Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring and Five Things

Today is the first day of spring - and even though it's far from springlike outside, I'm not going to complain about it today.  I decided to instead embrace these last cold days and get as much use as I can out of my boots and scarves and sweater-dresses while I still can.  Take that winter!

Sweater-dress - H&M, via two birds garage sale
Sweater - Mossimo, Target
Boots and leggings - Target
Scarf - World Market

Instead of complaining, I'm going to channel my energy instead into sharing five things about me.  I was tagged by Heather and Kayla from H&K Style Journey to share five things - simple game to play!  Although I have had to try hard to think of five things about myself that I haven't shared before!  I think I came up with some though.

1. I love salads.  I didn't used to like salad at all because I was never a big fan of lettuce.  Now I love salad - but I still do not like lettuce on my burgers, tacos or sandwiches.  I don't want those things to crunch!  But give me a salad, especially in the summer time, and I'm a happy girl.

2. I have a bad habit of losing my sunglasses.  I had Lasik in early 2011 and one of the most fun things afterward was buying cute sunglasses and I had a bunch of fun pairs - and now I'm down to like two pairs.  I have to believe some of them are still in my house someplace, but I don't know where.  Going to have to do some spring cleaning I think!

3. At the ripe ole age of 31 I have never been stung by a bee, broken a bone or required stitches.  The only surgery I've had is my wisdom teeth removal.  I'm not bragging - quite frankly the more time that goes by without any of these things happening to me the more I fear them!

4. Now that I've been watching the Harry Potter movies I am finally reading the books for the first time.  I'm on the first one and it's going so much better than the first time I tried to read it ten years ago.

5. My standard breakfast is cereal and milk and a cup of coffee.  It's probably not the healthiest thing ever, but it's been my go to for years.  At least now I try to go for the non-sugar cereals like Cheerios, although I still have a weakness for Cocoa Krispies about once a year!

There you have it!  Hopefully you learned a bit more about me!  Because I'm tired/lazy this morning I'm not tagging anyone specifically, but if you'd like to play along, feel free!  Or share something new with me in the comments.  Have a great day!


  1. Cute outfit! Great to see you last night!

    And I think your breakfast is just fine...could be a LOT worse :)

    I've never broken a bone either and agree it scares me too!

  2. I almost posted your #3 for one of my five things. Never broke a bone, but now I am terrified of it! Thanks for playing along.

    The pop of pink is perfect with the neutrals. I decided to tell winter to take a hike and I am wearing a dress today too. Heather

  3. I have Cheerios for breakfast often :) They're good! And I usually have about 3 cups of coffee.

    I love that color sweater on you!

  4. You look super adorable and warm today! And the bee sting, stitches and broken bones are survivable ;) don't worry!

  5. Such a cute outfit and I am so ready for spring! But love this five things... I lose my sunglasses a lot too (this is why I don't spend more than $5 on them!)

  6. i don't love the hp books, but the kids and i read them together. i don't hate them either...i don't think i have seen the movies!

  7. You look so snuggly and nice! Love the boots!

    I eat a lot of cereal too. Now I pile it with blueberries and bananas to make it more filling and healthy. Nomz. I loved the Harry Potter books so much and now I want to read them again :)

  8. Mmm I could totally go for Cheerios right now.

    P.S. I have that same cardigan!

  9. #3 is the same for me too! Bees really scare me so I hope I never get stung! And I have cereal for breakfast daily too :)

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  10. My breakfast is usually coffee and a pastry. High five on the not so healthy meal!

    Love your pinks and grays together. We're getting weird weather, so it's difficult to get dressed - and account for the freaky office temps, too :(

  11. I love that outfit! I've never broken a bone or been stung by a bee, but I've had surgery that required stitches. I hope I don't have to deal with either one of those things either!

  12. Love the pink and grey!
    I was thinking I had made it to 33 without having surgery (appendectomy two days before Christmas), but then I remembered that I had my tonsils out when I was 5. Oh well. :) At least I've gotten those things over with, right. :)

  13. Love this outfit! I may have to remember it for later this week!

  14. Love this outfit! I may have to remember it for later this week!

  15. You're definitely hitting your stride this week for style, I think.

    I've broken a bone, had surgery, needed glasses, blech, been stung by bees. It all sucks. I need my wisdom teeth out now, but thank God I've only got two of them.

    Milk makes me sick, so I really miss cereal.

  16. hi Bethie! I have never been stung by a bee, but I broken my thumb on my right hand! Caught a line drive baseball on second base with a crappy mitt and it shot my thumb back. Ooooch!!!

    I think pink is great with many things too. I love your springy outfit that is a bit still wintery but fun! Great going.

  17. I love your five things! and I love the fact that you've decided on being positive about this cold cold non spring. I'm gonna try to :)

  18. I've always been kind of curious about Lasiks. I don't mind my glasses, but it would be so nice to not need to put in contacts to play volleyball or go running when it's 90 degrees outside. :)

    Jess - J's Style


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