Friday, July 25, 2014

Bluum Box - July

I haven't written about our Bluum box subscription yet even though we've had it for several months now. Bluum is a monthly subscription box of age specific items for your baby (and they usually include one goodie for mom as well).  Remember when I talked about my shopping ban and said I was an emotional shopper?  One of the things I did when I first came back to work and was doing a lot of online shopping to cope was order a subscription to Bluum for Oliver.  There are similar programs out there - such as Citrus Lane or Stork Stack - but I read some pretty decent reviews of Bluum, so I chose to subscribe to it.  And then the first few months of receiving it I actually regretted it a bit.  I wasn't all that impressed with the goodies they sent, several times there were clothing items that came and were too small for Oliver to even use once.  Often times the items would be questionable to his age - I was curious if they really paid attention at all.  The boxes were nothing like I had seen online.  But I was paid up for at least six months worth, so I figured I'd just wait it out until it finished and wouldn't renew it.  I didn't feel like blogging about it since I was so unimpressed.  But then last month's was a bit better - we got the Spuni spoon I mentioned earlier this week and also Oliver's favorite teething toy to date. Then finally, this month's was awesome, I feel like it was finally blog worthy as I'm pretty impressed with it!  So, here is our Bluum box for Oliver's 8th month!

When you open up the box there's a card that reminds you what month it is, talks about their referral program and explains what is inside.

The first item for this month is this bunny finger puppet from Apple Park.  It's all organic and super soft and cute.  We love singing the song "Little Bunny Foo Foo" with Oliver, so now we can use this instead of our fingers when we do the motions!

The next item I was super excited to see.  This stuffed elephant from Fiesta Toys is so soft and cuddly and almost like a pillow.  I love the plaid inside of his ears too!  If you pull his tail it plays lullabies.  Oliver loves elephants so I think this will be a fun new friend for him.

I was just saying earlier this week that Oliver is very entertained by my bracelets - this one by Chewbeads is perfect - it's meant for teething babies to be able to chew on!  I have a teething necklace I wear for him too, so I will happily wear this as well to give him something to gnaw on besides my fingers!  It's a great shade of blue too and adjustable, which I appreciate since I have tiny wrists (I know, first world problems right?)

I am very curious about how this next thing will work - by Green Sprouts, these are Compressed Wipes that apparently you add water to and they work like regular baby wipes.  They take up less room in a diaper bag or purse and are better for the environment as they are made of plant material.  I will say this - since Ollie has started on solids, erhm, cleaning him up at a diaper change isn't always as easy these days, so I'm a little skeptical of these, but I will give them a try!

This next item is the only one I will likely not use.  It's a Pacifier Clip from Bumkins.  As much as we tried early on, we just couldn't get Oliver to take a pacifier.  He has a Wubbanub (stuffed toy attached to a Gumdrop style pacifier) that he chews on and plays with and adores, but he really doesn't do pacifiers otherwise, so we have no need for a clip that will keep one from getting lost!  I know a few other friends with kids who do love their pacifiers though, so I'm sure one of them could possibly use this and I'm happy to share!

So there you have it!  This month's box has kind of restored my faith in the Bluum program - we started getting boxes at month 3, so this should be our last one unless I renew the subscription.  I may give it another go or I might look into Citrus Lane instead.  Or I may just scrap it all together and just keep scouring garage sales and consignment sales for fun goodies!  At any rate, it is always fun to get things in the mail and it was fun giving this a try and we have enjoyed a good number of the items, so even though a few of the earlier boxes were disappointing, I'm still glad I did this - good old mommy guilt making me buy things after going back to work last February I guess!

And speaking of mommy guilt, we'll be leaving Oliver for his first overnight this weekend.  This mama is excited for the event that she is going to, but very, very sad to leave her baby behind for the first time!  I know he will be well cared for by someone who loves him (Nate's parents) but that doesn't make it any easier!  Here's hoping I can actually take advantage of a full night's sleep instead of fretting about him the entire time (I'm likely going to be doing the latter).  Have a great weekend everyone!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thrift Style Thursday - Metallica

Our theme for Thrift Style Thursday this week is metallics.  I had a few fun pieces I wanted to pull out for today.  I went for sort of a mixed metal feel.  It's funny, I was always a straight silver girl for a number of years and then I realized that I do like gold too - and even better, that's ok to mix the two!

I adore this dress - I actually bought it via a fellow Thrift Style Thursday gal - Miche of Buttons and Birdcages from her Storenvy right before my shopping ban.  I wore this dress for Ollie's six month pictures and have been wearing it quite a bit this summer overall.  It's so comfy, I can't get enough of it.

I added this Tiganello bag I thrifted back in May - it's more silver than gold, but I love how in the light it actually looks kind of gold too.  I recently saw what this style Tiganello bag is retailing for new and realized I got it for a steal at the thrift shop!  I added this sweater because it was a little chilly yesterday morning when I was taking these photos - even it has some metallic to it, it has flecks of a rose gold colored thread.  I took a picture more in detail that you'll see further down the post.  I finished the look with gold sandals I bought from an Instagram shop and then a mixed metal charm necklace that isn't thrifted, but is very cute!

Dress - Storenvy (Buttons and Birdcages), Sweater - LOFT (consignment)
Bag - Tiganello (thrifted), Sandals - Madden Girl (Instagram shop)
Necklace - Lia Sophia

So does all this metal talk make anyone else want to listen to some old school heavy metal music?  I had to laugh, when we were driving up to the cabin we were having trouble finding a station to listen to, but the "metal" station in the Twin Cities has a pretty decent range so it followed us quite a way - and I was shocked at how "tame" it is now compared to what it used to be! Not to say I was ever a metal head, but still - the face melting days seem to be over!  Give me some Enter Sandman, come on!

For other metallic mavens, check out the other Thrift Style Thursday gals below!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life lately

Just thought I'd share a few random updates today.  If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen one or two of these, but I can't remember what pictures I have or have not shared places off of my phone (that good old mommy brain!)

A couple of weeks ago we got ourselves a nice new cabinet from IKEA for our games.  We had been storing them on a bookcase and realized that once Oliver is mobile, he could easily pull the games off the shelves and hurt himself or possibly even get into the boxes and take the small pieces out.  So, we did some looking online first and saw that IKEA had a nice cabinet with doors that we can put a lock on and decided we should get one.  We had been dragging our feet a bit on doing so, but then Nate wanted something to store the NES games he's been collecting on so I made him a deal - he could have the bookcase that the games were on if we finally picked up the cabinet we'd been talking about.  So, now it resides in our living room and I love it!

Oliver's adventures in solid food continue.  We find he is actually quite interested in trying to feed himself - so we let him take the spoon and go nuts!  He loves his spoon so much he doesn't want to give it back sometimes to get more food!  I highly recommend this spoon - it's a brand called Spuni (link because I love, no compensation) and it's been awesome for him.  We actually got it in our Bluum box last month (fun subscription box of baby goodies - I'll do a post on one soon) and since we've been using it we haven't tried any other spoons because he does so well with this one!  We have just finished sweet potatoes and are moving on to carrots now.  Every four days we try something new - that's the recommended time frame to watch for allergic reactions.  It's pretty fun watching him try new things!

And then there are these gals.  I feel bad that they don't get as much love on the blog as they used to - but I promise they are still around!  They're good cats, they really have done so well with Oliver.  Pippin is finally starting to come around to him.  I wouldn't call them best friends, but she can at least handle being in the same room as him and will even sit near me now when I am holding him.  She hasn't done that since he was a few weeks old.  Once he got more active she kind of freaked out, so I'm glad she's coming around.  I snapped this picture of them last night - I was trying to catch them sooner, they almost looked like they were having a meeting of the minds.  Of course they moved - but I still thought this one was pretty funny of them kind of looking at our friend's beer keg - maybe they're waiting for a pint?

So that's what's new in our world.  I'm looking forward to the weekend - it'll be another busy one, but hopefully our last busy one for a little bit.  August looks a hair calmer than July was - though I said that at the beginning of July too and then it ended up as hectic as ever.  I kind of don't mind though - I figure a full calendar means we're enjoying summer to the max right?  What's new with you?
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cargo Cutie

I've been meaning to pull out my cargo vest for summer and I just haven't done it yet.  In fact, I have hardly worn this vest at all, which is just a crime!  I remember going on and on about how much I wanted one, so I should be using it more since I actually bought it months ago at this point! I think I've worn it once so far besides this!  I have some other summer style ideas for it, so I will have to start pulling it out more!

It was seriously hot here yesterday and I should have been wearing this, but instead I was silly and wore a maxi dress with a short sleeved sweater on top - it was nice because I didn't have to shave but I ended up so warm by the end of the day, even with being in air conditioning.  Today's outfit is much more comfortable, although it's much more comfortable outside too!

Dress - Gap (thrifted), Vest - Old Navy
Necklace - Charming Charlie, Bracelets - Stella and Dot
Sandals - from cousin

I've also started wearing bracelets again after a bit of a hiatus and let me tell you - Mr. Oliver sure loves them!  They're perfect entertainment for him while he sits on my lap and the best part is, he really can't get them off my wrist, so it keeps him occupied for quite awhile!  Mommy fashion for the win!
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Monday, July 21, 2014


So I have to start by telling the story of "relaxify" - a friend of ours was at a gas station once when a guy cut in front of him and took the pump he intended to drive up to.  My friend called the guy out on it and the guy was like "whoa, dude, you need to relaxify yosef'" (yes he said "yosef, not yourself).  Ever since then it's been a bit of a joke with us!

Anyway, we relaxified ourselves this weekend.  We had a great weekend at the cabin.  It was a nice lazy, relaxing weekend.  So much so,that I barely took any pictures.  I had intended to - I even had my wonderful photographer friend give me a lesson on Thursday on how better to use Nate's nice camera, I brought it with me and everything and in the end we did so much just kind of sitting around and vegging, there wasn't much opportunity for good pictures.  We didn't even get Oliver on the boat sadly.  Instead, we just enjoyed some time with our family and friends, played a lot of cards, sat in the hot tub after Ollie went to bed and again, just relaxed.

Ollie has this "relaxing thing" down pretty well

We did check out a couple of flea markets too while we were up there, but sadly did not find anything worth buying.  Well ok, I did find some stuff I wanted for me, but darn shopping ban, I had will power and walked away.  It was still fun to check them out!

There is nothing wrong with a low key weekend like that.  Sometimes we're just so go, go, go, it's good to slow down and "relaxify". I do look forward to going up north with Oliver next year - I think he'll appreciate it much more when he's up and running around and can play and explore!

Did you have a good weekend?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cabin essentials

Because we'll be heading up north for the weekend, I thought it would be fun to share a few items that I consider necessities for a weekend at a cabin in Northern Minnesota in the summertime!  A hoodie, t-shirt and shorts, crossbody bag and moccasins make for the perfect cozy and chic look.  And don't forget the sunscreen and bug spray!!  See you all on Monday!

Cabin essentials