Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Funday

Happy Friday friends!  Today's outfit is just about fun.  It's maybe not super stylish, but it's warm, cozy and most importantly fun!  I'm sure I can spice it up a bit for date night with the Pants Monkey later too.

Do you know how excited I am to have a date night tonight?  We haven't had a date night just for ourselves in weeks.  I don't even know what we're doing yet, I'm leaving it up to Mr. Monkey to pick.  So it's a surprise for Bethie!  Yay!  Then maybe we'll come home after dinner and watch a scary movie given it's sort of Halloween weekend.  No parties for us this year.  Haven't had the chance to dress up for Halloween for a couple of years now, I do miss it, but then again, it is a lot of work.  I'll live vicariously through some of you!  (Though if I have time I still might pull something together for Ally's virtual Halloween party!)

We do have some fun weekend stuff on tap besides our date night tonight, so I have no complaints!  It's been another rough week at times, so it's going to be nice to have a fun weekend with my Pants Monkey!

It was another day when the outfit pictures at home weren't working so well.  The office pics are pretty decent though!  Without my trusty tripod even!!  I also got a close up of my new boots - bought the same day as my $4.99 Target flats.  These were also on sale, but not quite as on sale as I'd have liked.  I still bought them though.  The lady at the checkout was cute, she was an older lady and was like "these are nice boots, they are going to last you a very long time."  I'm like, well the truth is, we are at Target, so I don't have high expectations for them, but then again, you never know!

Onward to the weekend!  What are your weekend plans?  And if you are dressing up for Halloween parties this weekend, what are you going to be?

Shirt - Old Navy
Sweater - Mossimo, Target (old)
Jeans - Old Navy
Skirt - Grane, JCPenney
Boots - Mossimo, Target
Necklace - DIY by me

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