't told anyone yet besides Mr. Monkey!

I love argyle, so I love the pattern on this sweater and it's nice and bright which helps on a dreary winter day. And cardigans and nursing camis are kind of my best friend these days.  It really makes things easier for nursing and pumping!

Sweater - Talbots, thrifted
Cami - Motherhood Maternity
Pants - Express, consignment
Shoes - Etienne Aiger, consignment 

Speaking of argyle sweaters - that is one of my favorite comic strips, The Argyle Sweater.  I have a "cartoon of the day" calendar on my desk that is The Argyle Sweater and I love it.  It makes me laugh.  I've been known to keep my favorites and pin them on my bulletin board at work.  You have to make your workplace fun right?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mom and Baby essentials for the first month

My sweet friend Maca gave me a really great idea for a blog post - she's throwing a baby shower and wanted to know what were some of the essential things for both myself and baby for the first days home. I'm happy to share!  Here are some of the things I couldn't live without.  If you're a mom, feel free to chime in in the comments with your thoughts as well!

1. My Brest Friend pillow - it's a nursing pillow that is different from a standard Boppy - it has a belt so you can attach it to yourself - which means if you have to get up and move while nursing baby, you can do so a little more easily.  It also has a bit more support all the way around.  I am not using it much now that Oliver is bigger, but those first few weeks I couldn't imagine not having it. I think it would also provide good support for mama if she is formula feeding too.  It's just a great back and arm support to help hold baby. It also has a pocket on the side which was useful for item number two.

2. Lanolin - I've already talked at length about nursing on the blog here so you're probably thinking I can't talk about anything else these days - but if you are a nursing mama, you're going to want your lanolin cream.  Saved my precious tatas more than I can say.  Apply generously.  I used the Lanisoh brand, but apparently there is one called Mother's Love that is really good too.

3. Halo sleep sacks - we still use these now, Oliver doesn't sleep at night unless he's swaddled, but in the first days home we swaddled more or less all the time and the sleep sacks make swaddling way easier.  The Pants Monkey is great at swaddling with a blanket, but I'm all thumbs with it.  The hospital sent us home with a sleep sack but we bought a couple and got a couple at showers as well.  And like I said, two months in we still can't live without it at night.

4. Some sort of basket/caddy for diaper changes - we would load up this basket I have from Thirty-One with diapers and wipes to take from room to room with us.  Much faster and easier than going all the way to his room for changes.

5. Nursing camis - again, for the nursing mama, camisoles that are meant for nursing - they'll fit better as your breasts adjust to milk supply than a nursing bra will in the beginning.  They'll be comfier too and you can sleep in them if needed.

6. Gift cards for take out - it helps so much to not have to cook much those first few weeks.  Gift cards to places that either deliver or will allow dad to go pick up some food quickly is very helpful!

7. A pacifier - yes I am a breastfeeding mama but I am not anti-pacifier and you know what, I gave Oliver one before we even left the hospital.  I know there can be the risk of nipple confusion, but if nursing is going well it won't be a huge deal.  And there are times - especially like the first few car rides - where you're going to want something to soothe baby.  We love the Soothie brand that the hospital gives out, but we also love the MAM Air - that is the one Oliver uses the most right now.

8. Healthy easy to eat snacks for mom - again I think this only makes sense whether your nursing or bottle feeding - but especially if you're nursing - things like granola bars, raisins, small bags of pretzels or crackers - easy things to eat when you can't get off the couch or out of bed to eat because you are feeding your baby.

9. Some kind of baby carrier - we started using both our Ergo carrier and our Moby wrap with Oliver before he was even a month old. Sometimes it's the only way you'll get things done once you're up and about more.  The Pants Monkey prefers the Ergo while I tend to use the Moby.  They are both on the expensive side - I recently read there are directions online somewhere to make your own Moby for pretty cheap, so there is that alternative if you do some digging!

10. Socks - both for mom and baby!  Mom will want some nice comfy socks to have at the hospital, nothing feels better than your own warm socks after delivery. And we liked having socks for baby if he was wearing a onesie and pants instead of a sleeper.  Then again, we delivered in the middle of the first cold snap and blizzard of the year, so maybe that is why I found socks for both to be so nice.  For summer, you probably would feel differently!

11. Lotion and Chapstick for mom (and dad might even appreciate it too!) - it was SO dry at the hospital and it was just as dry after we got home too.  We were slathering on lotion and Chapstick like it was going out of style for easily the first couple of weeks.  It didn't help that we were washing our hands all the time after diaper changes too.  So lotion AND chapstick were lifesavers!

That's what I can think of!  As I said, feel free to chime in if you're a mama and can think of things I left off this list!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This past Friday Mr. Monkey and myself had our second date night since Oliver was born.  Our first was to his work holiday party and I forgot to take pictures of my outfit that day.  Our date this last Friday was more fun anyway - it was our annual trek to Winterfest - which is basically Craft Beer Lovers Christmas.  Almost 40 of our local breweries were on hand handing out 2 oz samples of their best stuff.  I took the opportunity to get a little dolled up!

We had a great time while my kind in-laws watched Oliver for us.  There were just so many kinds of beer, it was easy to get a little overwhelmed, but we have a good system - we each get a different one from each place and then share.  It works out pretty well!

Sweater - Swap
T-shirt - White House Black Market, from cousin
Skirt - Mossimo, Target
Leggings - Target
Boots - DSW
Purse - Rouge and Whimsy

My favorite beer of the night was a Vanilla Cold Press Porter from a brewery that is based in Duluth, Minnesota.  It was so good.  Also, I have to laugh at my pictures - there is a beer box behind me - appropriate I suppose - but also Oliver's swing....hmm, what does that say about me?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Oliver - Two Months Old

Well lookie at that, another month has gone by!  My sweet boy is two months old today - and I am back to work - but we won't talk about that, we'll talk about how far my baby has come in another month instead!

Weight - 12 lbs, 11 oz
Length - 23 1/2 inches

Nicknames - Buddy, Buddy Boy, Ollie, Ollie-Monster, Little Man, Bubba, Monkey, Baby Boo, Sir, Mister

Sleep - He has slept for five hour stretches a couple of times which is technically "Through the night".  It hasn't happened consistently yet, but I believe we're getting close.  Otherwise we usually get a four hour chunk right at bed time followed by 2-3 after that.  He takes about three naps a day - mostly in his swing.  He's not crazy about laying in his bed for naptime, hoping "Grandma Daycare" can work on that.

Eating - Still nursing like a champ.  Eats about every two hours during the day.

Diapers - Still in size one, but we're looking at moving up to size two very soon.

Clothes - Fortunately this hasn't changed much - he's still fitting the size three month clothes.

Mood - He has his cranky time from about 6pm to 8pm when we get him ready for bed or sometimes he refuses to burp and gets a little unhappy as he is uncomfortable.  Otherwise he's pretty happy still, he is starting to smile more and he talks a whole bunch.

Loves - Car rides, stroller rides, sleeping in his swing, playing with his piano floor mat, watching the ceiling fan in mommy and daddy's bedroom, looking at lights in any part of the house, bath time

Dislikes - Still hates the process of getting bundled up for the car ride, doesn't like wet diapers (I hear he'll potty train easier), hates being changed and doesn't like being too cold (then again, who does?)

What I want to remember/milestones - His first smiles and coos, the first time he smiled at daddy and how happy it made him, the many times he would fall asleep on my chest, our first playdates with his friend Benny and his future girlfriend Eloise, when he actually started interacting with his toys more.

It's very tough to be back at work - but he's in super good hands with my mom at her house and if you've been a reader for awhile you may recall my parents live about five minutes from my work - so I will be able to take lunch hour to go see him very easily, that helps so much!  It is nice to actually "get dressed" for work again - and outfit posts will be happening again soon!  Stay tuned!