Friday, August 29, 2014

TIGF - Summer's End

Hosted by Ashley, Nay and Laura

Happy Friday!!  I'm back with my weekly round up of things I'm grateful for this week!  It was a short week and next week will be as well, so that definitely tops my list!  Other things I am grateful for include:

Generous friends -  During one of the Instagram challenges I took part in this summer I met and made friends with a sweet gal from Canada who happens to have a daughter born right around the same time as Ollie.  We've had fun chatting on Instagram together and a couple of weeks ago she very sweetly offered to send me some clothes that she was looking to get rid of.  I wasn't about to turn that generous offer down!  I now have three new to me shirts and a pair of pants.  


Sky after a rainy day - we were walking with Oliver after it had rained a bit on Sunday and came around the corner to this.  God's canvas of art if I ever saw it.  I kept looking for a rainbow too, but this sun beaming from the clouds was just as beautiful to me!

Babies playing together - we had another birthday party for one of Ollie's little friends last weekend and it's just so fun to see him start to interact with other kids, he's starting to understand "oh hey, this person is my size and they're just like me!"

Long weekends with my boys - we're planning to go on a couple of little adventures this weekend just the three of us and I'm really looking forward to it!

Free food - We ordered a pizza last night and it took much longer than the estimated time for it to arrive and they also ended up messing up our order a little bit.  While we were not happy about that, the pizza place agreed to refund our money, so it ended up being free.  And you know something?  Free food tastes pretty good! 

The arrival of Fall -  I know I've been talking about how much I have loved this summer and haven't wanted it to end, but I love Fall.  I can't wait to share some of my favorite Fall activities with Oliver.  It's really my favorite time of the year!  In the meantime though I plan to make the most of this last weekend of summer!   I hope all of you here in the US have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!
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  1. Whoa? Last weekend of summer? You know summer is until Sept 21-22nd, right?? We have this calender version of summer ending because of school going back, but we still have a good 3 weeks! I love fall too, but let's not rush it! Cold weather will be here before we know it.

    Yeah, Facilities, front desk, HR, Finance...and they think that a temp "to answer the phones" will do my full job when I'm away...and then they wonder why I work such long hours. Gah!

  2. oh what a sweet post! I love all of the Oliver pics that you post, they are too cute! I can't wait to see you style up the clothes as well!

  3. Ooh free goodies are always fun--especially clothes and pizza! Ollie is too cute--Jona had a bouncer like that too and LOVED it. Isn't it adorable to see them interact with other babies? It's pretty funny.

  4. Socializing is an important part of child development. I remember my hair being tugged when I was a toddler and how unfair that felt. Free food is good!

  5. I hope you have a lovely Labor Day weekend as well! 💜

  6. Yay for free clothes and a free pizza! Hope you're having a wonderful long weekend :)



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