Monday, December 31, 2012

Inspiration Monday - NYE

So it's Inspiration Monday and today my two birdie friends made it easy for us again - just post a New Year's Eve outfit.  While our celebration will be very low key, I still had to add a little bling today and this new sparkly/sequined sweatshirt from Target is just the ticket.  I had a gift card, so this entire outfit is courtesy of that gift card!  Well ok, I had the boots already, but the rest of it, yay for clearance and gift cards!

Sweatshirt and jeans - Mossimo, Target
Boots - Target (last year)
Earrings - S&D

 2012 was a pretty good year all things considered, I'm actually kind of sad to see it go.  I feel like I really got my blogging groove this year and have found my style - though I still don't think I can actually put a "name" to my style.  I have had so much fun getting to know more and more of you and am so excited to say I met a bunch of you in person this year - that was really a highlight for me and I hope just the start of more of that to come!

I am not making resolutions, I find I never stick to them anyway.  I just want to continue to share my life and my daily style and see where each day takes me.  Every day is a new adventure!

And again, I just can't say it enough, thank you so much to all of you who come here and join me for the ride.  You're all an inspiration to me and encourage me to keep going - I hope you'll stick around for the fun in 2013!

Happy New Year!! (and go see other NYE outfits over at the two birds blog!)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Adventure day

Yesterday the Pants Monkey and myself had an entire Saturday with nothing going on.  That is pretty rare, so I said we had to go out and do something fun.  So we set out on an adventure!

We decided to go on a winter visit to our local zoo and then over to an Italian restaurant we love in downtown St. Paul that recently finished a large construction project.  And we also managed to stop in at the jeweler where we got our wedding rings so I could get mine clean - it had been quite some time since I had done so.  Since I knew I'd be outside for awhile, layers were a must.

Flannel - Primp (local boutique)
Sweater - Herbergers (old)
Jeans skirt - LOFT, thrifted
Heart socks - gift from Megan Mae
Boots and leggings - Mossimo, Target

We had the best day - we took our time and went at our own pace which is always nice.  Because it was cold, the zoo wasn't terribly crowded, but the animals were surprisingly active.  We especially had fun in the monkey house.  Then our dinner was amazing.  The changes they've made to this restaurant (Cossettas for you local folks) really have improved it and while it was busy there, it was nice.  We grabbed ourselves some desserts to enjoy later - which we ended up saving for today, so I can't wait for that!  I love exploring our city when we can, it was a wonderful day!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Favorite outfits of 2012

So last year my blog was only about six months old at the end of the year, so doing a "year end" recap seemed kind of pointless.  This year however, I have a full year of posts to look back on and I thought it would be fun to highlight my favorite outfits of the year.  It was hard to narrow it down, so there are quite a few here!!

Told you there were quite a few!  It's fun to see the change from winter to spring to summer to fall and back to winter again in the course of these outfits.  Those summer pictures are making me miss warm weather right about now!

I'll post again before New Years Day, but if you won't be around, I wish a happy New Year to you all and thank you a million times over for joining me on for the ride that was 2012.  I'm excited for what 2013 has to offer!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Lazy winter day

My lazy week continues! Although yesterday wasn't quite as lazy - I got up earlier than I do for work and took my car in for an oil change and to fix a leak it had.  They wanted it there as early as they opened.  So, I lost a day of sleeping in, but at least my car works now and was not too expensive to fix!

My mom was nice and rode to the car place with me and while they were working on it we went to Target and I spent a gift card I had for there.  Not hard to blow through a gift card for Target, let me tell you!  After that I came home and waited for the car guys to call me, I ended up having to call them, but fortunately it was done by the middle of the afternoon. 

I managed to get home just as it started to snow again.  Fortunately this warm scarf from the Pants Monkey kept me nice and toasty all day long!!  I sat under a blanket and watched Ellen.  No complaints from this girl!

In this last picture, I have the purse I found at the Goodwill.  I still can't believe it.  It's not a huge bag, but it fits my things and will be fun to play with this winter. 

. Sweater - Mossimo, Target
Jeans - Levi's, thrifted
Scarf - ModCloth (gift)
Boots - Mossimo, Target
Bag - Coach, thrifted

Today I'm off to meet a couple of my sorority sisters for coffee and then I'm coming home and having an 80s movie marathon.  And then tomorrow Mr. Monkey will be back home with me for four days, I'm excited!  The stay at home wife thing is fun and all, but I like it better when he's here too!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady

Hello friends! I've been making the most of my time away from work and haven't been on the computer much, but I promise I'm here! I'm still trying to get around to all of your blogs!

So you may remember in this post I said I had my eye on a cute sweater from ModCloth for Christmas that had kitties on it.  Well Santa, err, the Pants Monkey, decided I was a good girl this year and decided to give it to me for Christmas!

Sweater - ModCloth
T-shirt - Ninkybink
Jeans - Gap, thrifted
Shoes - Thrifted

I love how comfy it is, it's not overly thick and warm for a sweater, but it works well for layering.  It was very comfy under a jacket when I went on my thrifting adventure yesterday.  Oh and did I ever score - Coach purse with the tags still on it for $14.99, H&M sweater, Nine West coat, Levi jeans.  I may have spent all of the money I got from the Pants Monkey's grandmother, but oh well.  That's sort of what it's for.

And appropriately enough, Pippin decided to photo bomb me while I was doing this pictures.  Let's drive the crazy cat lady thing home!

I love this big girl.  I haven't gotten Taylor on the blog in awhile, I'll have to fix that one of these days!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Twas the day after Christmas

Well, what a whirlwind few days it has been!  I'm so thankful to not have to be at work today so I can recover from all the celebrating!  It was a great Christmas.  I wanted to share a couple of outfits from my celebrations.  First up, Christmas Eve.

Sweater - Hill Valley Vintage
T-shirt and jeans - Old Navy
Necklace - gift
Shoes - SO, thrifted

Christmas Eve morning, the Pants Monkey and I went and had brunch together at Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis.  It was darn cold, but I wanted to wear my festive Christmas Kermit shirt, so my vintage red sweater was the perfect choice to stay warm!  We had a great brunch, came home and exchanged our gifts to each other.  I was very excited to receive the cat sweater I wanted from ModCloth and a fantastic infinity scarf!  You'll see them here soon.

We then had the afternoon to relax for a bit, then we made some creamed spinach to take over to my in-laws to add to the meal they prepared.  We had a wonderful celebration with them - so much food!  There was roast pork, our creamed spinach, mashed potatoes, and many, MANY cookies for dessert.  We sat by our annual double fire (real one and Yule Log on TV) and then opened our gifts.  His family is the sweetest - I got a nice sweater from my sister-in-law (in next photo) and the most adorable purse from his parents.

Sweater - Gap (gift)
Jeans - Gap (thrifted)
Boots - Mossimo, Target

We had to get to bed early on Christmas Eve so we could get up early on Christmas Day to go to do an early Mass with our music group.  I did not photograph my outfit - I wore a really pretty dress from Shabby Apple, but it's a little too big, so I want to take it in to be altered before I wear it again.  I am thinking maybe it'll be my Valentine's Day outfit this year so maybe you'll see it then!  After church we came home to change and I wore my new sweater since it was super warm and comfy!

We went to my parents house and exchanged gifts with them.  As usual they spoiled us, I have a few new pretty things to wear and you'll see them all on the blog soon, likely after I go back to work.  Mr. Monkey made out quite well too, he needed clothes that fit and he sure got them!  He's going to be one styling dude if I do say so myself!  We stopped back at home for a brief rest then headed out to my aunt's house to have dinner with some extended family on my mom's side.  After that we were able to stop at Mr. Monkey's grandmother's house for a brief visit with some of his extended family as well. 

So it was definitely a full couple of days, but honestly I wouldn't have it any other way.  You can see why I like getting a little extra time off from work at this time of year though!  Today I'm relaxing a bit and then meeting a good friend for thrift shopping and lunch.  Tomorrow I have to take my car in for an oil change and to check an oil leak.  Friday I'm meeting a couple of other friends for coffee that are also off of work.  And then Mr. Monkey will be home again for a long New Year's weekend, so I'm looking forward to adventuring with him this weekend too!

I hope you all had a great Christmas weekend if you celebrate!  I will be making my way around to your blogs, I promise!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Inspiration Monday - Our own inspiration

For today's inspiration Monday, the two birds suggested we post about things that inspire us. I think it's a wonderful idea for something to reflect on at this time of year.  So, here are some things that inspire me, in no particular order.

My cats

Other bloggers (pictured are my fellow MN friends, but I love you all!)

My girlfriends
My family (in-laws in first picture, my mom in 2nd - no she's not mad, it was early in the morning!)

And most of all, my Pants Monkey.

I find inspiration in many other places as well, from music to the arts to a sunrise, but the people/animals listed above are the biggest inspiration to me!  

I wish you all a wonderful and Merry Christmas.  Head over to two birds to see what inspires other bloggers as well!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Last day of work until 2013!

Yay Friday!  Yay for my last working day of the year!  After today I don't have to work until January 2nd!!  Happy Bethie!!!

Today I'm wearing what I now have been calling my "couch" pants.  My dad commented on them when I wore them a while back that they look like they were cut from the fabric of my parents' sofa.  He's a dad, he doesn't have to understand my fashion choices!  It's also crazy cold outside, so I just had to go with layers.  And my sweater has just a little sparkle, making it feel festive and fun.

 Sweater - LOFT, thrifted
Henley - Eddie Bauer, gift
Pants - Mossimo, Target
Boots - Old Navy
Necklace and earrings - S&D

Tonight we are going to a Festivus party.  I had to laugh when I saw the invitation.  We've never been to one before.  The rest of the weekend is quiet and calm before the storm of holiday celebrations with family.  I will spend time wrapping gifts and finishing my required Christmas movie viewing.  Can you believe I haven't watched Charlie Brown yet?  What's wrong with me!

I plan to blog throughout my time off and keep up with all of you as well - but if you will be away from blogland over the next few days I just want to take a second and thank each of you for coming here and sharing in my life each day! It means more than I can ever say.  I wish you all a wonderful and happy holiday!!  Be safe and have fun!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Since I was going to be going out for a Christmas breakfast with my work team this morning I decided my red pants would be nice and festive.  And we got a very small amount of snow overnight so I figured, can't go wrong with a cozy sweater as well!

 Sweater - vintage, b. (a resale shop)
Pants - Old Navy
Boots - Payless
Necklace - S&D with MMD buttonflower

I'm short on words today, my mind is anywhere but here, I'm so mentally checked out of work, I can't wait to start my Christmas vacation and really start celebrating the season!  I'm so excited to give out my gifts and I just want it to be here right now!  It will be over too fast I know, but I'm still very anxious!!  Of course the four cups of coffee I had at breakfast are probably not helping that fact either.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blue Christmas

I'm really not having a blue Christmas, but it seemed a fitting title for my outfit today, since it has loads of blue!  I am really excited with how this outfit turned out, almost seems a shame to be wearing it on a workday!  I may have to duplicate it for a date night in the near future.  

Dress- H&M (from two birds garage sale)
Jacket - White House Black Market, thrifted
Tights and boots - Target
Scarf - Stella and Dot 

I am love with this sweater dress, I think it's going to be super versatile for this winter, how can you go wrong with a basic LBD?  Not to mention, it's from H&M.  I somehow have only discovered the wonder that is H&M, now I know why you rarely find them at the thrift store or consignment shop, no one wants to let go of the stuff they buy there!

I was telling a friend of mine that I'm kind of a dork, but I had all my outfits for the week planned ahead on Sunday.  I am rarely that on top of things people, this is a big deal.  It's making my mornings go so much faster, I guess I should make that a goal for 2013!!

My post will be up later tomorrow, my awesome boss is taking our team out to breakfast!  Tis the season to be eating, fa la la la, la la la la!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dressy and cozy

I can't believe I haven't worn this shirt yet - I picked it up at the two birds garage sale at the beginning of the month.  I love it, it's comfy, almost like a sweatshirt and yet it is dressy enough for work thanks to the fun ruffles.  It sort of feels like I'm cheating and dressing down!  I love clothes that are deceiving like that!

Shirt - M2M via two birds garage sale
Pants - Tangents, Maurices, old
Shoes - Rampage, DSW
Necklace - gift from the Pants Monkey 

So there are just seven more days until Christmas!  The countdown is on!  I need to start wrapping gifts, I tend to wait until the last minute because of the kitties.  Fortunately everyone in both of our families are cat people and are pretty understanding about their gifts having nibble marks on them, but I still wait as long as I can to try to keep them looking relatively nice!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Inspiration Monday - Happier Elf

Hello friends. I want to start off by saying my thoughts and prayers are with the folks in Connecticut after such a senseless, horrible day on Friday.  I still can't quite wrap my head around it.  My whiny post from Friday morning seems so piddly after all of that.  But anyway, continued prayers and strength sent to affected families.

Today is Inspiration Monday and the ladies of two birds have chosen Leona Lewis here.  Her dress is a wee bit short for me to get away with for work, but I think I figured something out.

I am no longer a sad elf, I'm a very happy elf.  I went and did some shopping on Saturday morning and found a great replacement present!  After I got home, I then went and dis some stocking stuffer shopping with the Pants Monkey, we do stocking gifts with his family so we needed to get a few things.  After that I pretty much made the happy discovery that save for one more thing for my mom, I am done shopping!!

 Dress - VS, gift from the Pants Monkey
Long sleeve t-shirt - Mossimo, Target
Sweater - thrifted, with MMD buttonflower
Necklace - S&D
Boots - Target, old
Tights - Target

I spent some time this weekend watching some of my favorite Christmas movies as well.  We watched Home Alone and I tell you, the original is still the best ever.  I'll never get enough of it.  I saw a sweatshirt on Pinterest that says "Merry Christmas you filthy animal" and kind of wish I had an excuse to buy it and wear it to a party!

I work a full week this week but then I am off until January 2nd.  I love getting a super long break at the holidays, it makes me feel like a kid again.  I have done this three years in a row now, where I've had enough time saved up by the end of the year to do this.  Unfortunately Mr. Monkey does not get as much time as me, so he won't be off as long.  But I usually fill my time with spending time with friends, with family and most importantly I make sure at least a couple of my days are total ME days.  I watch chick flicks and sometimes don't even leave the house.  It's awesome.  I can't wait, I love Christmas, but I love my time off even more!

But first, must get through this week!  For more Inspiration Monday outfits, make sure to visit two birds!