Thursday, November 29, 2012

Photo difficulties

Well this hasn't happened in awhile, I had challenges getting good pictures of my outfit today.  These were the best I could manage before my boss came in for the day.  I think it's such a dark outfit it's just not photographing well.  I never claimed to be any sort of professional!  

 Pants and blouse - Banana Republic, hand me down and thrifted
Sweater - Charter Club
Shoes - Etienne Aigner, thrifted
Necklace - Butterfly Boutique

I was originally just going to wear the sweater and pants, but then decided at the last minute to add the blouse to have a little something extra.  I don't always do well with a button up shirt under a sweater, but this one is working ok for me, I think because it's short sleeved.  Less bulk under the sweater.

Also, I didn't do it today, but I have had some requests for more detailed shots of some of my jewelry, so I'll try to do that a little more often in the future.

And, that is about all I have today.  We had another night of birthday celebrations last night with my in-laws and I'm quite wiped out today!  It's both a blessing and a little bit of a curse to have so many birthdays so close together!


  1. I really like the blouse under the sweater, it adds a little pop to it.

  2. I really like the button up under the sweater and the necklace. It's kind of preppy :)

    No matter how hard I try, I still can't get photos to turn out the way I want them too. Heather

  3. Very cute- I love those pants! Are they velvet?

    1. Nope - corduroy, but they are soft as velvet!

  4. You look super cozy & cute! I feel you on the photo difficulties! So frustrating sometimes!

  5. I'm a huge fan of wearing button downs under sweaters! It's all I've been wearing lately!

    The Tiny Heart
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  6. cute outfit! you look cozy :) I hope you had fun last night!

  7. i never wear button downs under sweaters, always feels too bulky. maybe i need to get a short sleeved button down!!

  8. Well regardless of the photos your outfit is super cute! I love the sweater :) And if you saw my photos today we were having difficulties lighting in our apartment. I really need to go home over lunch to get day time photos ;)

  9. I love the collared shirt under the sweater. It gives a nice little pop of color! Glad you had a good time last night.

  10. I COMPLETELY understand the frustration with shirts under sweaters... Too much stuff going on, ARGH! But I can't wait to see more of your jewelry!

  11. I like the collared shirt under the sweater. My office is usually on the colder side, so I layer a lot.

  12. A blouse under a sweater has pretty much been my go-to outfit for the past few weeks! I completely agree that a short sleeve shirt is easier, as sweaters can already be bulky! You look cute and professional :)
    xo Hannah

  13. This is a different look for you, but I think it works! I agree with others, the collar does add a very great detail. I usually keep a couple of sleeveless buttondowns specifically for layering. I have a very thin black one that is pretty much only for layering.

  14. That outfit looks so warm and cozy! it's kind of a weird thing to say but it just gives me that feeling :) you look wonderful and I think that detailed shots of your jewelry is a great idea!

  15. I'm going to start having to wear my cords again - I think I forgot I had them! This looks great with the sweater, and the button up underneath was a great addition to the outfit!

    Jess - J's Style

  16. Bethie! hi! where have you been all week. i have missed your posts some how. urgh when that happens. be sure to see my post tomorrow if you don't see it in the que, k? ok.

    I loved the necklace you had on yesterday - and i don't like those 'signature' necklaces that are all the rage this year. nope. and ...i know what you mean about shirts under sweaters (too tight sometimes).

    do you miss Vivienne like I do? dang. sad. :(

  17. Birthday mania - lots of cake though :) And I swear sometimes the camera is just conspiring against us!

    Pearls & Paws

  18. November is definitely a popular birthday month - it's because Valentine's Day is nine months prior :)

    I like the shirt layered underneath, the collar poking out looks cute!


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