Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today's Layer Up is Cropped over Long.  So I chose a cropped cardigan over a long tank and long skirt.  I really like this skirt and I don't think I've worn it since the day the Pants Monkey broke his toes and that was way back in November.  I styled it similarly then too, but I just really like the way this sweater looks with this skirt, it just feels like they were meant to go together!

I don't mind that it's warmer outside again, even if it is making this challenge week even more challenging.  What I mind is the gross icky looking melted snow in our yards and on the street.  It just looks dirty outside. And if I had hope of seeing green grass and flowers after the melting is over, then that would be great, but it's  the last day of January so that is not possible.  So it's just going to look gross.  Now that I'm wishing for snow either.  I wish there was a happy medium!

And in the picture below, I was feeling a bit goofy today and tried to go for a dramatic pose, but could not stop giggling so you can see I'm smiling.  Kind of ruins the effect.  Yeah, I think I need more coffee.

 Have a great day!  Don't forget to head over to Megan Mae's blog to get the master list of bloggers participating in Layer Up and check out their looks too!

Outfit rundown:
Tank top - Old Navy
Sweater - American Rag via Macy's
Skirt - East 5th Avenue thrifted from Unique Thrift Store
Tights - Kohls
Shoes - Payless from years ago
Necklace - Vintage Pearl (gift from a friend)
Bag - Lillian's Shoppes

Monday, January 30, 2012

Inspiration Monday and Layer Up Day One

Double the fun on the blog today!  It's Inspiration Monday and it's day one of Megan Mae and Keely's Layer Up! Challenge.  And I cleverly managed to make both work for me today!

First up we have cutie Taylor Swift here.  I will admit to not loving her music as I'm not much of a country girl, but I do think she is a positive role model for today's young girls.  I hope she always stays true to her roots.  So anyway, here is Taylor's look:

I took the opportunity to share another of my winter coats.  We were laughing at the blogger meetup that you can justify having tons of cute coats to pick from in your closet when you live in MN and need to wear one nearly nine months out of the year!  So anyway, this one is actually older, I bought it in 2007.  I had to laugh when I was out picking up lunch one day a couple of weeks ago, this older lady at the sandwich shop was like following me around in an odd way like she knew me or something. I kind of looked at her and she finally said "I just had to ask where you got that coat, I want one."  I had to tell her that it's not exactly new!

My sister-in-law crocheted the hat.  It's stretchy and roomy which I just love, because my hair doesn't get quite so squished!.  Although I have to say, it's not really cold enough outside for a hat today, I more or less did this for the photo opportunity!

So now on to Layer Up day one!  Today is short sleeve over long sleeve.  I was going to do a short sleeved sweater over long sleeves, but then saw my cute little short sleeved blazer getting no love, I know I haven't worn it since this fall and I thought, I'm going to pull this guy out for today!  So really, this was a pretty easy outfit to put together.  Still loving these shorts I bought over Christmas too!  I opted for heels instead of boots today too because again, it's nearly 40 outside today.

The rest of the week will be interesting as it's going to be unseasonably warm all week. So, not a week that layers are all together necessary, but I'll do my best to play along anyway!

A little sassy leg shot for you here, ha.  I do have to say this outfit over all makes me feel pretty sassy!  It's Monday, gotta do what you can sometimes!

For more information on the Layer Up challenge, visit Megan's blog here or Keely's blog here.  And for more Inspiration Monday fun, head over to Two Birds!

And as if you didn't have enough links already, there are some photos up on Ruby Girl from the MN Blogger Meetup this weekend, so check them out here!

Finally, my outfit rundown for today:
Coat - Old Navy
Hat - handmade by sister-in-law
T-shirt - Threadless (design hidden by jacket, too casual for work, lol)
Jacket - Mossimo thrifted via Clothes Mentor
Shorts - Old Navy
Tights - Target
Shoes - Thrifted via Clothes Mentor
Necklace - Charming Charlie

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A very awesome day

My day yesterday was so unbelievably fun I just had to share.  I went to my first ever MN Fashion Blogger meetup and while it was a small group, it was so fun to meet some other bloggers in person.  Lindsey from Ruby Girl, Sasha from Fabuliss, Kasidy from the Fresh Factor and Chelsea from Zipped were all in attendance.  All wonderful ladies, it was nice sitting and chatting with them for a bit!  Thanks again to Lindsey for organizing the event!

Above is my outfit for the meetup.  Lindsey snapped some photos of us I'm anxious to see as well.  After the meetup I had some time left, so I headed over to the Two Birds event at b. (a resale shop).  I was so glad I did, sweet Megan and Nora had picked out a few things for me ahead of time!  I had a blast trying on fun clothes and chatting with them and also meeting Erin from Babes in Thriftland too!  I selected a few of my favorite things and while I have been trying to not spend money I think I did really well, I can't believe the amount of stuff I was able to get for the price!  Now I'm done shopping until Spring.  No more new things until March at the earliest if I can help it!  You'll see my goodies in future posts for sure!

I headed home after that and ate a quick dinner with the Pants Monkey and then we went to the Foci Minnesota Center for Glass Arts for his belated Christmas present of a glassblowing and beer tasting class.  It was a blast, we had quite a bit of help from the instructors but we got to make really cute pint glasses!  We'll get to pick them up on Monday, it'll be fun to see how they turned out.  Great Waters Brewing Co. supplied some beer to taste and also did a drawing to win free growlers - we each won one!  Pretty awesome indeed.  Below is an action shot from the evening!

Such a fun and awesome weekend, I have really enjoyed it!  Today is much more low key, just chilling for the most part!

Hope you are all having awesome weekends too!  Tomorrow begins day one of Layer Up week!

Outfit rundown:
Sweater - Decree, JCPenney
T-shirt - Grane, Herbergers
Pants - handed off from Megan Bird (thanks again!!)
Shoes - SO, Kohls
Necklace - Stella and Dot
Earrings - Charming Charlie

Friday, January 27, 2012

Flirty Friday

Woo hoo we made it to Friday!! This upcoming weekend is promising to be rather epic and awesome and I'm in a fun mood, so I chose my favorite flirty jean skirt from summer and gave it a little winter spin today!  It's threatening snow later, so the lovely fake Sherpa boots I have from Old Navy were also a priority.  Of course, now that I wore them, it probably won't snow.

It is FBFF and the questions are all about trends coming up for spring and summer. I was going to post my answers to the questions but really, while I do pay attention to trends and even try to incorporate ones that I like into my wardrobe, I don't really consider myself a "trendy" dresser.  I like wearing what makes me feel good and I figure that is what is most important.  Also, I like taking baby steps with new trends - seeing what is really going to stick around before I spend my money. So anyway, I'm going to sit this one out I think, but I am curious to see what some of the other bloggers have to say on the subject.  Check out Modly Chic if you're curious like I am!  Katy from Modly Chic has also started a FB group for Fashion Beauty Friend Friday, contact her for more information.

 Back to my outfit, I have to laugh, these leggings are kind of ridic.  I got them at DSW right after Christmas and they were packaged in a way where I really couldn't see what they were like, but guessed that a Sm/Medium should fit me just fine.  Well, I haven't pulled them out to wear them until today, shame on me, so when I took them out this morning and unfolded them and all that jazz I discovered they are super long.  Like I have no idea who these were designed for other than some mutant two legged giraffe.  I'm not joking.  They fit fine otherwise but man are these suckers long.  I checked the packaging and it doesn't say anything about being extra long or something.  I made them work, kind of folded them up a bit which you can't see because of my boots, but yeah.  They're interesting!

And in the picture below I was feeling silly and decided to show off how fun and swishy this skirt is.  It's fun to wear it when it's cold outside, usually it sits in a box sadly longing for a warm summer day!  I'm glad I've discovered new ways to use it!

I am so excited for the weekend I just might burst.  Hopefully I'll see some of you local gals at the MN Fashion Blogger meet up tomorrow!  Also for you local girls, the Two Birds ladies are having an event at b. (a resale shop) from 3:00 to 5:00 tomorrow too.  It's worth checking out, the store itself is cute on it's own, but then throw in Megan and Nora Bird and it's crazy awesome!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!  Next week is the Layer Up challenge!  Should be fun!

Outfit rundown:
T-shirt - Old Navy
Sweater - Lands End
Skirt - Thrifted via Clothes Mentor
Leggings - Steve Madden via DSW
Boots - Old Navy
Necklace - Charming Charlie
Earrings - Stella and Dot

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brown bear what do you see?

 Very brown outfit today!  The mercury is going above freezing today so I felt like digging out a skirt.  I originally put a longer skirt on with this sweater and didn't really like it, so I went for a shorter one here.  It's a rather layered outfit too, guess I'm getting more practice for next week's Layer Up challenge!

So I look very much like my mother.  If you've met her or are one of my friends who knows her, you're probably going, yes Beth and the Pope is Catholic.  In other words, this is not new information, but I'm struck sometimes by just how much I look like her in some pictures.  Some days I just really see it more than others.  I don't have a comparison picture ready to share but I'll put one up sometime so you all can see what I mean.  I honestly don't mind looking so much like her.  She's aged well so far and doesn't look old enough to have a 30 year old daughter, so that makes me feel confident that I will age well too!

I've been back to using my Olivia and Joy bag again.  I have really been liking a bag that can be worn cross-body if I can do so this winter.  And a longer strapped bag has been easier to wear with a bulky coat too.  Funny story about this bag - we were sitting watching TV the other night and the Pants Monkey was going upstairs to get one of my cupcakes.  I had Big Pippin curled up on my lap and she was super comfy.  We have a joke about not being able to do things because we have "COL" or "cat on lap" disorder.  I wanted my cell phone and didn't want to disrupt Pippin so I asked the Pants Monkey to bring it back with him.  I said it was in the zipper pocket of my bag.  He's gone for a little bit and soon yells down "Which zipper pocket, this bag has like hundreds of them!"  I had to explain that actually, most of the zippers are not actual pockets, they're just for decoration.  He finally found it after that.  And of course, Pippin jumped up off my lap as soon as he was back!

We're almost to the end of the week friends!  Hoping today is less eventful than yesterday.  If you follow my Twitter feed you might have seen a tweet from me about having to call in the theft of a plant from my office building.  I'm not kidding.  You can't make this stuff up.  Oh the life of an admin.  You know you're jealous.

Outfit rundown:
Brown t-shirt - Mossimo, Target
Sweater - TJ Maxx (gift from sister in law)
Skirt - Old Navy (old)
Tights - Target
Boots - Target (old)
Bracelet - Stella and Dot
Necklace - Bead for Life
Bag - Olivia and Joy via TJ Maxx

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Perfectly Pink

 I can't get enough of this pink sweater from Maurices.  Bought just over a month ago and it's already a frequent flyer, I've worn it three times I think.  I have had a lot of fun finding different ways to style it.  I took a leap of faith today - I don't usually mix browns and blacks, but I decided today is the day!  While it's not a huge mix, the little buckles on the sweater are brown and my pants are black and pink striped.  Gasp!  Hey, it's baby steps sometimes right?

I really tried to make the pink the main highlight of this outfit.  Right down to my pink socks.  In fact, I took the picture below here just so you could see my pink socks.

When I was young, my parents remodeled our house and put a second story on where they put nicer bedrooms for us.  And when the remodeling was complete, they let me choose how I wanted to decorate my room.  I was around 9 years old or so.  And I chose pink.  Oh did I ever choose pink.  I was such a girly girl back then.  By the time I was into my teens I regretted that decision for a bit and ended up resisting pink for a very long time in my adulthood, but I'm back to a place where I can embrace it again.

My house has a very old fashioned pink tiled bathroom.  Have you ever seen the website "Save the Pink Bathrooms"?  My bathroom should be on that site.  The Pants Monkey does not like our pink bathroom that much, and at first I didn't either, but I'm growing to love it as I am developing a love for all things vintage - my bathroom is retro and awesome!  Pink is good!  

Outfit rundown:
T-shirt - Grane, Herbergers
Sweater and necklace - Maurices
Pants - Ann Taylor, thrifted via Clothes Mentor
Shoes - SO, Kohls
Socks - unknown

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hobby ADD

I imagine by now most of you know about the craze of Pinterest - man is that place addictive! I see all these cool crafty things that people make and I'm like "I want to do that!"  It is a fun site, I really enjoy it, but it does not help me with my hobby ADD.  Yep, you heard me, I have hobby ADD.  See, I get really interested in something and decided I'm going to start doing it in my spare time but then something else catches my eye as something I want to try and before you know it, I'm bouncing from hobby to hobby.  Honestly, blogging has been the one hobby I've consistently stuck with, all the others I've tried, not so much.

I have recently started baking homemade cupcakes as my newest "hobby" (thanks once again to ideas I kept seeing on Pinterest).  So far I've made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and then vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  I even bought decorating tips over the weekend to make the icing look prettier on top!  It's been fun trying out these recipes and I have ideas for more elaborate flavors now that I have the basics down, but I think I'll take a baking break this coming weekend so I don't get burned out on this hobby - and so the Pants Monkey and I don't each gain 20 pounds!

So what are the other hobbies I've dabbled in?  Let's see: Decoupage, scrapbooking, learning guitar, learning piano, jewelry making, crochet, knitting.  But I either lost patience with some of them, didn't have the time for some of them or simply lost interest in them.  The Pants Monkey and I have a shared hobby of homebrewing beer - it was really his hobby first, but I've gotten to where I enjoy helping him with it and I've even come up with a recipe of my own!

Getting back to Pinterest, it's really a very dangerous site for a person like me, but I just can't help being addicted to it!  I've added a "follow me on Pinterest" button to the side of my blog - feel free to stalk me and my boards and if you do, I'll follow/stalk you back.  Because even if I do have self proclaimed hobby ADD, I still like finding new ideas and fun new things to try!  If you are someone who hasn't received an invite to Pinterest yet (I think it's still invite only) let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to send you one.

So, are you like me and bounce around from activity to activity?  Or do you stick with one singular thing?  I have to say, I don't really mind being this way so much, because I like experiencing and trying new things and life is never boring!

Outfit rundown:
Thermal shirt - Mossimo, Target
Sweater - Aeropostale (old)
Pants - Nine West thrifted via Clothes Mentor
Necklaces - jerseymaids via Etsy (gift from friend), Stella and Dot
Shoes - Mudd, Kohls

Monday, January 23, 2012

Inspiration Monday - A little touch of class

Our inspiration for today's Inspiration Monday is Eva Longoria in a nice mostly black ensemble.  I wasn't going to do this week's and then I figured out a look I could do kind of late in the day yesterday.  I had to break up the black more than she did, so I added more gray.  

Also dressed it up a bit more for work, so it feels a little classy to me almost!  Her look is a bit more laid back.  It's giving me a chance to wear a jacket that has been sitting in my basement getting no love for quite some time actually and now that I'm wearing it I'm not sure why I haven't been wearing it for so long!

I'm so glad I had my outfit figured out last night, the weather this morning is horrid and I needed the extra time this morning to clean off my car and drive to work.  The ice was so thick on my car that it took nearly 20 minutes to clean it off.  Man are my arms sore now!  Darn our tiny one car garage.  Neither of us park in it to be fair (and there is a chance it is also just too full of junk for anyone to park in it...) but on days like today I'm like, let's knock the whole thing down and build a giant heated garage.  Who needs a savings account?

Anyway, I made it to work in one piece, but the driving wasn't great either.  Snow + Ice = yuck.  Thank goodness I have a short commute, but I still pulled in a little later than I should have.  Darn it!

I baked cupcakes again over the weekend, but I'm hearing on the radio that it's National Pie Day.  I wish I had known that, I could have made pie instead!  Beyond that the weekend wasn't terribly exciting.  Next weekend will be fun though, there is a MN Fashion Blogger meet up on Saturday and I'm really excited to go and meet some of the other local bloggers out there (a little nervous too, but mostly excited).  Then in the evening the Pants Monkey and I are going to a Glass Blowing/Beer Tasting class - it is his belated Christmas gift.  Next weekend is going to rock!

But for now, back to Monday I go.  For other Inspiration Monday outfits, visit Two Birds.

Outfit rundown:
Black t-shirt - Maurices
Jacket - Mossimo, Target (old)
Skirt - LOFT thrifted via Clothes Mentor
Leggings - Mossimo, Target
Boots - Target
Necklace - Stella and Dot
Purse - Coach vintage via Rewind NE Mpls

Friday, January 20, 2012

Graceful I am not

Well we've made it to another Friday!  I used to work with a guy who'd say every week "is it Friday again?" in a joking tone of disbelief.  We'd laugh.  Anyway, seems Friday came rather quickly this week and I'm not complaining one bit!

It's still bitter cold here today.  Add to that a little light dusting of snow and we've got ourselves actual winter!  Anyway, due to the chill I went for a rather layered look today.  Good practice for Megan Mae and Keely's Layering challenge coming up at the end of the month.  Check out Megan's blog for details if you want to join in.  

I am pleased with how this outfit came together.  I was originally going to wear leggings with this little knit skirt, but with how cold it is outside, jeans are a warmer option .  I'll take any excuse to wear these gray boots too!  Although I have a funny story about them.  Remember when I wore them the day of the Pants Monkey's office party?  Well the thing is, these are a size too big for me.  I just had to have them though, I had a gift card the day I was buying them and I figured, even if they are smidge too big, they'll fit better over jeans and stuff like that.  So on that particular Friday I was walking some mail down to the first floor at work from the third floor.  I take the stairs as much as I can for the exercise during the day.  All of a sudden, my foot slipped inside the boot and I lost my footing and started stumbling down the stairs.  I did some impressive acrobatics to stay upright and somehow did after sliding down several stairs.  The worst part, there was a guy behind me and is like "are you all right?"  I'm like, oh yes, just a bruised ego thanks.  The things we do for fashion.  And exercise apparently.

I think I'll be a little more careful today.  Maybe even take the elevator.  Ha.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Outfit rundown:
Flower thermal - Decree, JCPenney
Black cami - Old Navy
Red sweater - Decree, JCPenney
Knit skirt - Grane, JCPenney
Jeans - Old Navy
Boots - Target
Necklace - Thrifted
Bracelet - Charming Charlie

Thursday, January 19, 2012


 No skirts today - it is brutal cold out today!  This is what the winter of my youth was like.  We had many days that were so cold between actual air temp and wind chill that they wouldn't let us go outside for recess. And I had to walk up hill and down in the cold, snowy......ok, I'm getting carried away now. But yeah, we don't necessarily get as many days like this anymore whether it's global warming or pure luck, so when we do, they are tough to take!  Brr!

I pulled out my heaviest parka for only the second time this year. It's this big down filled coat I bought at the Gap many years ago, and the only time it gets worn is when it's super cold like this, or I have to shovel snow or I'm sitting outside of Target with my friend on a cold November morning waiting for a CD.  It's a serious warm jacket and I'm glad I have it.  It serves it's purpose and has for many years now!

But anyway, before I risk turning this into nothing but a weather blog, let's change the subject.  I read a list this morning a friend posted on Facebook of the Top 25 Foods You'll Never Eat Again - things that have pretty much been discontinued and were nothing more than a passing fad.  A couple of things on the list stood out to me - Crispy M&M's and Surge pop.  I loved Crispy M&M's!  They had this like Rice Krispie type thing on the inside of the chocolate and they were so good.  I used to sneak them into the movies.  I was sad to seem them go.  Surge on the other hand - man I could not stand that stuff.  But it was huge when I was in high school and it was ever present at any of our all night lock-ins because it was basically Coca Cola's answer to Mountain Dew.  And I'm pretty sure I would choke it down to impress the boys or something.  Blech! Anyway, here's the link to the list http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/25-foods-youll-never-eat-again  It's an interesting read that I think most 80's and early 90's kids will appreciate. 

Apparently I'm just in a nostalgic mood today, all this reminiscing!  Although it does make me curious, are there any discontinued food items that you miss?  

Oh right, this is a fashion blog - ha!  Um, my outfit was chosen more or less on it's ability to keep me warm today.  Hope you're all staying warm too if it's cold where you are!

Outfit rundown:
Sweater - Old Navy
T-shirt - Old Navy
Pants - Anthropologie thrifted via Clothes Mentor
Bracelet and Necklace - Bead for Life
Shoes - Mudd, Kohls

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

At last...colorful legs!

You guys it is FIVE degrees above ZERO this morning (Fahrenheit that is) but I don't care - I suffered the cold to show off that I finally got colored tights!  How long have I been lamenting about this?  Many of you suggested Target and that they had colored tights for $5.00 - which they did, but they were pretty picked over when I went.  I wanted yellow or blue but they were out, so I settled for these rust colored ones here.  I'll check another Target to see if I can find the other colors I want!

So cardinal sin of blogging - I know I keep making changes to the appearances of the blog.  I apologize for that, I'm trying to make it slightly cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing.  Not sure if I've made it better or worse, but anyway, stick with me I think I'm nearly done.  If you have feedback - even constructive criticism I'll take it!

We're already halfway through the week.  I like that I have to say.  I'm not going to complain!  Coldest air of the season coming in this week though, if you think five above zero is bad, tomorrow I hear we're going below zero for the first time all winter.  That's pretty rare, it has usually happened by now!  This winter is anything but ordinary!

In other news, I've had my iPhone almost two months now and I'm having so much fun with apps.  I got an iTunes gift card from my sister-in-law for Christmas so I could download more apps.  Yesterday I made the happy discovery that Words with Friends was on sale.  I've been playing Scrabble already because of a couple of friends who play that version, but I've been wanting to try Words with Friends too because I know other friends who play it.  I don't know if any of you play, but I'll play with anyone who wants to - my username is muppetmusic22 on both Scrabble and Words with Friends.  I need the practice, I told my sister-in-law yesterday I need to go back to school!  My word choices are pretty pathetic!  I can only improve!

Have a great day!

Outfit rundown:
T-shirt - Old Navy
Sweater - St. John's Bay, JCPenney
Skirt - East 5th Avenue, JCPenney
Tights - Target
Belt - unknown
Bracelet, Necklace, Earrings - Stella and Dot
Shoes - Mudd, Kohls

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Slightly boring

My outfit feels a little uninspired today.  I didn't sleep great and woke up just feeling all around blah.  You know that feeling?  So anyway, it's cold outside so I dressed more on practicality than on looks I guess!

You know what makes days like today better though?  Coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.  Well ok, not lots and lots, but definitely some.  It has helped me feel a bit more human anyway.  

I added my little owl necklace to try and perk this outfit up a bit.  I think it helps a little!

I'm looking forward to hunkering down with my Pants Monkey tonight and watching a bunch of our favorite shows and just pretty much being hermits.  It's winter, that's allowed!

T-shirt - Old Navy
Sweater - Charter Club, Macy's
Pants - Style and Co., Macy's
Necklace - F21
Shoes - Sonoma, Kohls

Monday, January 16, 2012

Inspiration Monday - Going Green

Yay, I have actually heard of this week's Inspiration Monday actress!!  I'm not an old lady after all!  This week is Emma Stone, star of The Help, Easy A, and Superbad to name a few.  I haven't seen The Help yet but it's on my list now that I have read the book.

Her outfit was a pretty easy one for me to emulate.  I knew as soon as I saw her green blazer that I'd be wearing my green blazer.  I'm glad too, I don't think I have worn this since October.  Once I had established the blazer, the rest of this outfit just fell into place.

I had a little hair trim this weekend, it had only been four weeks since my last one, but sometimes it just grows faster than others.  I also don't think the person who did it the last time took enough off.  This time I feel like it was about right though, so hopefully this will last awhile!

The weekend was good overall, we had a nice time at the roller derby even though the team we support lost by a couple of points.  It was a really close match all in all which makes for a lot of excitement!  

I baked homemade cupcakes yesterday too.  First time I have done so.  I always use a box.  It was fun to experiment - they are far from perfect, but I think I will get there with some practice!  

On we go into the week.  We're going to be getting some of the coldest air of winter this week.  That means you'll be seeing a lot of sweaters on me I think!  

For more Inspiration Monday posts or to add your own, visit the lovely ladies of the Two Birds blog!

Cream shirt - Old Navy (Christmas gift from parents)
Blazer - Calvin Klein Jeans thrifted via Unique Thrift Store
Pants - Alfani via Macy's
Shoes - Mossimo thrifted from Clothes Mentor
Necklace - Two Birds vintage
Earrings - Butterfly Boutique

Friday, January 13, 2012

Black Boots

Happy Friday!  I'm not terribly excited with how my pictures turned out today, but I was a little rushed this morning, so I did the best I could!  Honestly I just don't feel like they do the sweater justice - this is another goodie from b. (a resale shop) and it's so soft and comfy and awesome. What you can't see in the picture is while it appears to be plain black and white, it actually has flecks of color throughout the yarn.  Oh well, we work with what we got sometimes!

I have been on the fence about these boots all year so far.  I don't think I've worn them until today.  And I'm not totally sold on how they look with this outfit, but I'm giving it a try.  I have not found a pair of black boots I've liked more than these and I know these are at least...gosh, 7 or 8 years old at this point.  I'm not joking!  I had them before I got married and I've been married almost six years.  The perk of them is they are made of a nylon fabric that actually washes well in the washing machine.  I have washed them a couple of times and hung them to dry and they still fit and look decent.  Anyway, I have always wanted something a little different than these, but just haven't found a good replacement yet, so these stay in my closet year after year!

In hindsight, my gray boots would have added a bit more color contrast and lightened up the bottom half of my outfit, but I'll just go with these as is for today!  Enough self analyzing.  Anyone have any fun weekend plans?  We're going to the roller derby, we have two roller derby leagues here in Minneapolis, the Minnesota Roller Girls and the North Star Roller Girls.  We're headed to the North Star event.  A friend of a friend is on one of the teams and we've been going to watch the bouts for about two years now.  It's fun, cheap entertainment and we have a good time.  I'm looking forward to it because we've actually already missed the first two bouts this year!

Have a great weekend!!

Sweater - b. (a resale shop)
Jeans - Maurices
Boots - Target from years ago
Necklace - Vintage Pearl (gift from a friend)
Earrings - Charming Charlie

Thursday, January 12, 2012

History lesson

How adorable is this sweater?  It's one of the Two Birds finds I found at b.(a resale shop).  I love it!  It reminds me of something I wore when I was like five, but I don't care, I think it's so cute.  And it got cold overnight, so a warm cuddly sweater was a necessity today!

The other thing that makes me love this sweater?  The tag says "Daytons"  Now THAT is what I call vintage.  If you're not familiar with it, because I think it was mostly a MN/midwest thing, Daytons was the first department store in Minneapolis and the first anchor at most of our indoor malls back in the 60's.  The Daytons Corporation started Target stores, as a "cheaper alternative" somewhere in the 70's I think.  Target eventually branched off on it's own and Daytons sold their stores first to Marshall Fields in the late 90's and then Marshall Fields sold off to Macy's in 2005. I think I have most of that right anyway.  It's on Wikipedia I'm sure if you're curious. History lesson over. I have so many memories of Daytons from when I was young so this is just cool to have in my closet, that's what I know for sure!

The pants I have on I know I wear a lot, but what I have yet to really capture in a picture for you is the fact that the colored lines in these pants change in the light - so they look gold, green, blue or pink depending on the light.  So they go with everything.  No joke.

I think this last picture above you can kind of see the light shimmering over the colors of the lines a bit.  I didn't have as much time this morning so I just did the best that I could anyway!  

Tomorrow is finally Friday.  Has this week seemed long to anyone else?  Man alive.

Sweater - Two Birds vintage Daytons
Pants - Star City via Herbergers
Shoes - Thrifted via Clothes Mentor
Necklace - Premier Jewelry