Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hello everyone!  It's another beautiful sunny day!  It makes me happy to see the sun!  The other thing making me happy?  This super fun sort of mod like shirt I bought at the thrift store last week.  It reminds me a little of something out of the 1960's.  If it was just a little bit longer, it more or less would be a mini dress.  But since it's not and this mama doesn't want to look too odd, I added capris too.  

Tonight Mr. Monkey and I are going on a rare weeknight date night.  Our days and weekends have been just full of stuff lately.  Told you this baby wasn't slowing us down.  But it has left us with no time for each other and we need to savor those kinds of moments as much as possible over the next months, so we decided, let's treat ourselves tonight and get some dinner somewhere.  As long as this weather holds, you bet we will be eating outside somewhere!

Shirt - MixIt, thrifted
Capris - Simply Vera, Kohls
Sandals - Clothes Mentor
Necklace - Maurices
Bag - Coach Outlet

I might not be able to indulge in beer any longer when we go out but I'm rediscovering a love of many non-alcoholic drinks that I forgot how much I enjoyed - lemonade for example.  Especially places that make their own and make them with fun flavors.  Also, root beer - if it is good quality like 1919 or something, man, that tastes good on a nice warm day!  And you can never go wrong with an ice cream shake, but I try to limit those just a wee bit!  Trying to keep weight gain to baby only if I can help it!  Any of you have a favorite non-alcoholic drink that isn't sodapop?


  1. Great top! That is a good length to wear with leggings! I hate when people don't understand that you should cover your butt when you wear leggings!! Unless its for yoga!!

  2. Love the top and that purse - I love it!! Hope you and Pants Monkey enjoy your mid week date night! :)

  3. Very cute top! I like the neckline.

    I am a fan of root beer (the really good stuff). If you can find the Limoncella Italian lemonade, that is amazing.

  4. Oh my my, that shirt is a dream on you! The proportions of it are just perfect. I agree about the drinks too-root beer and lemonade are our favorites! Especially on warm summer days :)

  5. The tunic length looks great on you! I usually just drink water, I'm boring haha. Have fun on your date tonight!

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  6. Yes, the beverage thing was an adjustment. I don't normally order a drink when we go out, but I loved having the option to! I was really into sprite for a while, but I didn't like the baby having so much sugar, so strawberry lemonade is my current go-to. Lemonade is good, too. My current favorite restaurant has a tamarind-strawberry-lemonade!

  7. CUTE! I love this top! Aww, how sweet! Kyle and I need to follow in your footsteps! Strawberry lemonade is a favorite of mine! Don't forget virgin frozen drinks! :D

  8. Oh your date night sounds fun. I LOVE THAT TOP and it is way cute on you! Come back tomorrow for more info on "Emmy". (stay tuned) :D

  9. You are so cute in that top!
    In addition to not being able to eat grease and sugar since we did that whole "lets get healthy thing" my body is very unhappy with alcohol. Lately I've been drinking my friend's ginger lemonade, a lot of water and iced shaken teas. One trick I've also learned when I want a treat for a drink is that adding a splash of grenadine makes anything look like an amazing cocktail, even if there's not a drop of alcohol in it!

  10. Lemonade is one of my favorites! I love iced teas too.

    Jess - J's Style

  11. Love the top! I need to find me some leggings. I've found myself wishing for another pair.

    Considering I don't drink a lot at all, I try all sorts of non-alcoholic fruity drinks. I'm also just as happy with a Coke. Then again, I know some people quit the caffeine when pregnant.

  12. Hope you enjoyed your evening nice to get out for a relaxing meal:)Iced tea sounds like a good option for summer.


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