Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yet another sundress!

When it's as hot as it's been here in the usually cold MN area, it's just easy to wear sundresses. They look great with very little effort on my part and they are cool and comfortable! Thank goodness I have a closet full of them!

This particular dress I found at Clothes Mentor towards the end of last summer, so I didn't get to wear it too much, so I've been really enjoying being able to wear it more this year! It's a brand that seems to fit me super well - Ann Taylor - I'd never be able to afford most of Ann Taylor clothes new, so I love it when I find that kind of stuff at places like Clothes Mentor!!

Hope all of you who may also be suffering through a heat wave, as most of the country is right now, are able to stay cool!!

Today's rundown:
Dress - Ann Taylor (thrifted)

Shrug - LEI (thrifted)

Sandals - Thrifted by my mom

Sunglasses - DG from Lillian's

Watch - Butterfly Boutique

Necklace - Fun Sisters

Earrings - Craft show

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