Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pencil me in

I was super eager to get my fall clothes out this year, so I pretty much dug everything out of storage back in early September.  One thing was missing though.  My favorite brown corduroy pencil skirt.  I finally just assumed I must I have decided for some reason I no longer loved it and donated it somewhere or something.  Then the other night, I was cleaning up in my laundry room and noticed a plastic bin on one of the storage shelves - full of more winter clothes I must not have had room for in other spots.  Guess what was inside?

I was so happy to find it and several other items of clothing I hadn't even realized were missing!  It's either a sign I have too many clothes or I'm turning into my grandmother and stashing items away places and totally forgetting about them until much later.  Anyway, I love this skirt, I am in love with pencil skirts right now and sadly do not have that many in my closet.  I'd like to add a couple of more.  It's a classic style and I'm just so happy it's popular this year.

Been seeing a lot of boots round the blog-o-sphere these last couple of weeks and hadn't really bothered pulling my own out yet, but today felt like a good day for them.  Chilly and wet outside.  So it was time.

Finished out the outfit with a Stella and Dot necklace and a Megan Mae buttonflower because it has been awhile since I've worn one!  Sometimes it's the little touches that can really perk up an outfit!

Sweater - Old Navy
Skirt - Old Navy
Boots - Target
Necklace - S&D
Buttonflower - Megan Mae

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