Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bottom's Up

I'm continuing my participation in the "We Love Target" challenge with Heidi and Whitney today.  The item of the day is "bottoms".  I chose these black capris by Mossimo, I have had them a million years now, but I still  love them.  They're classic, crisp and very appropriate for the office.  They've held up amazingly well over the years which just shows not everything that comes from Target is going to fall apart on you after use and abuse!

So there's this bright round thing in the sky.  It warms the air and makes things lighter.  It answers to the name "Sun" and it's been missing from Minnesota for days now.  If anyone finds it, can you please send it back to us?  Seriously.  It hasn't even rained that much over the last few days, but it's been soooo cloudy and depressing!  We did get a little gentle rain yesterday which was good for the grass seed the Pants Monkey put down this weekend, but still.  I miss the sun!!!

Shirt - Clothes Mentor
Capris - Mossimo, Target
Shoes - Anne Klein, from cousin
Necklace - Stella and Dot
Earrings - Lia Sophia
Bracelet - Charming Charlie 

I did some jewelry close ups here because I actually remembered to today.  This necklace was a steal.  My Stella and Dot consultant was having an open house and was clearing out some of her own inventory and well, this one may have come home with me for next to nothing because I was spending money on some other stuff.  And by next to nothing I may mean nothing.  My S&D gal is the best!

Again, we're linking up with Whitney at Along the Lines of Style today, so feel free to head over there and add your own favorite Target "bottom" or see what other bloggers love!


  1. Ooh, I want to see an up close of your shoes. They look awesome! Hopefully the sun will come visit you soon :) Heather

  2. Cute! Stay warm today :P Maybe we'll see the sun sometime this week....?

  3. Love your bracelet and skirt! Very cute!

  4. Oh that is a very cute outfit! I sure hope the sun comes out again and soon!

  5. I have that same Stella & Dot necklace, I love it! It's gloomy and rainy here today too :(

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  6. More Target, Yay! I love the pants, they look very cozy and sleek all at the same time :) It rained all day here yesterday too :( at least we are not in Vermont, they got like 3 feet of snow.

  7. Love the necklace! And I don't think I've had anything from Target fall apart. :) I have some things that are 8 or 9 years old that are still in great condition. :-)
    Hope you get some sun soon. :)

  8. So nice to have capris for work... makes all my work clothes look much more summery!

  9. I've been really impressed with the quality of Target clothes too. I have some tops that have lasted forever. And I found the Sun! It's been hanging out with me. I'll send it your way real soon. :)

  10. Oh, those pants are great! Capris are so hard to wear because they have to be the right length to look right-those are the perfect length on you for sure! Perfect for work in the summer I bet :) And I love your shoes! They have some great detail on them. If I see the sun, I'll send it your way..hehe, I laughed at your joke though, "So there's this bright round thing in the sky..." I know-we've almost forgotten what it looks like, right?!

  11. I'll have to agree with you. Target has some really well-made clothing, and it's hard to resist buying them all because they are cute too! I hope the sun brightens your end soon!!!!
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  12. Love capris...a great change from normal trousers!

  13. Love that cuff! I've become a huge fan of the ankle pants this spring. They're comfortable and they show off shoes! The sun has certainly been here. So hotttttt.

  14. It was really cloudy here on Monday and definitely ruined all picnic/BBQ plans we had! :(

  15. Those pants look so comfortable, but easy to pull off at work! Thanks for linking up with us today!

  16. Love this sophisticated look, particularly your sparkly necklace.


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