Monday, March 25, 2013

Inspiration Monday - Good times

Hello everyone!  Happy Monday!  Thank you all for the sweet comments on my last post!  As I had said, I don't always recognize our dating anniversary anymore, but 15 years was too big of a milestone to pass up!  We had a great day and I'll get to more of that in a minute, but first up, we have Inspiration Monday!  Today the birds picked Nikki Reed and my age is showing again in that I don't quite know who she is.  Oh well, she's got a pretty chic outfit on at any rate!

Once again, I decided to make the outfit work for work - so here we go.  I chose dressy black pants and two of the shirts my cousin gave me.  Wonder if she ever wore these together?  I also got a haircut over the weekend.  It had only been about three weeks since my last one, but I just felt like it was a shaggy, hot mess honestly.  This time I told the person I wanted a spiky pixie and I think she got the idea!  I'm happy anyway.

And speaking of happy, let's get back to my anniversary day with the Pants Monkey.  We went to a vineyard about an hour north and east of us in Wisconsin and enjoyed a lazy afternoon of tasting wine.  It was really quite good.  We brought several bottles home with us!  In the evening we headed down to a newer restaurant in Minneapolis - it's been there a year already actually, but we hadn't had a chance to until now, called the Butcher and the Boar.  It's definitely a "meat" kind of place, but I was surprised at the large number of seafood dishes they had as well.  We're carnivores though, so of course we had ourselves some meat.  It was delish.  I would love to go back there sometime, we were definitely treating ourselves so it was spendy, but I bet we could go back and maybe not spend quite as much!  After dinner we were pretty much in a food coma and headed home to watch our all time shared favorite movie, Punch Drunk Love.  It was a nice day!

White shirt - White House, Black Market (from cousin)
Sweater - Jones New York (from cousin)
Pants - Style and Co, Macy's
Necklace and bracelets - S&D
Sunglasses - Xhilaration, Target 

The rest of my weekend involved breaking my shopping ban a little early (more to come on this, I'm so excited about my goodies, even if a Facebook friend did comment "um what happened to abstaining?) seeing my blogging besties Lori, Cambria and Amanda, doing a beer tasting and enjoying pizza with some other good friends, and eating my favorite Mexican meal at home to close out the weekend.  All in all, it was a good one!  And it's another short week for this girl, so no complaints there either!

Don't forget to head over to two birds to see the other Inspiration Monday outfits!  And have a fantastic day!


  1. I knew there was something missing from my life but I couldn't put my finger on it. It was your blog! I switched from Google Reader to Bloglovin a week or so ago and haven't added all my favorites yet; don't know how I forgot to include yours. I see now, to my embarrassment, that I missed some great posts of yours. Sorry 'bout that. I'm back for good!

  2. Love the outfit and your haircut is super cute! I love the spiky pixie look! Glad you had a wonderful time celebrating your 15th anniversary! Yay for short weeks!

  3. Love the spiky pixie! It really suits you :) It sounds like you and the Pants Monkey had a wonderful weekend. You two are so sweet! I really like the cardigan. Don't you love hand me downs? Heather

  4. I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend dear! Thanks for coming over and hanging out with us on Saturday! We had a blast! :) <3

  5. Sounds like a really excellent weekend! The cut is adorable on you.
    I also like how you made the inspiration work for an office!!

  6. i love your sweater! and your hair looks great. what a fun weekend!!

  7. Love the haircut! So cute and sassy. :)
    Hope you have a great week.

  8. I love your take on the outfit! So cute :) And it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  9. Your new haircut looks so cute on you! Sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating...we celebrate our dating anniversary too :)

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  10. OMG, I LOVE Punch Drunk Love - that's one of our favourite movies as well. You and I are having too many coincidences lately, Beth - I'm also getting my hair cut this afternoon!

    Love your outfit - that inspires me to wear my shiny metallic moto jacket today.

  11. Nice duplication / inspiration outfit Bethie! and ...your spikey hair is fun and cute. Would you believe I worn my hair that way in about 2003? Pics at my Mom's funeral has my hair short (she passed in Dec 03). But HM wanted me to grow it out not so much for the length but more to stop buying "product". hahahaha. I am glad you have had experience with a Photo Booth before. Yay!

  12. Lovely new haircut! I love your crisp white top! Alas, that would languish in the washing basket in my house, begging to be ironed! Happy Anniversary!x

  13. That sounds like such a fun time, and loved that you shared your dating story. :) The haircut looks great too!

    Jess - J's Style

  14. Very chic! Your hair looks great, and I love the white blouse. My bangs are already getting a little long for spikes, I might do my own trimming this time instead of paying to have it done. HRM! Perils of keeping short hair.

  15. That sounds like the best date night ever! I am a HUGE fan of PDL as well! :) I might have to re-watch it this week! :) Glad you had such a fun weekend!! Again, thanks you so much for poppin in! Made my day!


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