Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Oliver - 15 Months

My baby is 15 months old today!  And while he's still my baby, he's becoming more and more of a little person every day and he's so much fun right now.  I know I did kind of an "update" post from his point of view last week, but I thought I'd do an age update today because it's been awhile and he's just changing by the day lately!

Height - Somewhere around 31 inches I think.  It might be more.  He's getting very tall, that's what I know, he can reach the top of tables and things now!

Weight - Again, not really sure, we have a doctor appointment on Monday to get that information. We think he's around 26-27 pounds or so now.

Nicknames - Ollie boy, The Ollie, Munchkin, Buddy, Kiddo, Kid, Boy, Monkey, Wild Man

Sleep - He's still holding tight to his one wake up at night, but I'm still ok with that.  Compared with where we were around his first birthday, I'll take it!  He pretty much sleeps about 11 hours at night. His naps are starting to change, we're kind of in the transition from two naps to one.  He kind of leads on this mostly, if he refuses a morning nap we just kind of go with it and he seems to be ok with just an afternoon one.  This has worked well for morning outings now, we don't have to rush home to get him down for a nap.  And while I miss having the two time periods in the day to get stuff like laundry done on weekends when he's down, he stays down a good two hours for the one nap he gets, so that's been kind of nice!

Eating - He's still a big carnivore, this boy sure loves his meat.  He's a carb-o-holic too, give him ALL the bread.  He still likes most vegetables and he's finally taking a bit of a liking to fresh fruit. He really enjoyed pineapple at a wedding we were at this weekend.  I found a dairy-free yogurt he seems to also finally like.  He loves his almond milk.  He's down to nursing only once before bed and then his little midnight snack and that's it.  Again, kind of letting him lead with this and I think it's been a nice gentle weaning process so far.  He's also a big fan of his daddy's homemade pancakes and I think he'd eat french fries pretty much all day every day.  And of course, puffs.  He's a good eater, we're very lucky I think!

Diaper size - Still hanging tight in size 4's!  I can't believe we've been consistent in this for so long now!  We are slowly looking at moving to 5's, mostly for bedtime since he's going so long now without being changed.

Clothing size - 24 months/2T is what fits best now.  If he has clothes labeled "18-24", especially in shirts, they still fit, otherwise we've moved up a bit here, partly due to his getting taller.  I'm glad clothes we buy get more than one use at this point though, I'm thankful the growth has slowed so much since his first birthday!

Mood - SO happy all the time.  Yes he is a toddler and he has his toddler tantrums here and there, but he is just pretty much the happiest little guy for the most part.  He cut one of his molars this month and we had a rough day or two when that was at it's worst, but again, those days are few and far between (and Orajel helps a TON).  He just loves life, he loves to explore, and I think like Buddy the Elf in the moving Elf, "smiling is his favorite."

Says - He's so verbal, no idea where he gets that (wink).  He can say words like bottle (comes out like bobble sometimes), puffs, Elmo (Elbow), up, buh-bye, nom nom (you know he loves his food when he says that!), no, and his newest favorite word is turtle.  We have a book of sea animals and when turtle comes up he says it clear as day.  He's started calling Nate "papa" instead of dada or daddy somehow, and he calls my dad "boppa" which is the cutest thing ever.  We also think it's pretty cute that instead of saying yes or yeah if you ask him if he wants something he instead says "sure."  It's just fun listening to him talk - I always worried I wouldn't understand him when he started talking but maybe it's something about your own child, you just do know what they mean somehow.

Teeth - All eight in front and one molar in the back.  Working on the molar on the opposite side now.

Loves - Books (yay! parenting win!), puppies, kitties, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, swimming, chasing mommy and daddy around the house, playing with blocks, playing with Tupperware lids, singing Old McDonald and Baa Baa Blacksheep, Curious George, music, watching birdies in the yard, bath time.

Dislikes - Sitting still for any length of time, getting changed, getting bundled up to go outside, when it takes mommy too long to get his food warmed up, cutting molars, not getting his way.

Latest milestones - He's a full fledged walker now, he'll still hold our fingers if he's in a more unfamiliar place, but otherwise he's good on his own.  He can sing songs, he's learning words by the day.  He will pick out the book he wants and hand it to you.  He feeds himself finger foods pretty well and will even feed himself with a fork if we stab the food for him first.  

Dear Oliver,
You are just the sweetest little boy and I am so amazed by all your new skills and things you are learning each day.  You're a little sponge, you're just soaking up so much now.  I love seeing things through your eyes, you're teaching me to see things in a whole new way.  And you are just so much fun.  You pretty much do something to make me smile every day.  Even if you're becoming a boy, you're still and always will be my little baby!
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Monday, March 2, 2015

Fitbit Fun

I've talked a little bit about Nate and my efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.  This isn't to say that we were not doing so before, but we felt we could do better.  Nate had worked hard at losing close to 100 pounds before we had Oliver and after he was born, put back on about twenty or so and wanted to work at re-losing that.  I just want to very much maintain the weight I'm at now - I never want to sound like I'm bragging and I hate talking a lot about weight here since it's a sensitive subject - but I'm still 15 pounds below my PRE pregnancy weight with Oliver and I'd very much like to stay here, so my goal is maintaining.

Nate decided one thing that would help him is to get a fitness tracker that reminds him to get up and move around each day.  He got the Garmin Vivosmart and has been using it for about a month now in conjunction with the My Fitness Pal app on his iPhone.  When I saw how easy it was for him to track steps and daily food logs I decided I might want a fitness tracker too.  I did a bunch of research and though a lot about it.  I like Nate's Garmin, but I also had heard good things about Fitbit too.  After some thought and debate I settled on the Fitbit Charge (just the plain one, not the new version with the heart rate monitor). 

It was a bumpy start at first, because I couldn't get the Fitbit app to play nice with the My Fitness Pal app, but after some help from the tech support team, I now have successfully been tracking my steps for a few days and I'm loving it.  I love how it cheers you when you meet your step goal for the day.  I love that it helps me determine if I can have an extra treat after dinner or if it's better to skip it that day.  I love that it also tells me if someone is calling me - sometimes my phone is in my purse and I don't have any clue if someone is calling or not.  Nate's Garmin will actually alert him to text messages too and I do wish mine had that feature, but otherwise, I love all the things that this does.  It's pretty comfortable to wear and I even sleep in it since it can track your sleep and tell you things about that (which I think I'd almost rather not know, but it's still a neat feature). 

So I'm pretty happy overall and I think it's going to help me maintain the place I'm at.  I'll have some more thoughts on this soon, especially when it comes to some realizations I have come to recently on body image and appearance (specifically when it comes to what I wear and other various thoughts), but I haven't quite found the words quite yet to write a post, so I'll have to keep playing around with that! For now, I'm really just happy with where I'm at and how things are going and I'm having a lot of fun utilizing the Fitbit to continue to live a healthy lifestyle!

Have you tried a fitness tracker?   If so, what do you use?
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Friday, February 27, 2015

February Monthly Eats

Happy Friday and Happy almost end of February!  Today I'm linking up with Shea Lennon to share some recipes we ate this month.  Apparently we were all about getting healthy this month, we were definitely on a salad kick!

We decided to recreate a salad bar at home one night.  We started with romaine lettuce and some carrots.  We added a hard boiled egg and some diced ham for protein.  We added a little bit of cheese and then my favorite - Nate's homemade croutons and finally tossed it all together with a little Western dressing and a little Ranch dressing.  It's silly, but this might be my favorite meal of the month.  Delicious, semi healthy (I say semi only because of all the things we added!) and easy.

Next up, for our at home date night this last week Nate made us some grilled shrimp and scallops with steamed broccoli on the side.  YUM.  He keeps it pretty simple when he grills seafood, he only adds olive oil, salt and pepper before throwing it on the grill.  Nothing is really needed, it comes off the grill tasting like butter.  It just melts in your mouth.  We steam our broccoli in a steamer basket for about 20 minutes and also just have that with a little bit of butter and salt and pepper as well. Again, a simple meal, but very tasty.

And finally, we have another salad.  Nate wanted to recreate a salad he's been enjoying from a coffee shop near his work right now, so he picked up some supplies to attempt it at home and let me tell you, it sounded like an odd combination, but I ended up really enjoying it.  It has spinach, feta cheese, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries (think Craisins), honey nut granola (that is where it started to sound odd to me at first) tossed together with both poppyseed dressing and a balsamic vinaigrette.  It was so good and so filling!  The sweet items and tangy items went really well together.  I think this will be a go to for us, especially coming up this summer.

So there you have it!  We've really been making efforts to eat a little healthier and I think we did pretty good this month - and I think we've also found that eating healthy things like salad doesn't have to be boring or bland!  Have you tried anything new and different lately?  And check out Shea Lennon's blog for other food related posts!  Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thrift Style Thursday - Time Warp

Let's do the time warp again!  This week's Thrift Style Thursday post was chosen by yours truly!  I chose Time Warp - and encouraged everyone to dress like any of their favorite decades - even if it's the one we're currently in!  I chose to do a 60's inspired look, I love everything about the sixties. I'd usually choose to do a bit of a hippie/flower child vibe if I was going for a 60's inspired look, but this time I went kind of Mad Men-esque instead so I could make it more "work appropriate."  For my look I chose my favorite shift style dress that I bought at one of the two birds pop up shops (and that was the first time I met the fabulous Megan and Nora too!) and I modernized it slightly - but I think it still has a vintage vibe overall! (This dress was also what I wore for my feature in TC Style Magazine this past fall.)

Dress - two birds vintage pop up, Sweater - Old Navy
Scarf - Secret Santa swap, Boots - Target, Belt - JCPenney
Tights - Old Navy

I was trying to go for the dramatic in the above pose, ha.  I don't think I can pull that off real well! Since I was being inspired by Mad Men, I chose to take some pictures in my dad's office at my parents house the other morning before work.  I thought it worked out pretty well, but I did attempt one outdoor photo too.  We're getting closer to spring, it's at least lighter in the mornings outside!

I've really missed this dress, it's one of my favorite items I own,and I'd pushed it to the back of the closet while pregnant and nursing so much because it didn't work well for those things.  We pretty much have Ollie down to only nursing at bedtime now, so I can wear anything I want during the day now!  I'm looking forward to getting back to playing with ways to style this dress again, it's pretty darn versatile!

Don't forget to check out how the other Thrift Style Thursday gals traveled back in time today!  What decade of fashion is your favorite?

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Morning Routine

The last prompt for this month's writing challenges from the Let Your Blog Shine group is "Your Morning Routine".  Oh this should be fun.  Let's just put this out there right now - I'm not a morning person.  I'm also not a night owl either, but that's neither here nor there.  So I'll just warn you, getting in my head in the morning might be a scary place to be, but here we go anyway!

6:00 am.  Alarm goes off.  I lay in bed desperately clinging to my blankets and wishing I could have just five more minutes.  I never hit snooze though.  I give myself until about 6:02 and then I'm off to the bathroom.

As I walk to the bathroom - which isn't even two feet from my bedroom I think - I am extremely careful not to hit any of the floorboards (we have an OLD house) so that they won't make noise and wake up Ollie.  It could be an Olympic event I swear.

Once in the bathroom, I turn on the shower so it warms up a bit.  Take care of my bladder needs (don't we all?), pull off my pajamas, weigh myself and then pop in the shower.  Oh that hot water is delightful, especially on these cold winter mornings.  It takes me a minute or two to decide that just standing in the hot water is not probably the place I can spend my whole day, so I finally get myself cleaned up.  I wash my hair first, face second and body last.  Then I stand and phase out for a little bit because let's face it, no amount of hot water is going to truly wake me up in the morning.  Only one thing has that power - coffee - and I haven't had that yet.  Somehow I finally convince myself to get out and get moving.

I dry off, comb my hair and brush my teeth.  I get dressed (I always have my clothes picked out the night before, saves time in the morning and I bring them with me to the bathroom so I can give Nate a few extra minutes of quiet in our room in the mornings).  I then dry my hair.  In the summer I was air drying my hair, but with how cold it's been this winter and especially now that I'm growing it out, I dry it a bit.  Not for long, maybe a minute.  I finish off in the bathroom with putting my makeup on.

Now it's just about 6:30 and that's when Nate's alarm goes off.  I can hear Ollie starting to stir, but I leave him be and head into our bedroom.  Nate turns on the lamp when he hears me come in and starts getting himself moving.  He's usually the one who goes to get Ollie then, I'll sometimes go if he seems particularly distressed before this point, but he's usually sitting in his crib just babbling so he can wait for Nate.  While Nate gets Ollie up and changes his diaper, I make our bed and then put on any jewelry I want to wear and pick out my shoes for the day.

Nate plays with Ollie for a bit and I make my coffee, pack up Ollie's bag for the day and load up the car.  By the time I am done with all of that, the coffee is brewed, so I pour my very large travel mug, then get Ollie bundled up.  We say goodbye to Nate and head out to the car.  We manage to leave our house by 6:45/6:50 at the latest.

It only takes about ten minutes to drive to my parents house.  One of my favorite things in the morning on our drive is two DJs on one of our local radio stations play a "Guess Who Turns What" game each day at this time where one of them reads clues to the other one about celebrity birthdays of the day.  I like listening and playing along.  

7:00 am and we're pulling into my parents driveway.  My mom comes out to meet us and gets Oliver out of the car and then I grab my coffee, purse and Ollie's bag and come in behind them.  My mom feeds Oliver his oatmeal and I fix myself some breakfast - often just cereal and toast - and have about half of my coffee while I eat that.  After Ollie and I are both done eating, I used to nurse him at this time and watch the morning news, but we've now transitioned him to a bottle at this feeding, so now I give him his bottle.  We get him dressed for the day as well and then I play with him until I need to leave for work at 7:45.

So now it's 7:45 and I grab my coffee (are you starting to see how important my coffee is?), get my coat on and my purse and kiss Ollie goodbye.  He's pretty good about it when I leave, he says "bye bye" very sweetly and often goes to the window to wave to me, but he doesn't cry or get sad.  That makes it easier to leave him.

8:00 am I roll into my work parking lot.  I make the trek up three flights of stairs to the third floor where my office is.  I always take the stairs for the extra exercise unless I'm really loaded down with stuff that day, then I'll take the elevator.  I open up my work computer and get myself punched in for the day, I check emails and then I quick take Instagram or blog pictures before my boss gets in (I know, I'm bad).  Then I pretty much settle in for the work day!  While finishing my coffee.  Because coffee.  By the time I'm pretty awake and with it and ready to tackle just about anything.

The morning usually goes by pretty fast after this.  I try to make myself get up about once an hour and move around.  Then at 11:30 I go to lunch and then we're into the afternoon after that!

So there you go!  I guess it's not that scary overall, if anything, it's not that exciting!  Of course, weekends are an entire other ballgame, but I'll just have to share that routine on another day! 

What does your morning routine look like?

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