Monday, July 18, 2011

Sundress on a hot day

Greetings fashion friends! Well I had quite a weekend, how about all of you? I got to do some thrift shopping, some regular shopping and some shopping for a dehumidifier - thank you water in the basement. Oh well. I got some great deals this weekend, I sold some items to Clothes Mentor that I no longer wanted and put the money towards a couple of items I kind of needed and one thing that I just simply wanted. I also hit up a great sale at Old Navy - Spin and Save baby! Plus card members (which I am one of) got to take an additional 10% off their purchase as well. So between my Spin and Save coupon and my 10%, I was a happy camper!

I mostly purchased shorts - I went through a "I am never going to wear shorts again phase" for a little bit, but I decided this summer has been crazy hot and we're going to St. Louis next week where it will likely be hot as well, so I bit the bullet and bought a few pairs. I like to think of these as "grown up" shorts though, I no longer want to wear the kind of shorts that practically show my behind if I bend over!! I'm sure you'll see some of my finds here on the blog at some point!

Overall I was happy with my purchases - one of which I chose to wear today. I have this adorable dress I thrifted at the beginning of the summer, but just didn't have the right thing to wear over it, even if it's hot outside, the air conditioner inside can be chilly at times! So this shrug I found on clearance at Old Navy fits the bill! This outfit is perfect for the very hot and humid day we are having!!

The rundown:

Dress - Forever 21 (thrifted)

Shrug - Old Navy

Sandals - DSW

Watch - Butterfly Boutique

Bracelet, necklace and earrings - Charming Charlie

Have a great day and stay cool!

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