Friday, September 6, 2013

26 in the mix

Happy Friday everyone!  Going to be a hot one here, forget that the calendar says September 6th. Apparently we're making up for our cool August.  That's ok, gave me an excuse to wear this cute tank top I picked up at Target.  Dang you Target.  I go in for milk and orange juice and come out with much more than that.  But I was lucky to find this on clearance - which is rare, the maternity stuff seems to never go on clearance as much as the regular stuff does!  I wish you could see the fun neon lines in this top though - they didn't come through real well on the photos.  I still like this shirt a lot though!

I always know I have a winner when the Pants Monkey compliments my outfit.  He said he really liked this one this morning.  Makes me wish we had more exciting plans for our day/evening besides work and music practice tonight.  Perhaps I'll treat him to a late night happy hour after practice somewhere just so this outfit doesn't completely go to waste!  I'm also excited that I finally have skinny maternity jeans - seriously, they have been hard to find at a reasonable price and I found these on my thrift excursion!  They should be outlawed they're so comfy.  I love them.

Tank top - Liz Lange, Target
Jeans - Indigo Blue maternity, thrifted 
Necklace and bracelet - S&D
Sandals - Italian Shoe Maker, from cousin

And another week checks off on our pregnancy countdown.  26 weeks today.  Two more weeks and we'll be in the third trimester (!!).  Trying not to look ahead in panic too much and just going one day at a time for the moment!

We have a rather busy weekend on tap with our music group which I'm not super excited about simply because I'm highly motivated to get some stuff done at home, but it is what it is.  I know the churches we travel to really appreciate it, so sometimes I just have to focus on that I guess!  I hope you all have wonderful weekends!


  1. This is a really smart outfit for the heat. I hope your pants aren't too hot, even. But this ensemble looks great on you and your baby bump.

  2. That tank really shows off your baby bump! I hope you're able to do something fun tonight in your cute outfit. :) So funny that you're having hot weather since today it feels like fall here! Have a great weekend, Beth!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. LOVE that you are showing your bump! So cute :) And yes, dang gonna be hot around here again!

  4. That is a very cute tank top! Good luck with your weekend dear!

  5. i can't believe you are 26 weeks already! so crazy!!! i love maternity tanks...this one will work during and after, so that's great!!

  6. OH I love this! You should go out later, this is such a cute look! You could wear this again with boots and a jacket for fall too. Wow, it is going by so fast! You guys are going to have a little fashionable kid, I can already tell.

  7. The more confident you feel, the better you look... the better you look, the more the Pants Monkey compliments you... the more confident you feel... it's a wonderful cycle!

  8. Pants Monkey sounds like such a sweetie. You look great! Have a fun and relaxing weekend!

  9. No no, don't outlaw comfy jeans! What a score. Your top is lovely, hugs your bump a treat. Happy 26 weeks.. Xxx

  10. Super cute top, glad to hear you got it on clearance! I can't believe you're already rounding out the 2nd trimester, time sure does fly!



    Southern (California) Belle

  11. hope you had a lovely weekend and got to take that outfit out for a spin! :)

  12. I'm at 26 weeks now and feel like I'm showing more than you are here.
    (I'm behind on blog reading so commenting very little)


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