Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Random Wednesday stuff

So because Wednesdays are nutso for me right now, you get last Friday's outfit instead!  So this is still pre-haircut that I keep talking about.  I think I had a fairly decent hair day last Friday though!

It was hot, it was the day before a holiday weekend and the office was dead. So denim capris were the way to go.  This particular pair I haven't been super crazy about though and I think I'm going to just retire them. They have a great belly band, but it just doesn't stay up real well and by the time I think it will, it'll be too cold to wear them.  The sandals are a happy accident - I totally thought I had gotten rid of them. I was so excited when I found they were still in my closet!!

Sweater - F21
Tank top - Billabong via Cliche Mpls
Capris - Liz Lange, consignment
Sandals - Merona, Target
Necklace - Camy Couture 
Bag in background - 31 Gifts

And heck yes that is a penguin on my wallboard behind me.  I have to make my workspace fun!  Penguins are one of my favorite animals, my dad had received a free calendar from one of our local zoos last year with this large penguin photo, so I cut out the penguin to put on my wall.  He makes me smile every day!

Kind of a random post today, but sometimes that is how I roll I guess!  At least it's already Wednesday.  You have to love short weeks!


  1. Love this look Beth... the capris are just perfect!

  2. I love these capris on you. They fit so well, too bad that you need to retire them. You are looking quite lovely in this outfit. I have a puppy calendar at my desk. When I am having a bad day who can't not smile at cute puppies, right?

  3. Isn't it great when you can wear jeans to work! The penguin is a cute touch for your work area. :)

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  4. Love that look on you! I love your pegnuin picture! That is so you! One of my favorite pictures on my desk is the picture of us in a vineyard wearing both of our "Got Wine" shirts pointing to the saying. Good times always when we are together!

  5. EEEE the penguin! how cute! I haven't been able to ever find a nice pair of capri jeans in my life, which sucks because they're perfect for summer!

  6. I love it! Sorry they don't stay up. You should def get a pair of new ones after your pregnancy though, capris are so cute on you!

  7. Friday's outfit was very very cute! Love the whole outfit! haha and I love the penguin. I tried to make my work space fun as well. I have fake flowers, tons of pictures of family and friends, a Paris lamp and photos and even candles! I'm glad they let us do whatever we want with our space here!

  8. Cute outfit! And I love your penguin!!

  9. You were so cute last Friday! The outfit and accessories really work well together!

  10. This is an adorable casual Friday outfit!!

  11. Hmm... but what about capris with boots? If they can tuck...

  12. I love penguins too!! Have you ever heard the song, "I wanna be your personal penguin" ? I think you'd love it, it's adorable. Too bad you're not sold on your capris, I think they look fantastic on you in these photos! And I love finding lost closet items, that's the best!

  13. That necklace looks great with this ensemble. Nice tones to it.


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