Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Springy gingham

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the radio silence yesterday.  Mr. Monkey got back into town late on Sunday and we both took yesterday off - he to recover from his travels, me to just spend some time with him!  We slept in and didn't really get dressed for the day until we headed out for dinner in the evening! Anyway, I'm back to the grind today.

This is the other shirt I bought last week to potentially use on the "Lemon Zest" day of the Pantone color challenge and then ended up wearing the sweater I bought instead because it was cold.  This shirt was a steal though, I picked it up for $1.49!  You can't beat it!  It's hard to tell from the photos, but it's a nice gingham print too, which is going to be awesome for spring and summer.

 Gingham shirt - Old Navy, thrifted
Cami - Old Navy
Skirt - DKNY, consignment
Sandals - Merona, Target
Necklace - Camy Couture
Bag - Lillian's Shoppes

I have to say, I'm finally starting to get the Pants Monkey more into thrifting.  Yesterday he realized he has no shorts that fit since losing a bunch of weight and decided he wanted to wear shorts since it is finally warmer out, so instead of spending a ton of money on new ones we hit up a thrift store.  He found a pair with original tags still on for only $10.  I think he's finally seeing the light!


  1. You look perfect for this great springy day! I lurv the gingham and print together. Super adorable. I'm so glad you got in some time with Pants Monkey!

  2. Such a steal for getting that cute gingham top for only $1! The print on your skirt is so pretty too...such a great spring look! Hope that means it's gotten warmer over there. :)

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  3. This is a perfect spring look! I really like the gingham and floral pattern mixing. Glad you were able to spend time with your man :)

  4. Yay, another convert! My hubby started checking out Goodwill when he needs clothes. He became a believer after I thrifted an awesome pair of corduroy pants for him.

    You look so romantic and breezy in this lovely outfit.

  5. Super cute outfit! And I'm glad you are teaching your sweetie the ways of the thrifter ;)

  6. Sweet outfit - I love the soft colours.

    I've converted my hubby too. He is shocked by how much cheaper you can get cool stuff.

  7. I've been trying to get my husband into thrifting too, but he's more of a vintage shopping guy, which his fine too :) I LOVE this ensemble, Beth. The light colors are super pretty, especially that skirt!
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  8. That is a really cute outfit! Glad you were able to enjoy and spend some time with PM yesterday!

  9. Love this on you! You look so fresh and springy. :) And while my hubby won't thrift for himself he is fine with me thrifting for him. :) Actually I pretty much do all his shopping along with mine and the kiddo's. :) I get to be the sole shopper for my family. :)

  10. This is so cute and definitely springy!

  11. Fun that you're getting your hubby into thrifting! Love your finds and the outfit! this color palette definitely works for you :)

  12. Oh Bethie, My HM is so into thrifting now too. He always says "lets see what Saver's has" every time we are out and about. I get all of his shirts there. All of them. One day I came home with 8 shirts for him and they were a dollar each = $8 total for 8 shirts (+tax was added, too but ya). I want the gingham, yellow blouse in my closet!!!!!!!

  13. Those days are the best! Love how springy this look is...it really makes me want to add a pastel gingham shirt to my closet, especially if I can find one at that price! :)

    Jess - J's Style

  14. This is SUCH a sweet look. I love how perfectly the bag goes. These colors are so fresh and springy. Awesome deal on the shirt too.

    Congrats on getting the PM into thrifting. The DH doesn't care where his clothes come from so long as he doesn't have to do the actual shopping. XP

  15. Cute skirt! Kevin enjoys thrifting which is great for me - we actually found him a nice pair of shorts at Goodwill recently too :)


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