Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Card shark

The weather has been pretty yuck this week as I've previously mentioned.  And many nights the Pants Monkey and I just zone out to TV shows after dinner (or sometimes even while we're eating dinner - eek).  Lately though, we've been trying to break that habit and do more things together since things will be changing in a big way in a matter of months.  So last night we decided to play cards for a half hour instead of watching TV.

The only problem is our card repertoire is somewhat small.  There aren't that many two player games to begin with and the few we do know we get bored with after awhile.  I love cribbage, but sometimes I need a break or I'm making 15's in my sleep.  Last night, the Pants Monkey found the rules for 10 Card Rummy.  So we played that.  And it was a lot of fun!  We've played 5 card and 7 card Rummy before, but the rules are a little different for 10 card and also you are able to keep score too, so that also makes it more interesting.  Of course, I ended up pretty much winning which always makes it more fun too, not going to lie about that!

Dress - Motherhood Maternity via Clothes Mentor
Jacket - White House Black Market, thrifted
Bag - Lulu's
Necklace - S&D
Shoes - Rampage via DSW

We eventually had to stop because it was getting late, but we really enjoyed ourselves!  We're going to try and make this a habit.  And if summer ever gets here, we'll move our card games out to our deck at night as long as the bugs don't bite!

Do you like to play cards?  Anyone have any other good two player games they'd recommend?


  1. We play a lot of Uno with the little one and we also like to play Phase 10 which is good for just two people. My husband and I play Gin Rummy a lot too. It gets pretty competitive between us so we usually play for push ups or chores or something, ha ha!

    I love the dress and jean jacket combo! Heather

  2. Steve and I LOVE to play cards! We play Skip-bo, Uno, Phase 10 and of course cribbage. Cute & comfy outfit!

  3. There's a card game I really like called Mille Bornes, but you have to go get special cards to play it. It's basically a race to accumulate 1000 miles and you're trying to slow other people down by giving them flat tire cards and out-of-gas cards. Have fun!

  4. Love this dress and your jean jacket! Hope you are having a great week dear!

  5. I love playing games with my husband - we sometimes play Cribbage. Two player games I like: Lost Cities, Fluxx, Carcassone (the Discovery version). You have to actually go into a gaming store to find these, but they are super fun.

  6. I haven't played cards in SO long! Another 2 person card game is it for directions. :)

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  7. I don't know ANY card games apart from Solitaire. There are some that I've played before when I was a kid, but I don't really KNOW the rules, or the names. AWFUL! I know ;)
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  8. Cute look! Love jean-jackets! I have only ever played solitaire. Someone once tried to show me how to play a few games, but I failed.

  9. we love to play pick-up sticks and rack-o. old games are the best!

  10. Oh so sorry about the weather there. dang. we have gorgeous weather now. OMyGosh! It is so nice that it seems unreal. Sorry, not bragging, just grateful. We are chess players. Cards are ok, too.

  11. Killer Bunnies!!! LOL! Cute outfit dear :) Here's to hoping the sun comes out soon!

  12. My sister and brother-in-law picked up the two player card game habit when backpacking across Europe 7 years ago. It's still their favourite way to spend the average night. We keep trying but I'm too competitive!

  13. This isn't a card game, but I love the dice game farkle and that can be a 2 player game. I have the app on my phone and if I start playing it, I get hooked! :)

    Jess - J's Style

  14. We saw a little bit of that rain today - the heat steamed it right off this evening though.

    I've never tried card games with the DH. We both love solitaire and other card based digital games. We are also very competitive when it comes to beating each other's time on sudoku and crosswords, but I never grew up in a "card" playing house much so I'm not familiar with how to play most games.

  15. I like the Gray Dress. Gray is such a Great & Understated Color - it doesn't get enough credit. Looks good with the Denim Jacket.

    The weather continues to be one minute rainy & chilly here and the next minute muggy & warm.

  16. I like Top Trumps! Someone bought me a fashion one for Christmas, it has already been out a lot. Bethie, it made me smile to think of you as a card shark! You are far too nice for that :-)


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