Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer strikes back

Well it appears summer wants to give us one last hurrah.  Actually, knowing MN, this won't be the true last hurrah, we'll probably get some Indian summer too.  Today, it's going to be 90 again.  And dry.  Oh man is it DRY.  I cannot keep enough lotion on!  We need some rain and some moisture.  I hear we may get some tomorrow and then it'll be back down to 70 for a high.  Fall in MN.  You have to love it.

With the warm weather, I knew a sundress was a necessity.  I have already packed away some of my "springy" colored clothing, but this one I felt was a good choice to take into the Fall because of the colors.  And it's so crazy comfy, can I get a Amen for jerseyknit material?  

 So remember I said the Pants Monkey made homemade hot dogs with his dad?  Yesterday they smoked them in his smoker and since today it's summery, we're going to grill them for dinner!  I smelled them yesterday and they smell fantastic.  He said he and his dad tried one for lunch and they were really tasty.  So I'm excited to give them a try tonight!

Outfit rundown:
Dress - Gap (thrifted)
Sweater - Maurices
Necklaces - S&D and Charming Charlie
Bracelets - S&D
Headband - C.Jane Create (via blogging bestie swap with Christa)
Sandals - Italian Shoe Company - DSW


  1. Cute headband! Be careful you don't set the backyard on fire!

  2. what a cute headband! i have to admit, i'm loving this weather! i never pack any of my clothes away, so i'm set, in a packed closet sort of way! enjoy the dogs!

  3. Love the outfit! The headband is really cute too! Hope you stay cool today.

  4. Loving your headband! It looks great in your hair. We had smoked hotdogs over the weekend and they were fabulous :)

  5. Enjoy the hot dogs! Cute dress :)

  6. Awesome dress! I love the colours.

    You know it's still summer, right? The change to autumn isn't until Sept 23rd? You're not exactly in fall yet!

    1. LOL, this is true, I just tend to think of anytime after Labor Day as Fall!

  7. I am loving this weather and I am still refusing to pull out my fall clothes. I am hoping it's warm enough to beach it this weekend! I can't believe it's this warm in September! I love it!

  8. Cute colorblock dress, Beth! Can you please send some of that hot weather this way? It was only 55 degrees this morning, brr!

    The Tiny Heart

  9. Jersey is always a good choice for warm weather. I haven't gotten out many of my fall clothes yet.

  10. home made hot dogs sound amazing!
    I loooove this summery dress for fall, the colors are perfect and the headband is just too cute!

  11. What a fabulous dress! I love the colors. We're having the warm creepy back in, but not too badly.

    Mmm sounds like a great dinner ahead of you. I'm probably going to grab some Mexican food because I'm going with the Hubs for his D&D game. (I'm sitting this one out).

  12. Oooh, loving that headband! Such a pretty colour and goes so nicely with that vibrant dress!

  13. Such a cute headband! Love the fall colors in your summery dress. ;)

  14. Haha, was tempted to put away my summer clothes this week...but knew better. Comes with MN, and I don't mind it given the beautiful place we get to live!

    <3 Cambria

  15. This is so cool; you remind me of a flapper. I always loved that look.

    Homemade hot dogs? Noms noms.

  16. You look great and your smoky hotdog dinner sounds wonderful!

  17. Cute dress! It's been hot around here too... Fall cannot come fast enough.

  18. I am so behind on visiting blogs. Love this dress and headband, Beth. So cute!


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