Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A night with the girls and Audrey

So what could make a crap week totally better?  Hanging out with two good blogger buddies, watching Audrey Hepburn, drinking hard cider, eating chips and salsa, popcorn and chocolate peanut butter bars and then finishing the night with an hour's worth of crazy YouTube videos.

On Saturday evening, I had the pleasure of hanging out with the fantastic Lori of A Little Slice of Special and the adorable Cambria from Jupe and we had a ton of fun.  Of course we took pictures to document the evening, because what kind of bloggers would we be if we didn't?  Thanks to Lori for the pictures - though I have to say I was way under dressed for the occasion!

 Shirt - Mossimo, Target
Pants - Old Navy
Shoes - Consigment
Necklace - S&D

This next picture makes me laugh, Lori was taking pictures and Cambria told me to pose a certain way (I have a bad habit of looking down all the time in my photos, Mr. Monkey complains about it too) and so I did, resulting in this, immediately afterward I was on the ground laughing hysterically.

We watched Wait Until Dark - it was a rather suspenseful and somewhat stressful movie, but I enjoyed it, even if the outfit Audrey wears for 75% of the movie was extremely unflattering!

 Seriously - how cute is this girl?  Check out her shoes!!

After we finished the movie, we were going to start another one, but ended up on YouTube sharing our favorite funny videos that give us a pick me up when we're down - we laughed a lot.  I have some new favorites now in my list!

This girl is just as bright and beautiful in real life, she makes me smile!

Both girls were kind enough to share things with me they both no longer wanted/could use - some clothes from Cambria and some makeup from Lori - so now I'm like, hey, what shopping ban?  

Anyway, it was just the pick me up I needed after a tough week and since we only got through one of Audrey's movies, I'm hoping we'll have a chance to do it again soon!  

PS - be sure to check out their blogs, they are seriously two of the nicest gals ever.  Links are up above.


  1. That's so cool that blogging buddies have now become real life buddies. The three of you look like you had a wonderful time. Glad you had a nice pick me up after a stressful week.

  2. Awwww, you all look so cute! LOVE Audrey's shoes! And Lori looks amazing, as she always does! :)

  3. You look like you all had such fun! I love Audrey Hepburn!

  4. Aww you guys are all so cute! Blogging dates are always a lot of fun :)

    The Tiny Heart

  5. what a fun night! ladies' night and belly laughs can cure almost any ailment!

  6. LOL you are too cute! I am way jelly! I love blogger meet-ups, but yours sounds like so much more fun than the ones I have been to!

  7. How lovely! I've not seen that film!!!!!! Glad you had a great end tp the week!x

  8. adorable photos!! =D


  9. Sounds like an amazing time! I haven't been on blogland for a while but I have missed you and your blog friend! Here's to staying in the loop :)

  10. How wonderful! Glad you had fun. Is it okay if I daydream about joining your next event?!

  11. Hi Beth! Love your poses and nothing better than food and drinks with buddies! :)

  12. Hmmmm I can't remember if I've seen that one. I'll have to check it out. :) I love Audrey. I think Charade is my favorite though. :) best movie ever.

  13. Nothing beats a good girls' movie night, especially when Audrey is involved.

  14. Oh wow! You didn't skimp on the awesome shoes though! How cute are those. Also I can't wait to see the jacket your cousin gave you. I'm still trying to figure out how to wear mine in more ways.

  15. Sounds like ye had a fabulous fun evening Beth:) Lovely photos!

  16. How fun! Girls nights can be the perfect pick up when you need it! :)

    Jess - J's Style

  17. What a fun girls night!

  18. Now that sounds like 1 perfect night! How cute you three are! I really love your simple but chic look!

    Pearls & Paws

  19. Thanks for introducing me to a new Audrey film! Will watch it. Your evening looked fun - and I challenge you to not put your head down in photos! It is hard to break from this, I often stand in a very crooked way for photos...

  20. Love love love love love.
    I can't wait to post about our ladies night too :)

    So much fun, I cannot wait for the next one!!!!

  21. this sounds like so much fun. i really need to get to know more local bloggers because i'm envious of everyone's meet ups! :)


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