Monday, March 18, 2013

Inspiration Monday - The ides of March

Hola peeps!  It's Monday again.  And it's snowing again here in good old Minne-snow-ta.  I'm so thankful for my short commute on days like today!

Perking up a snowy Monday just a little bit is Inspiration Monday - today's pick is Kate Hudson in a flowy shirt and wide leg jeans.

I decided to try to make the look work for work, so I chose denim colored dress pants instead of jeans.  Definitely not sunny today though, so no sunglasses for me!

There's a second picture of Kate showing her wearing the jacket she's carrying in the one above, so I added a jacket to my outfit too.  I like the look and it's definitely keeping me warmer than I would be without it!

Shirts - Decree, JCPenney
Jacket - Bill Blass, thrifted
Pants - Express, thrifted
Necklace - S&D

Did you all have a good St. Patrick's Day weekend?  We definitely Irished it up yesterday - perhaps a little too much.  We were already pretty wiped by 5:00 yesterday evening and ended up going to bed by 9 - guess that's what happens when you start your day at 10:00 am with Irish coffee!  Or maybe we're just getting old.  Either way, it was a good day while it lasted!

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  1. i saw your irish coffee pic and was so mad that i had already had three cups of regular coffee! i'm glad you had a good day. in our house, that is chris' day out, so the kids and i did our own thing, which involved green shakes, so i was happy!

  2. Ha ha! My adult festivities usually start early because I can't hang. I got to be in bed by 10:00, ha ha. That's a greaty jacket! Heather

  3. mmm Irish coffee! We went out Saturday for St. Patty's day and by Sunday evening we were wiped out - I went to bed at 9 :D

  4. Great outfit inspiration, and you did a great job making it your own! You look very pretty!

  5. It's snowing... again :( So sad to think a year ago on St. Patty's Day it was 70!!!!!! I also drank coffee with Baileys yesterday ... and drank green beer! Only got pictures from Saturday though. Definitely a weekend-long celebration for me!

  6. Snow! It's so windy and cold here, but at least the sun is out!

    This is a short week for me (Friday off!) so it can't go too quickly!

  7. Ugh, what is with the snow?! I like how you made this a work appropriate outfit! And LURV the jacket! You look great!

  8. Ugh, it's supposed to snow here too tonight. I am OVER IT! I was in bed by 10 pm last night and I didn't do any St. Patty's day partying, ha.

    The Tiny Heart
    Avon Giveaway!

  9. I love your jkt/blazer with this..very cute and right on for work.
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Oh I love this! You look so ready for spring :) Yeah it is snowing here again too, very lame. 75 degrees today last year!

  11. I love that outfit and pairing with the blazer is really cute! I'm SO ready for the snow to be over with and gone! I want spring to be here.

  12. Hahahahaha, Bethie. Hope you are okay today, for work and all. I don't drink but when I had an office job, the day after St. Patrick's was always a touchy day for those dealing with the hang overs. I hope your day was indeed happy. Yes, the Oreo cupcake wasn't half bad. And ...I don't like Oreos.

  13. I really hope the weather warms up soon...nearly Easter now! Delighted you enjoyed your day partying:)

  14. I tried posting this earlier, but I guess it didn't load! Very cute outfit today! I really like the jacket with it.

  15. I loved all of your facebook pics from yesterday! And seriously what's with the flippin snow again... well seeing as though I was stranded at home with my car held hostage in the garage, it was a perfect day to work from home :)

    Pearls & Paws

  16. Love the colors in this outfit! For St.Patty's day I had corned beef and cabbage at my mom's, visited my muffin-head cats and then spent the rest of the evening in a food coma.

  17. Love the jacket with the outfit, and I bet it was needed to stay warm! We had freezing rain/just a lot of rain here in Ohio today. :( There is nothing wrong with a 9pm bedtime - we were in bed by about 9:30pm! :)

    Jess - J's Style


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