Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I'm linking up with Jenna of Dearest Love and Anne from In Residence for a monthly check in of what I'm currently doing!
--Currently I am--

Reading: Jim Henson - A Biography.  I received this book as  birthday gift in November, literally the week before Oliver was born.  It took over a month after he was born before I had the time to even start it and it's been a fantastic and interesting read on one of my favorite creators of all time - but it's SO in depth it has taken me these last 8 months to get through it!  I pick it up for a bit then put it down and go back to some fluff instead.  I'm so close to the end now though that I'm really trying to get it done, so I've been full speed ahead lately!

Enjoying: My morning iced coffee.  I just can't get enough of it!  It's been the best thing I started doing for myself this summer!

Listening to: This amazing song by The Mrs.  Perhaps you've seen their inspirational video making it's way through the blogosphere.  I love it, I love the message and I can't wait to see what else this band does.  This may even warrant it's own post at some point here.

Photographing: This guy.  Always.  I love taking selfies with him, he's slowly starting to understand the concept!

Feeling: Peaceful - the situation I blogged about last month regarding my work has been resolved for the time being.  Also a little melancholy when I think about how much my baby is growing and becoming more and more of a little boy each day - it's exciting but bittersweet sometimes!

So that's where we are!  Feel free to share what you're currently doing in the comments and make sure to visit Anne and Jenna's blogs to see what others are currently up to!
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  1. I am so glad you're feeling peaceful and better about work! Everything takes a little getting used to after you have a baby!

  2. Ha, I love that our "photographing" is the same thing... And Ollie's hair is too darn cute. Thanks for linking up!

  3. I'm so with you on the growing thing--too fast!! Those mom & Ollie selfies are too stinkin' cute!! Mmm, iced coffee. I need to start making that at home too.

  4. Iced coffee is soooo amazing! I love to drink that in the summer instead of hot coffee. Have you ever made your own? Ree Drummond has a great recipe that I use!
    Thanks for linking up!

  5. It's been a long time since I was able to enjoy a nice iced coffee. I think I'll have to make one tomorrow!

  6. Love the selfies! Or Usies? I'm lost on the lingo... :)

  7. Selfies, Iced Coffee, Gorgeous Babe, and Inspirational Music - sounds like a great combo! Yay!

  8. peaceful is such a lovely feeling, enjoy it while you can!


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