Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer's last hurrah?

Today was one of those days my camera did not want to cooperate at home and every picture I took there was fuzzy and yuck.  So I snapped these two real quick when I got to work and actually, they aren't half bad!  Better than the last time I took pictures in my office!

So I think summer is having it's last hurrah today, the forecast high is 90.  By Wednesday, the forecast high is 50.  What a swing in temps!  I decided to pull out this dress for another go round, it's definitely made more fall like with the orange sweater, so I might be able to bring it out again before the snow flies!

The rundown:
Sweater - Decree from JcPenney
Dress - Cliche
Bracelets - Thrifted and Stella and Dot
Necklace - DIY by me

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