Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Old friends

Every item I'm wearing today I have owned for several years at this point, but they are old favorites that I bring out each year since they continue to be in good condition.  They're like old friends, I look forward to seeing them again each Fall!

In other "clothing" news in my life, two exciting things happened yesterday.  First, I made my order for Stella and Dot and I am sooooo excited to have all my pretty new jewelry.  But the even more exciting thing was my mom called and said my cousin had a bag of clothes that she didn't want anymore and wondered if I could use them for work.  They are nice clothes because she's a high powered executive.  So I went over to my parents house and tried stuff on and came home with almost the entire bag, there were only a couple of things that didn't really work.  One of the things she had never even worn and it had original tags.  I say you are never too old for hand me downs!!  Big huge thanks to my cousin K.  She's a rockstar!  You'll see some of the items here on the blog soon I am sure.

Today's outfit:
T-shirt - Mossimo from Target
Jacket - Polo Ralph Lauren purchased at Burlington Coat Factory
Pants - American Eagle Outfittters
Shoes - DSW

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