Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A mommy rant

All right, this post is going to be a little bit of a mommy rant.  Cause it's my blog and I'll rant if I want to.  I'm not ranting about my child at all - no, he is an innocent little bystander.  Instead I want to rant a little about other people for a minute.

Kind of along the same lines of how there are some questions you should never ask a pregnant woman, there are also questions I think should be banned from asking new parents.  The one that's bugging me the most right now would be, "Is he sleeping through the night yet?"

While I believe my son is not as bad as some, the answer to that is a big fat no.  The four month sleep regression hit us hard this month, but even before that he was still getting up once or twice to feed at night.  I think we're working back to that point, because it had been up to four times for awhile here and thankfully that hasn't been the norm now the last week or so.  While many babies at his age are capable of sleeping through the night and are physically able to go that long without a feed, other babies actually still wake up at night up to six months, nine months, even up to a year.  And I've accepted that my child must be one of the ones who just need the extra mommy love at night right now - but it is so frustrating getting that same "is he sleeping" question over and over again. Especially first thing in the morning when you haven't even had your coffee yet.   Thank you ever so much for reminding me that no, I'm not getting a full night's sleep right now!

So then I find myself turning to the dreaded mommy boards and parent advice boards and all the other resources on the Internet and start feeling like I'm doing everything wrong.  And even my own pediatrician - yes the one who also happens to be my uncle - is telling us we need to try and discourage the night feeding or he'll get too dependent on it.  Between that and the information overload, I started feeling super stressed out.

Then I had a good talk with the Pants Monkey and he reminded me that humans have walked this Earth for many years and most all of them figured out how to sleep eventually.  My child will not go to college still needing to nurse on me to get to sleep.  If he stays up all night at that point it'll be because of studying - or let's face it, maybe even partying - but not because he physically cannot sleep without his mommy's milk!

I also read some blog posts about parents dealing with the same sleep issues - and I realized that the babies who sleep all night right now at his age really aren't the norm.  I'm happy for those who have wonderful sleepers, but my little guy is pretty average and that gives me comfort.  It's ok for us to just go one day at a time and keep on what works for us.  We have a good established bedtime routine, so I feel the other things will fall into place when they're meant to.  And I know that once he does start sleeping better - I will likely look back on this time and miss those midnight cuddles.

So really, to those who keep asking me if he's sleeping through the night, I can feel pretty confident in saying "he's not right now, but I'm soaking up the mommy/baby time while I have it" instead of getting frustrated by the question.  I'm not doing anything wrong - I'm doing what works and by doing that it means I'm doing everything right.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy colors

I'm making good on my promise to wear something colorful all week!  Today I pulled out one of my favorite maxi dresses and my favorite new sweater and wore them together.  Both are Target items - bought two years apart! Anyway, it's going to be kind of the last nice day this week, so a skirt was a necessity.  And I've said it time and again, maxi dresses should be outlawed for how comfy they are, but I'm glad they're not!

I also had to share the fun new skirt I got for my Thirty One Skirt Purse - my Thirty One enabler consultant had a mystery host party and I snagged a few things to try and get my house more organized again, but I had to get this skirt too because come on, mint/aqua with peach flowers?  Yep.  All my favorite colors.  Had to have it.

Dress - Merona, Target
Sweater - Mossimo, Target
Purse - Thirty One Gifts Skirt Purse
Necklace - Camy Couture via giveaway

These colors are just making me smile. It's just been such a long dull winter, I need some brightness in my life!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend roundup

Hey everyone!  I'm just back from a three day weekend!  I ended up with Friday off for the Easter holiday which was awesome.  I spent a nice day with my little guy, we walked around the mall and had some fun playtime.  Then Friday night we had Mr. Monkey's parents babysit and we went to a beer benefit some friends were hosting in support of the March of Dimes.  It was nice to be out with adults!

Saturday I ran a 5k with my sister-in-law!  First 5k I've done in over two years and first time out seriously running since Oliver was born.  I wish I had been able to do a little more training before hand, but I'm proud to say I managed to run almost the entire way with just a few walk breaks and I finished in around 40 minutes, so I was pleased!  The race was the "Hot Chocolate 5k" so we got free chocolate goodies when we were done - um, yes I'll run three miles for chocolate!

The rest of Saturday was very quiet and relaxing, we took Ollie out for lunch and to get the Pants Monkey a haircut and then just vegged at home for a bit.  Watched a movie and had leftover night for dinner.

Sunday was Oliver's first Easter.  We gave him a basket of goodies - two new books and two new elephant toys.  He seems to be fascinated by elephants.  I sang at church in the morning with our music group.  I wore a really fun skirt/sweater combo that I was all set to share on the blog today - but then I had an embarrassing moment with the communion wine and I now have a stain on both the shirt and the skirt.  I rarely take the wine because I'm kind of a germ freak, but on special holidays like Christmas and Easter I will - I'm kind of regretting that decision now!

After church we went to a brunch with Mr. Monkey's family.  It was a buffet - I'm not crazy about buffets but there were a few decent things to eat - some amazing fresh fruit.  Oliver did really well - he gets overwhelmed in large crowds and has had some strange anxiety as of late, but he warmed up to people pretty well after awhile.  After brunch we brought him home to nap for a bit and then we finished out our day with dessert with my parents.  

Back to the grind today, my sister-in-law gave me this pretty sweater that wasn't working for her, so I decided today would be a good day to wear it - it's warmish outside - not as warm as yesterday, but still pretty nice.  And I've been just craving color lately.  It's my goal to wear something colorful every day of this week!

Sweater - The Limited, from SIL
Pants - Alfani, Macy's 
Sandals - Merona, Target
Necklace - S&D

Lookie - bare feet!  It's so awesome having nice enough weather to wear sandals again!  But of course, as I always say at this time of year - I need a pedicure now!  The last one I had was the week before Oliver was born, so I'm very much overdue for another one!!  I'm just so happy that spring seems to be here!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hipster cat/copy cat

I saw this sweater at Target recently and I fell in love - it's a cat in glasses.  What's not to love?  Then Sara has the same sweater and posted it earlier this week - no surprise since she and I seem to have a lot of nerd type things in common - and she called it Hipster Cat.  I would have to agree!  It is kind of Hipster like!

And of course because it's the winter that will never quit, it's cold outside and we're not even going to talk about the fresh white stuff on the ground - so I added a blazer so I wouldn't freeze my behind off.  I kind of want to try layering this sweater over a long sleeve button shirt too, but I didn't have a good option for that this morning.

Sweater - Target
Leggings - Simply Vera, Kohls
Blazer - two birds vintage, b (a resale shop)
Buttonflower - MMD
Boots - Target 

For fun, I thought I'd share an old picture in "Throwback Thursday" style.  I used to have glasses.  I had Lasik about three months before I started this blog, so most of you have never seen me with glasses.  I will admit I do miss them sometimes - they were pretty cute - but seeing things like the clock in the middle of the night or not dealing with them fogging up in cold weather is pretty much worth it!

Hipster Bethie, circa early 2011

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dot, dot, dotty dot

I was so excited to find this polka dot top at the thrift store last week.  Polka dots are one of my favorites and I don't have very many polka dotted things!  I decided to add some red accents to this look because nautical themes seem to be popular this spring and also, I'm craving color!

Seriously, I'm really getting over neutrals.  I am so tired of dark hues.  I need more color in my life.  It probably doesn't help that it is going to snow again today.  Sigh.  The winter that never ends marches on.

Blouse - Merona, thrifted
Pants - Athleta, from sister in law
Necklace and shoes - Clothes Mentor
Earrings - swap with CC 

Beyond that, it hasn't been a terribly exciting week in my world.  The weather hasn't been great so no walks outside and all of three of us are missing that.  Sounds like better weather heading our way for the weekend though, just in time for Easter!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down....

Today I'm going to share a little secret.  You all know I absolutely love being a mama - I love my boy more than anything and I can't imagine life without him.  You know I seriously would stay home with him in a heartbeat if I could.  He is my joy and my light.  He has filled a hole in my world I didn't even know existed until he came along.  But guess what?  When I found out I was having him....I went through some kind of dark stuff.

It was a year ago this week that we found out we were pregnant.  And I was so caught off guard even though we'd pretty much been "not trying, but not not trying" for an entire year at that point.  I knew it was always a possibility and in fact, that was kind of the idea, we did eventually want to have a baby.  I was even thinking that being that it had been over a year, if things didn't happen by sometime last summer that we'd start stepping up our efforts.  But I was still totally shaken when it finally happened.  I'm not proud of what happened when the stick turned pink.  I had a nervous breakdown.  I was not like those moms you see on TV who jump up and down and scream and get all excited.  It was just such a HUGE change to take on and it just hit me like a ton of bricks.  I settled into a bit of a depression for a good couple of weeks for sure.  Bless the Pants Monkey - he was so amazing, he got me through it and I don't know what I would have done without him.  I think it was also hard during those first couple of weeks because we didn't want to tell anyone until we knew exactly how far along we were and the doctor wouldn't even see me until the first week of May.  So, we were sitting on this secret and it was huge and it was hard for me - I didn't even tell my mom and I tell her EVERYTHING.  Thankfully, I never had any awful physical symptoms that many woman experience in early pregnancy.  No sickness.  Some tiredness sure, but that was about it.  But emotionally I was just a wreck.

Now obviously I did finally turn a corner.  Pretty much the first time we had a sonogram I felt my heart swell and I started to fall in love with this little bean.  I came out of my fog and started embracing where my life was going.  And then when we were finally able to share our news with people that helped a ton too - everyone was supportive and excited and it only helped fuel my excitement as well.  And then at the end of May we had a scare - the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat at our routine checkup and sent us to get an urgent ultrasound, but we had to go to a different clinic and then had to wait about 15 minutes after we got there.  That was the longest hour of my life, I realized I wanted this little baby so much and it would have killed me to have lost it. And of course as soon as the tech put the wand on my belly, he was right there, no problems at all.  From there on out I knew I was truly a mom - I would do anything to protect this little life and I fell in love pretty hard.

I share this story only because I want other woman to know that it's ok to not be over the moon with excitement when you're expecting - even when you're planning it.  I hope that you can find comfort in the fact that it did get better for me!  I won't say it's been all sunshine and roses since then - I had a dream pregnancy aside from the GD - but I did have GD which wasn't fun.  Parenthood is amazing - but it also has many, many challenges too.  No matter what though - I wouldn't change a thing about my life at all.  This is who I was meant to be.  I was meant to be Oliver's Mom - and I love everything about it!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Back to basics

So today I'm not linking up with any challenges.  No Pinned It Spinned It.  No Inspiration Monday.  I've been putting almost too much pressure on myself on some of these things lately - while I like having inspiration on days that I'm feeling a bit stuck in my wardrobe and in a fashion funk - right now it's almost too much the other direction - and I don't want to be stuck in "I have to find the perfect look to recreate this look" mode. Some days I just want to go for ease and just be me.  I might not always be the most fashionable on my own, but I do the best I can!

I got this shirt from my cousin - it's so very simple it's hardly special - but it has nice jewel detail and makes it so I don't have to wear a necklace.  And I like it with the shoes I got from her as well.

Shirt - Ann Taylor, from cousin
Sweater - American Rag
Pants - Sonoma, thrifted
Shoes - Calvin Klein, from cousin 

I was just seriously stressing out last night about what to wear today that would fit the pinned look from the challenge and I realized, it's not worth getting all crazed.  I think from here on out I'll feel a bit better with giving myself permission to just blog what I feel like blogging. If I want to use inspiration ideas from link ups, challenges and what not I will, but if not, that's ok too. I still have plenty of pinned looks on my own Pinterest board that I want to try, so now I can look at those more again.  And hopefully I'll get back to blogging other aspects of my life as well besides fashion - that was my goal for this year after all for the blog.  Simplify.

And on we go.