Thursday, July 21, 2011

Maxi to the Max

Today we finally have the last of my finds from the 4th of July sale at Cliche. I have been rebelling against the maxi dress for so long, but I finally gave in - especially because this one was very, very cheap and it also reminds me of a dress I had and loved when I was in high school. So, I bought it even though it was a hair too long. Thankfully my mother is pretty good with hems and was able to help me with that! She finally finished it this week.

It's a touch cooler here today finally, giving us a bit of relief from the heatwave, but I've been on such a dress/skirt kick this week I decided that I'd keep it going and since this one is so long, it it is more comfortable since it isn't as hot!

I am shorty as I've mentioned before, so I was unsure if a maxi style dress would work for me, but I think this one does ok, especially because it is layered a bit. The ribbon detailing is so much fun. I really love it.

One more outfit post coming tomorrow before a week long hiatus - going out of town for a bit to visit some family. Getting pretty excited for a vacation!!

Today's Rundown:

Dress: Cliche

Sweater: Old Navy

Bracelet: Thrifted

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