Saturday, October 6, 2012

Get your party dress on

Confession - this is not what I'm wearing on my Saturday.  It's crazy cold today, but I wanted to put on a party dress for Sheila of Ephemera's virtual birthday party!  She asked us all to put on our best party dress, so I chose this one, especially because I wore it to the MN Blogger get together a few weeks ago and forgot to take outfit photos that day - so now you all can see it!

I kept in the kitty photo bomb because Sheila is a cat lover too, so I figured she'd appreciate my Pippin here!

The day of the blogger get together was much warmer for a dress like this, I added a denim jacket and was quite comfy.  Today I'd need tights and a warm sweater if I was going to venture outside.  But at any rate, I had to celebrate one of my favorite bloggers from afar - so happiest of birthdays to you dear Sheila, cheers to you!!

Now where did my sweatshirt go again?  Brr.

PS - I don't remember where I got this dress anymore - I've had it a very long time, but I still love it tons!


  1. You look amazing in your party dress. :) Love it!

  2. A virtual birthday party? Sounds like the perfect blogger dress-up inspiration. That dress fits you so well, Beth! I love the halter neckline and that delicate necklace is a beautiful contrast.


  3. I know Pants Monkey is over the moon when you put on this hot number, Beth. You GO, girl! Love it. It is 84 degrees here today, and I only have one party dress, which has been on the blog twice already. But I had a major thrift score, inspired by Sheila, and so have a dress to hopefully get a decent pic of, that I can also wear to work. Although nothing will top Ally's fringed top.

    1. No kidding - Ally's fringed top is amazing! Though I told her I'd be tempted to play with the fringe all night if I wore it, lol.

      And yes, Mr. Monkey was sad to see me take this off after the photo shoot, lol!

  4. Lady, you are looking amazing in this sexy little number :) Love the style and print of this dress. I'm sure your hubby was having trouble concentrating when he took these photos!

  5. Spectacular dress, Beth! And you're right, I love the kitty-bomb! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!

  6. Smoking! You look incredible. Perfect for Sheila's party. Glad you never gave up that dress because it's a great ageless and timeless piece.

  7. What a great dress! You look wonderful!

  8. That dress looks amazing on you!! Very va-va-voom!!

  9. Oooh, slinky! You look lovely!

  10. You are one sassy lady in that dress! It looks fantastic on you! What a fun way to bring people together to put on all their favorite party dresses. I love it!

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  12. What up hottie! You look fierce in this dress... lol at your where's my sweats! Girl after my own heart :)


  13. LOVE the pattern on your dress! So cute!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  14. What a gorgeous dress!!! You look amazing!!
    And cute kitty cat!!!

  15. I love that pattern on the dress! It is so flattering!

    -Mary @

  16. You look pretty in this dress. Dark colours matches your skin colour well.


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