Friday, November 2, 2012

Art on a Friday

Hello and Happy Friday!  Ready for some culture?  I decided to participate in the Style Imitating Art series for this go round.  Vivienne from Thrifted Shift picked the painting - Jeune Fille en Vert (Young girl in green dress) by Tamara de Lempicka (Polish, 1898-1980). 

I loved the color scheme in this painting, I don't have a green dress, but I knew I could easily pull something together that I think reflects the idea.

I wore this yesterday to work, it was chilly outside, but I had enough layers going that I was plenty warm.  Even a little too warm at some points if you can believe that!

Forgive the photo below here, I didn't pay attention real well to where I set up my tripod yesterday, caught the edge of the desk a little bit!

I really adore this blazer, if nothing else for the simple fact that it is colored!  It is the only colored blazer I own and seeing the trends so far this fall I'd really like to have some more!

So, there is my dip into culture for the day.  I can't wait to see what others do with this piece.  It's not too late to participate, send photos/links to Vivienne by the end of the day on Monday.  Then make sure to check out her blog for the recap!

Onward to the weekend!  We are "Falling back" here in the US, I know other countries had their fall back last week.  I'm not looking forward to less light during the day, but I will take that extra hour of sleep this weekend!!

Dress - VS, gift from the Pants Monkey
Long sleeve T - thrifted Target stock
Blazer - Calvin Klein, thrifted
Tights - Target
Boots - Target
Necklace - S&D

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