Friday, August 22, 2014


It was a kind of an odd week.  I had a tough time at work.  I have some things weighing kind of heavy on my heart and my mind right now.  But I'm happily enjoying a little staycation with our extended visiting relatives and I'm off to my happy place today - the Minnesota State Fair - so excited for Ollie's first time!  I'm keeping up with finding the positives in my world even when I'm dealing with a few less than ideal things and once again, TIGF Friday is perfect for that!  Here are the things I'm grateful for this week.

Date nights that include new to me beers.  We checked out a tap room we hadn't been to yet last week on our date night and it was awesome.  We just haven't gotten out to a lot of these places since Ollie has been born, so it was fun to do a little beer sampling!

Silliness on a Sunday with my favorite boys.  We made a space in our living room that we're now calling "Ollie Land" (copying my mom who created her own Ollie Land at her house.  Maybe we should be Ollie World?) to give him more room to try to crawl and learn to move.  We had a dance party this last Sunday with our new space and Ollie had some fun trying on daddy's hat.

The magic of a rainbow in your front yard.  Caught this one after a weird downpour earlier this week followed by sunshine.  It's been an odd weather week, feels like we live in Florida, but I love when it creates beauty like this!

Cat purrs.  I don't get as much time with my furry girls these days but when one of them sits with me, I make the time for pets and love. Love my kitties, they were still and always will be my first babies!

Afternoons off that take you to the beach.  It wasn't a super nice day but we still attempted a beach day with Nate's cousins and it was so nice sitting with the sand under my toes for a bit!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and can find something in your world to be grateful for this week as well.  Make sure to stop by Ashley, Laura or Nay's blogs for other posts of gratitude too!

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  1. I can't believe that Ollie is already old enough to be crawling! It seems like you JUST had him! He is growing up to be such a sweet little guy though :) Kitty snuggles are rare in our house too, due to the new pup, but I too take advantage of them when I can.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your tough week at work, it actually was a very odd and tough week for me too! Hope you can enjoy your weekend!!!!!!

  3. What a gorgeous photo of the rainbow! Sorry to hear you had a tough week. Hope the weekend is more relaxing for you!


  4. We're really looking forward to the fair too! I'm desperately in need of some cheese curds and chocolate chip cookies ;-)

  5. <3 Just keep swimming! You are awesome at finding the positive in life - keep at it. I know you can! {{hugs}} Hoping this week is better!


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