Sunday, May 4, 2014

Oliver - 5 months

Wow, blink once and another month goes by! Oliver was 5 months yesterday! I will be honest - at times this past month was not my favorite - hello 4 month sleep regression - but there were plenty of fun moments too! Here's our monthly update!

Weight -17-18 pounds give or take an ounce or two.
Length - 26"

Nicknames - Buddy, Bud, Ollie, Monkey, Monkey Butt, Pumpkin, Sir, Mister, Little Man, Munchkin, The Captain, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Sleep - We definitely went through the four month sleep regression - ouch.  Instead of 3-4 hour chunks he started doing 1-2 hour chunks and not going down as nicely at night.  We're back to 2-3 hour chunks now and we did some sleep training and he is now putting himself to sleep pretty nicely.  And even when he wakes at night he is all business - eats, we change his diaper and he's back to sleep, sometimes in as little time as 15 minutes, so it doesn't feel too bad.

Eating - Same as last month, still exclusively breastfed or taking bottles of breastmilk.  We'll start baby led weaning when he seems interested in solids.

Diapers - Moved up to size 3 and hoping that's where he stays for awhile!

Clothes - 9 month to even 12 month sizes now.  The kid is just so long, he needs the bigger sizes almost for the length if nothing else.

Mood - In spite of some of the sleep issues we had, his mood hasn't been too bad.  He has days where you know his mouth is bugging him, but the darn teeth still aren't in yet.  One of my friends said it took her son 17 weeks to get his first teeth - but then a bunch came in all at once, so who knows.  So we have fussy days but we have good days too.  And we get smiles every day even if he is a little on the cranky side.

Loves - Jumping in the jumperoo, splashing in the bathtub, walks in the stroller, Taylor cat, anything with elephants, the books Brown Bear What Do You See and The Pout Pout Fish, chewing on his hands or shirt sleeve, sucking his thumb, the pretty traffic lady on the Fox 9 morning news

Dislikes - Being startled, waiting for his food (unbutton that shirt faster mommy!), being cooped up inside (me too kid), being made to sit, tummy time (he used to love it, now it seems like it frustrates him)

Milestones/what I want to remember - He has learned to sleep unswaddled and can more or less put himself to sleep now, his first Easter, going for lots of walks outside, watching him interacting more and more with his toys.

Dear Oliver,
Boy you sure pushed mommy hard this month on her patience - your nighttime sleep issues were a little bit tough to work through, but we've come out the other side and I'm so proud of you for learning how to fall asleep on your own!  I know eventually you'll be a teenager whom I can't get to stop sleeping and I am definitely not ready for those days yet, so I'm not complaining too much right now.  I love cuddling you at night and gazing into your sweet eyes when you look at me.  Your smile lights up my day when you wake up in the morning.  I love watching you play and jump in your Jumperoo, especially when you squeal with delight!  I love it too when you talk and babble and tell your stories - and even your tales of woe - your little voice is so adorable and I can't wait until you are able to form all those fun sounds into actual words.  Every day you amaze me more and more and you continue to be such a blessing to daddy and me.  We love you so much.


  1. Aawww... what a delightful tribute to your baby and mutual love. You're both so lucky.

  2. I still can't believe he's 5 months already! He's getting so big!

  3. He is so cute, seriously. I love that he loves the pretty lady on Fox news!

  4. What a little sweetheart! I love these monthly updates. I am sorry the sleep schedule is rough, but, you seem to be so happy :)

  5. Welcome to Five Months Oliver! That means my little grandson baby Z is 6 months now. Time FLIES when you involved in a baby's new little life and how they change so quickly. Congratulations Ollie! ♥!

    Thanks for all the encouraging words and super love comin' my way, Bethie. Sure appreciate you!!! ♥, Renae

  6. Ooh, 4 month sleep regression. I remember those days. It DOES end, I promise! He is a precious! I love these updates :) The "monkey butt" nickname and the "pretty traffic lady" made me laugh!

  7. He is so adorable and I love reading these updates!! It seems like he has such a cute little personality, and that's too funny that the pretty traffic lady on the morning news is on the list of things he love! :)

  8. He is so cute and how can he possibly be 5 months?!? Can't wait to meet him!!


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