Monday, August 18, 2014

Inspiration Monday - Simple

Well happy Monday one and all!  Today I'm doing a total "if you blink" interpretation of two birds Inspiration Monday model Kate Bosworth here.  I wasn't remembering the floral pattern on her dress so I went for a neutral one - oops!  I do like this pretty dress she's rocking here though.  It's a nice simple look and so is the dress I chose today, so I guess maybe I went for that overall approach?

And then it was raining so I had to take my pictures indoors - which I'm not super good at yet with Nate's camera.  I played with the settings and did the best I could do.  We'll be filing this post under "I am not a photographer" once again!  Anyway, I haven't worn this dress here since I was in my early pregnancy with Oliver, it's fun to pull it out again, it's so flirty and fun.

Dress - VS (gift from Nate), Necklace - DIY by me
Shoes - DSW 

Lots going on this week on both the blog and in my world - I have a short work week because some of Nate's St. Louis relatives are coming up to visit and we'll be doing some fun stuff with them.  I have some fun posts planned on the blog this week too - a post on homebrew beer, a post about my volunteer experience with some other MN bloggers and my usual Thrift Style Thursday and TIGF posts will be here this week too. Tons of fun ahead, stay tuned!  And be sure to visit two birds for other Inspiration Monday outfits that probably match better than mine!
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  1. I love that dress! A very cute outfit nonetheless my dear!

  2. What a pretty dress! And what a busy week for all sounds fun, though!

  3. That dress is very pretty! Sounds like you are going to have a fun week!

  4. Homebrew beer? How cool, cant wait to read about it! Also, I love how a simple dress can be so perfect!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  5. Ah the pretty dress...
    Looking lovely and well done on the short week!!! X

  6. Lovely dress! Post a truly long day, home-brewed beer certainly sounds good right now. :) T.

  7. Sounds like it should be a fun week!! Hope you enjoy that time together!

  8. I love that dress--the ruffle details are so pretty! And I'm looking forward to the posts--especially the one about home brewed beer. I'll have to grab a glass (or to be more realistic, a can--that's what I've got right now) and read!


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