Friday, September 2, 2011

FBFF: Five Fall Trends

It's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday again!  Good thing too, I was having one of those mornings, so I didn't managed to get my outfit photographed today.

Today's FBFF is about Fall trends we're excited about wearing.  I've talked at length so far on this blog about how Fall is my favorite season.  I am uber excited to be back into sweaters and pants and different shades of color.  There are several trends I am really excited about - especially patterns because I am such a pattern girl!  Here are the things I am loving/my wish list.  All of these pictures are properties of the stores where I found them, websites are listed below each.

1. A chunky sweater - I love comfy warm sweaters, while the Pants Monkey prefers me in something a little more form fitting, I do like the comfort of a baggy sweater!
This one comes from Old Navy:

2. Lace up boots - I have wanted lace up boots since last year actually, I'm excited to see they are really growing in popularity this year.  I hope to find a cheaper version of the ones below here:

3. Hats - I adore hats and I love that old fashioned styles are coming back, such as fedoras.  This will be a must have for me.

This one is from Charming Charlie, specifically their "Olive" trend list

4. A statement necklace - I have one statement necklace so far, but I'm hoping to add this one here to my collection at my Stella and Dot party next weekend!

5. Patterns (plaids, polka dots, etc) - I could never own enough plaid!  I always love plaid whether it's on trend or not, but I am really excited that it is on trend this year!

This shirt is from Maurices, they have a short sleeved version right now too

I am also liking some of the "military" trends I am seeing and also the "lace" trends as well.  I definitely have ideas of what I'm looking for when I go shopping or even thrift shopping!

What trends are you looking forward to this fall?  Happy Friday and Happy Autumn!

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  1. I don't think I've seen any people in person with lace up boots so the face that you've wanted them for awhile shows you are ahead of the game.

  2. Hey I have that Old Navy sweater! haha I love it :)

  3. I'm loving the lace-up boots! They were hot a few years ago back in the UK so looking forward to getting some more! :)


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