Sunday, December 30, 2012

Adventure day

Yesterday the Pants Monkey and myself had an entire Saturday with nothing going on.  That is pretty rare, so I said we had to go out and do something fun.  So we set out on an adventure!

We decided to go on a winter visit to our local zoo and then over to an Italian restaurant we love in downtown St. Paul that recently finished a large construction project.  And we also managed to stop in at the jeweler where we got our wedding rings so I could get mine clean - it had been quite some time since I had done so.  Since I knew I'd be outside for awhile, layers were a must.

Flannel - Primp (local boutique)
Sweater - Herbergers (old)
Jeans skirt - LOFT, thrifted
Heart socks - gift from Megan Mae
Boots and leggings - Mossimo, Target

We had the best day - we took our time and went at our own pace which is always nice.  Because it was cold, the zoo wasn't terribly crowded, but the animals were surprisingly active.  We especially had fun in the monkey house.  Then our dinner was amazing.  The changes they've made to this restaurant (Cossettas for you local folks) really have improved it and while it was busy there, it was nice.  We grabbed ourselves some desserts to enjoy later - which we ended up saving for today, so I can't wait for that!  I love exploring our city when we can, it was a wonderful day!


  1. Yay for plaid shirts! Love that one. Also hooray for wearing those socks! They look so totally cute peeking out over your boots.

    I bet the zoo was a winter wonderland, maybe I should head out to ours before the warm weather really sets in again.

  2. Oh gosh I love this outfit. I really really really love that skirt and those shoes together! It's adorable. I'm glad you had a nice date night- I think me and the mister might be trying one soon. Sounds lovely.

  3. Funny, that is just the adventure I would pick - Italian food and animals. I like the teacups and saucers behind you too, do you ever get them out for afternoon tea?

  4. That sounds like a lovely couples' day! I love "date days" like that with my hubby too.

    Your outfit is awesome - the fluffy skirt looks great with the boots.

  5. My fav boots! Still jealous you scored those last year. And yummy Cossettas, it's the best ever :)

    <3 Cambria

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  6. I love days like that! I'm glad you guys were able to enjoy the day together, just the two of you. Your layers seem perfect for being ready for the outdoors, then going to dinner too!

    Jess - J's Style

  7. That sounds like such a fun day! I get so lame and boring with the winter cold. Glad you and the pants monkey had an out of the ordinary day! :)

  8. Such a cute and fun outfit. Love your skirt! Perfect for a zoo outing :)


  9. Cute boots and I love the hearts poking out! Sounds like a fun day :)

  10. Oh it sounds like the perfect day! I am adoring all of your layers, you look cute & toasty!

    I want to visit our Zoo in the winter too, it seems that the animals are always out more in the colder months :)

  11. Sounds like an EXCELLENT adventure! And I love the boot socks! Those are so adorable!

  12. That sounds like such a fun day! Mmmm...Cosettas. I haven't been there in a while. Now I am craving a giant slice of pizza!

  13. Love that skirt length on you - you look just the right amount of sassy for an adventure! :)

  14. I think those are the very best types of days... No plans, a world of possibilities. So glad that you guys got to enjoy. And I love your layered look for the occasion. It's cute, yet comfy.



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