Monday, May 19, 2014

Introducing: Closet of Boo

I did it.  I pulled the trigger and set up my Instagram shop!  It's not much so far - about seven items, a couple of pictures of which I can already tell I'll need to retake, they didn't turn out super great, but it's a start!  It's a small little endeavor to try and make a little money on the items in my closet I'm not loving for myself as much anymore - but figure someone else might!  I've been doing too much shopping as of late, I need to reel it in a bit, but at least maybe this will offset my spending a little bit!  I'll have a link up at the top of my blog here that will take you to the shop - but you can also find it here: Closet of Boo  I appreciate any followers and anyone spreading the word - I hope to add more items soon, so stay tuned!

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