Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thank you, Pinterest

Apparently it's "colored jeans" week on the blog.  But seriously, it's not warm out, so they are kind of the best alternative to a skirt or a dress for spring in my book!  And these pants are my favorite, they're stretchy and comfy, can't beat it!  This outfit is an idea I stole from a pin on Pinterest.  I did a more "wintery" version of it back in February (found here).  I know I say it all the time, but man, Pinterest is a life saver when I just don't know what to wear!  I feel like I should do a Jimmy Fallon style thank you note to Pinterest.  "Thank you Pinterest, for being there for me when I can't think for myself!"

Shirt - Merona (thrifted), Sweater - "A" Brand (Herbergers)
Jeans - JCP (JCPenney), Shoes - Xhilaration (Target)

At least the sun has come back today!  It may not be warm, but I am just so happy to see the sun!  Poor Oliver is missing the walks we take in the evenings - if the sun stays out today I think I might just bundle him up good and go tonight even if it isn't that warm!  He has the cutest little jacket, so it is an excuse for him to wear it if nothing else!

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  1. Gorgeous outfit! Love the polka dots + mint jeans!

  2. This is such a cute outfit with the polka dots and mint! One of my favorites of yours, Beth!

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