Thursday, November 1, 2012

Taking chances

Given that Thursdays are a wee bit crazy for me right now, I decided to save and share an outfit from the weekend for today's post.  I did not wear this outfit to work!  I have to thank Megan Bird - I have been wanting to try an oversized flannel with leggings as an outfit for awhile, but wasn't sure it was a good idea or not.  Then I saw her try it a week ago or so and decided, for a weekend, yes this is fine!  So thanks Megan!

I really didn't do anything very exciting with this outfit aside from running to Bed, Bath and Beyond with my mom.  And after I got home I changed into my Halloween costume for a bit to do some photos for that post, but hey, that's ok.  I'm just happy I made this work and would like to try it again sometime because it was so freaking comfy.

The only downside is I'm noticing these leggings are starting to wear out.  I have gotten a lot of use out of them over the past couple of years here and I think it's time to replace them.  There is the matter of the shopping ban, but I think leggings can go on the "ok" list - again, who would buy me those for my birthday?

Flannel - two birds vintage via b. a resale shop
Leggings - Target, very old
Boots - Target, old
Socks - Target


  1. Super cute! I've been thinking about how I could make an outfit like this my uniform for all of winter, just to make things simpler. Have a good day!


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