Monday, February 25, 2013

Inspiration Monday - Needed

Hello my friends!  Did you all have a good weekend?  I did.  After last week it was really needed.  Sadly, Monday has come too soon, but it's Inspiration Monday and also, I'm just bound and determined to make this week better than last week!  We'll see how I do.  Anyway, here is this week's Inspiration Monday pick - Elizabeth Olson.

Jacket, dress and booties?  I'm there.  Especially when it's not too cold outside today and it's not snowing.  I can totally handle this!

Jacket - Positive Attitude, handed down from cousin
Dress - Axcess by Claiborne, thrifted
Tights and boots - Target
Necklace - S&D

So anyway, it was a nice weekend.  We hit up the latest new taproom to come to Minneapolis (yes there have been a lot of these lately) on Friday night and it was ok.  The beer isn't bad but the place is a little too nightclub-ish for my taste!

Saturday we had to do church with our music group and then after that I met up with the lovely Lori and Cambria for an Audrey Hepburn movie night - another post to come on this actually - and then I got home at a pretty reasonable time, went right to bed and slept a looooong time.  It was so nice to sleep in on Sunday morning, I think I needed it!

Mr. Monkey and I went to brunch on Sunday morning at a nice place not far from home and then went and saw Silver Linings Playbook since it was playing at the small theatre in our town and I wanted to see it before the Oscars last night.  We grabbed BBQ takeout from our favorite restaurant for dinner and managed to sneak in the third Harry Potter movie before the Oscars began.  Then we watched the Oscars, which made for a late night, but it was fun to watch.  My favorite dress of the night was Jessica Chastain's.  Anyone else's attire strike a bell with you?

Overall it was just the best kind of weekend, one that I think was just really needed.  I feel a bit more refreshed and ready to take on this week anyway!  For more Inspiration Monday outfits, visit two birds over here.


  1. We did have a nice weekend. It was busy but relaxing at the same time. Your dress as a skirt is a great print. My favorite dress was Amy Adams. The color was perfect for her hair and skintone. Heather

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt and your booties! So chic :) Great inspiration!

  3. that sounds like a fabulous weekend! i loved naomi watt's unique! also, i love your fun, especially for this BALMY weather!

  4. The print on the "skirt" is SO pretty! Jessica Chastain's dress was one my favs too, she just looked like old Hollywood glamor!

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  5. Well Bethie, I like/loved Anne Hathaways jewels in the back and Jennifer Lawrence had a necklace going down the back too. Those two gowns were so pretty in each way (slender and/or full skirted)

    I love your jacket. The entire outfit looks so cute, you fashion rabbit. Have a good week at work. Sounds like the weekend was just what you needed! :D

  6. what a lovely fun print you are wearing:) Have a good week!

  7. CUTE! I love this look, I love the pink/red with the brown!

    Ugh, I hate it when bars are different than what they are marketed as. There are two by me that are supposed to be sports bars, and they are during the day, but at night they are clubs. It is odd.

  8. Glad to hear you are feeling refreshed, Beth! Sometimes a low-key weekend is the best kind of relaxation there is! :) Love this look too! Those boots are cute!
    ♥ laura
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  9. Sounds like a great weekend. :) I love the print on that dress. You definitely nailed the look!

  10. This outfit is darling. I love how the booties look with your skirt. Great jacket! I watched most of the Oscars too. There were a few dresses that I loved. Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart were a few of my favorites.


  11. Gotta love sleeping in! I love the print on that dress :)

  12. Great take on the inspiration pic! You look absolutely beautiful my dear and I love the fun necklace you threw in! An Audrey movie night sounds magical. I watched Charade on Sat. for the first time. Have you seen that one? Have a blessed day, Lovely!

  13. That's a fun skirt. The red carpets are my favorite part of the Oscars, so I watched for a long time last night.

  14. Oooh, which Audrey did you watch? I adore Roman Holiday! What a cute outfit, that skirt is amaaaaaaazing! What a cute pattern! I wish I had cute ankle boots like this! The only ones I have are lace-ups or horribly scuffed!x

  15. I'm glad you had a good relaxing weekend dear!

  16. Love the skirt and boots pairing. Sounds like an awesome weekend~ I didn't watch the Oscar's but I was following everyone's tweets and ONTD's red carpet post. I actually loved Jennifer Aniston's dress.

  17. I'm crushing on Anne Hathaway something fierce these days, so she gets my vote!

  18. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! What was the taproom you went to? A coworker of mine has a stake in 612.
    LURV the printed skirt!

  19. Ugh it's still feeling like a Monday to me :( The print of your skirt is great- and I really like your last post too - you can never go wrong with a sparkly sweater!

    Pearls & Paws

  20. I adore Elizabeth Olsen and great booties! love them.


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