Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fresh and re-freshed

I got a haircut!!  Oh man do I feel ten million billion times better.  I brought a picture of what I wanted this time and I think that really helped the stylist a lot.  Then again, I think I also had a stylist who really knew what she was doing this time too.  At any rate, I feel so fresh and renewed.  I just hope it stops growing so darn fast, but again, with the darn prenatal vitamins, there are no guarantees.

 Also helping me feel fresh is this outfit.  My mom was sweet enough to pick up this shirt for me at our favorite consignment shop.  I realized yesterday I had been wearing a string of peach and orange for the last several days - no surprise as it's been my favorite color as of late - but I decided I needed to change it up a bit.  So you get blues today!  And yes, in the next picture is a new bag - I hosted a 31 Gifts party to help out a friend of mine and was able to get a few fun free things.  I mostly chose storage items (gee, wonder why?) but also was able to pick myself out a new wallet and I decided to give this Inside Out bag a try.  I have the Lotsa Dots pattern facing out, but the reverse side is really fun too, bright colored floral pattern.  You can knot it and wear it as a shoulder bag or un-knot it and wear crossbody.  Kind of fun.  And it's washable - which will be useful when the little one arrives I'm sure!

Shirt - Duo Maternity, consignment
Skirt - American Eagle (very old)
Sandals - Old Navy
Necklace - Stella and Dot
Bracelet and earrings - swap with CC
Bag - 31 Gifts

It's much less humid outside today too.  It started improving last night.  We have so many things to do at home and chores and yard work and the list goes on - but Mr. Monkey has been stressed at work and so we just took last night to grill some burgers and sat outside on our deck for quite some time.  He had some beer, I had some lemonade and then we shared a little Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream (Late Night Snack flavor - crazy good, it has caramel and chocolate covered potato chips in it, no joke!) while playing some cards.  It was so nice and I think what we both needed to feel more refreshed.  Sometimes you just need to do those things!


  1. Lurv the blues, and that bag is adorable!!!

  2. I love those nights where you just need to relax!
    Also, I've found that once I get a hairstylist that "speaks my language," I hold on to her, and tip her well. It took me two years to find my current one, so if you've got one you like now... don't let her go!

  3. THOSE shoes are absolutely adorable! You look fabulous! :)

  4. I love those nights when you know you have tons of stuff to do, but you just decide to take it easy and recharge your batteries. I saw your hair on IG last night. It looks great. I recently switched from my stylist I had been going for the last 7 years. Just needed someone new and refreshing.

    Loving all the blues today, especially your shoes! Heather

  5. That polka dot bag is really cute! I have a 31 tote that I use as a beach bag. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  6. at first i thought you wrote "little ones" and i freaked out a little!! that ice cream sounds amazing...i might need to get some!

  7. Oh that is Jimmy Fallon's Ben and Jerry's flavor. It is so awesome. You have on your button sandals. Yay, It is summer now where you are!

  8. Love the blue on you and great hair!

  9. You do look lovely and fresh. Must be the haircut, the relaxing evening and the crisp blues of your outfit,

  10. I'm glad you feel better after your hair cut! And yay for blues :)

  11. Love the change up with the blues. They're always refreshing colors imo. Also omg that ice cream sounds like pre-made pregnancy craving food. (or just delicious for us foodies)

  12. Aw, I love the feeling fresh after a haircut! And I love those wedges - so fun :)

  13. That ice cream sounds awesome! I love all of the blue! I totally feel you on the hair too. Short cuts are very easy to style, but the minute they get shaggy, you need a trim or you will have a mullet.


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