Thursday, December 20, 2012


Since I was going to be going out for a Christmas breakfast with my work team this morning I decided my red pants would be nice and festive.  And we got a very small amount of snow overnight so I figured, can't go wrong with a cozy sweater as well!

 Sweater - vintage, b. (a resale shop)
Pants - Old Navy
Boots - Payless
Necklace - S&D with MMD buttonflower

I'm short on words today, my mind is anywhere but here, I'm so mentally checked out of work, I can't wait to start my Christmas vacation and really start celebrating the season!  I'm so excited to give out my gifts and I just want it to be here right now!  It will be over too fast I know, but I'm still very anxious!!  Of course the four cups of coffee I had at breakfast are probably not helping that fact either.


  1. I feel you about checking out. Today is my Friday, so I am looking forward to 5 days off.

    You can never go wrong with red jeans to look festive. I love the way you wore the flower pin with the necklace too.


  2. Your sweater looks so warm and cozy! I only have off on Christmas day but I still don't feel like working, haha.

    The Tiny Heart
    Dec. Group Giveaway!

  3. I'm so close to my 4 day weekend... after tomorrow, 4 days to sleep in!! Ok, maybe not on Christmas.

    Love the festive look!

  4. Bethie! Yes! Red jeans =so very feastive. Yay!

  5. Love the festive red jeans! I'm looking forward to my 4 day weekend! So not in the mood to work today either!!

  6. very festive! i love the pants. i am the same way today...overly caffeinated and ready to be on vacation!!

  7. Four cups? You sound like me! :) I do love the pants and cozy sweaters are the best! I am jealous of your snow, still green over here, boo!

  8. I love drinking coffee on cold mornings! Love the red pants and your cute sweater. Very festive indeed!


  9. Your red pants are perfect for the festive season! I drink loads of coffee also to get myself into gear for the day:)

  10. Pretty and festive. To quote Sara, you are "amazeballs."

  11. Yep, four cups of coffee can really contribute to some serious anxiety. Bless your heart, Beth!

    I love how you picked up the red in your jeans with a MMD button flower. You look very cozy and chic, and only a little over-caffeinated :P

  12. I'm already focused on vacation more day!! Love the red jeans - very festive!

    Jess - J's Style

  13. Red pants! Awesome and festive!! I love those little booties, too. You look very cute!

  14. Yay red pants! And red buttonflower! Gosh I could use some coffee now. I let myself be talked into going out on a Thursday 5 days from Christmas! Insane. Keep warm! We're having sleet right now.

  15. I hear ya! I am so mentally checked out and getting through today is going to be rough. Very cute, festive look! Love the red pants.

  16. LOVE the red pants! Ooh, and I am digging on your teacup collection as well!

    1. We inherited the teacups from my husband's great aunt - they are one of my favorite things in my house!

  17. I love that sweater! You looked so cost while we were sitting at Barley John's that night!


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