Monday, November 5, 2012

Inspiration Monday - A refreshing debate

Well hello friends!  Welcome to Monday!  And of course, it's Inspiration Monday too.  I was so excited to see this cozy looking get up from Lauren Conrad here.

It made the perfect cozy outfit for a chilly day at work on Friday.  Yes I wore leggings to work.  It was Friday, I have no shame.  I was pretty much holed up in my office all alone the entire day, didn't have to go into the clinics at all, so it worked.  I can pretty much guarantee this or something similar will be my outfit for work on the day after Thanksgiving too (yep, I get to work the day after Thanksgiving.  Story for another day.)  I used a tip from Heather over at H&K Style Journey for my scarf - I pinned the ends together with a safety pin and then wrapped it around my neck.  It really made it more comfortable - no annoying knot at the back.  So, thanks Heather!

Sweater - Decree, JCPenney
Leggings - Steve Madden, DSW
Boots - Payless
Scarf - Target 

So who else is excited for the election to be over tomorrow?  I swear, I don't watch much regular TV, we do a lot of Hulu and DVR, so we don't see many commercials.  But I do watch TV while I work out in the morning so I can watch the morning news.  I usually hit two commercial breaks during that work out and the entire four minutes of commercials are horrible attack ads, some for people in districts that are not even mine.  And they are UGLY.  I'm so sick of it.

One refreshing thing happened on Friday though.  I don't typically get super political on my blogs or Facebook, but there is an issue we're voting on here in MN that I am passionate about, so I finally posted something that reflected my support and feelings on said issue on Facebook.  After posting, I had a friend who lives out of state comment that he disagreed with my stance, but he did so respectfully and also said he hoped we could still be friends and I didn't think less of him.  I then responded with the same care and respect that he had used and said that I did not think less of him if he didn't think less of me and we could agree to disagree.  Because we have a love of Muppets in common he then responded saying that it's just like Grover said once on Sesame Street, "we may not always like the same things, but I still like you".  And he told me he understood my stance and that he thought I was a good person.  Right after that, another friend of mine commented and said "Wow, did I just see two people with differing opinions do so in a respectful, understanding matter?  Holy hell, there is hope for the world, this was refreshing to see!"  And it he was right, it did feel refreshing and in a way, somewhat hopeful too.  I wish more people could debate with less malice.

But as I said, thankfully the election is over tomorrow.  I cannot wait to go vote, I plan to do so first thing tomorrow morning.  And I hope that there will be peace after the fact no matter the outcomes.

As always, for more Inspiration Monday outfits, head on over to two birds.


  1. I can't WAIT for today to be over. SO sick of all of the stuff on TV and facebook. I plan to vote NO too! Fingers crossed that it doesn't pass!
    PS. I'm liking the new layout!

  2. Love your facebook/respectful debate story. i try to do that when it comes to talking about things people might disagree on.

    Love your look (and the blog's too!)


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