Monday, September 3, 2012

Inspiration Monday - Linky fun for everyone

Considering it's Labor Day and should be a day of rest, there sure is a lot going on here at the ole blog today!  First off, it's my weekly participation in Inspiration Monday.  Secondly, I joined up with Krysten @Why Girls Are Weird for a Blogging Bestie Swap.  Krysten paired us up with another blogger, you got to know them and then you sent them some goodies!  I'm always looking for new ways to meet other bloggers, so I was totally excited to sign up for this one.  Today is the day we're encouraged to share about our gifts.  So, it's all happening today my friends! 

Let's start with Inspiration Monday - today's model is Jessica Hart.  No I don't know who she is and neither did the two birds.  But hey, she has a fun outfit on and it convinced me to finally do something.  Ready for this?

I bought printed pants!!  Finally!  I didn't go for the leopard print like her. I tried some on and just didn't like the look.  So instead I chose these fun floral ones that even though summer is almost over, I feel have colors that will go into the Fall.  Wasn't quite cool enough for boots like Jessica is wearing so I stuck to sandals.

So anyway, I love these and look forward to styling them more!  The picture probably doesn't even do it justice.

Now on to the Blogging Bestie swap.  I was paired with the delightful Christa of C. Jane Create.  She makes hair clips and headbands and other fun things and has her own Etsy shop.  She's a cat lover like me - she has three fur babies!  She's also getting married next year which is very exciting.  She sent me the most adorable box of goodies.

She sent me one of her headbands in orange, yay orange!! And also a purple hairclip!  She sent some fun purple nailpolish and a cute little journal.  The most fun is the coffee mug - handpainted by her!  She included a giftcard for Starbucks so I can go get some coffee to fill it up with!

I took a couple of close ups so you could see the handmade stuff especially - how cute and fun are these?  The mug also has a freaking adorable stirring spoon!

So, it was super fun to participate in the Blogging swap - huge thank you to Christa - I look forward to getting to know you even more and I hope you enjoyed the goodies I sent you!  And thanks to Krysten for organizing this!  I encourage you to check both of these ladies blogs.  You won't be disappointed.

And don't forget to visit my friends the two birds to see other Inspiration Monday looks!  I'm off to read more blogs now, I got so behind this holiday weekend.  I'll be back tomorrow to discuss thrift store sales/shopping!

Outfit rundown:
Shirt - designed by Neko Case for local station 89.3 The Current (MPR)
Pants - Mossimo, Target
Sandals - Mossimo, Target
Necklace - S&D



  1. Your t-shirt is so cute! I love your new mug and stir spoon, too!

  2. So glad you liked your goodies! Everyone in my house liked your package! You're so nice to have thought of everyone. :)

  3. Hello twin! Looking great, love your floral trousers and bright orange t-shirt!
    Also, I love love love seeing swap parcels so enamoured by these beauties- especially the mug and spoon! Fantastic

  4. Those are cute floral pants! I have yet to take the printed pants plunge. I love that mug and matching spoon!

    The Tiny Heart
    Enter my jewelry giveaway!

  5. I really love those printed floral pants, I have a similar printed skirt that is great for fall. The swapping blogger idea is such fun, that handpainted mug is so funky!

  6. Beth I love those pants! You're completely right and these look like they'll be great for the fall too!

    Jess - J's Style

  7. The mug and spoon set are my favourite here, so adorable! x

  8. She hand painted that mug? Very cool! She did a great job!

  9. The handpainted mug is so cool! No wonder you are loving it. Anything handmade always makes something more special :)

    Love your new floral pants. Imagine them with a big cozy sweater when it gets cold. So cute!

  10. i love your pants!! so cute! and what great little gifts! that mug is adorable! what a fun swap idea!

  11. What fun pants! I like the tee too.

  12. I love your inspiration Monday look--those jeans are so fun! I loved doing the blog swap too (even though I'm late getting my photos up!!) Those look like great little goodies :)

  13. Woo! Congrats on scoring some floral pants. I found a really cool pair of animal print pants while thrifting, but I didn't get them. Not quite my speed. The blogger swap sounds like so much fun. You got some fabulous goodies and a new friend to boot.

  14. Love your printed pants! I have leopard skinnies and I definitely want to add more prints to my closet!

  15. I had a pair of red snakeskin-print pants while I was in law school. I gave them away, and deeply regret it.

  16. Those jeans are so pretty! I love the colors. Great take on the inspiration.


  17. Oh. My. Goodness! I totally just snagged those pants for myself this last week too! Aren't they just the cutest? I cannot wait to wear mine, but I love how you styled yours! Really fun with just a printed tee :). Can't wait to see more ideas on how to style them from you!


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