Friday, October 12, 2012

Pink Friday

I am lucky to work in a department that lets me have casual Friday every week, but other departments in our clinic facilities don't necessarily get that option.  Today however, if people wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, they can also wear jeans.  So even though I can wear jeans anyway, I decided to wear pink like everyone else, also because breast cancer is a cause dear to my heart as I know too many women affected by the disease.

Speaking of breast cancer - does anyone watch Parenthood?  They're tackling this topic this year and it's been an emotional roller coaster already and they're only a few episodes into the season.  Might have to buy some stock in Kleenex, no joke.  After this week's episode, the Pants Monkey said to me, "how about neither one of us ever get cancer?"  I hope so babe, I really hope so.  Ladies - no matter your age, make sure you check your "girls" regularly.  It's not a joke that it could save your life.

On a lighter note, I'm off early today and I'm so happy about it.  We have our annual Oktoberfest tomorrow and I just have so much to do to get ready.  And my boss goes out on a six week medical leave next week so I cannot take any time off through November, so I figured I'd better squeeze a little time in while I can!  Hope you all have wonderful weekends - wish you could all be at my Oktoberfest.  Someone needs to invent teleporting, for real!

Pink shirt - JcPenney
Sweater - Old Navy
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Rampage, thrifted
Necklace - Maurices

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