Tuesday, December 4, 2012

But I play one on TV...

Welcome to Dress Like a TV Character day on my blog.  I'm kind of kidding - but my outfit is entirely inspired by Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation.  I always try to plan my outfit the night before, even if I don't lay it out, I kind of mentally plan what I'm going to wear.  Last night my brain was fried and I was feeling uninspired, but we were watching Parks and Rec and my outfit was suddenly in my head.

 Denim shirt - Talbots, thrifted
Blazer - Merona, Target (old)
Scarf - Stella and Dot
Pants - Old Navy, thrifted
Shoes - Etienne Aigner, thrifted

We only just started watching the show this summer.  There was an Inspiration Monday featuring Aubrey Plaza, who plays April on the show and I had no idea who she was at the time, and then many of you said, oh she's on Parks and Recreation, that show is hilarious!  So I told the Pants Monkey that we were missing out on one of the funniest shows on television and we've slowly started making our way through it.  No spoilers please, we're only on season three, but I love the show.

Many of you requested pictures from the "White Trash" Christmas party.  I didn't take any, but I do have one that a friend took - it's not the best, but you can see a little of our outfits.  Many others at the party went much further than we did!


  1. So cute! I love TV characters. (As you know, I was Caroline from "2 Broke Girls" for Halloween.) More of us should draw inspiration from them. I'd like to dress like Gloria on "Modern Family"...

  2. This is such a nice work appropriate outfit. I think I will steal it from you :) Love the color of that scarf...it's beautiful!

  3. I adore Parks & Rec - my hubby and I have been watching it from the beginning. I think you look perfectly Knope-ish!

    Love the party outfits!

  4. Bethie! hahaha! you look a bit wasted in that pic with your hubby. i love your scarf. why am i noticing so many scarves lately, hmmmmmm?

    1. LOL, actually I wasn't, it was more of a "quick, look over here" and I was caught off guard.

  5. Parks and Rec is the best, and your Leslie inspired outfit is super cute. I like the scarf!

  6. You totally need to use Parks & Recs for more outfit inspiration--I love it!!

  7. the blue scarf os so pretty and adds a perfect pop of color for a cold day!! and i love the wt outfit!

  8. One can never go wrong with a cute scarf and blazer! I love your scarf it is so very pretty and what a wonderful color on you! Bahaha, and that last picture is awesome. What a fun idea for a party!

  9. Love the chambray under the suit! I would have never thought to do that and it looks so chic! :) The pop of blue in the scarf is lovely too.

  10. You have a gorgeous smile, by the way! I love today's outfit. The pop of blue with the scarf is great!

  11. I totally see Leslie Knope in your outfit!!! I visualize my outfits the night before too but forget them by the next morning! bahahah I love the comment that said you looked wasted in the pic! I think you look so happy and pretty!

  12. Bethie, that shade of blue is just really lovely on you. :)
    Hubby loves parks and rec, but I have to admit it's just not my thing. :) (I didn't like the office either - gasp)

  13. Love this look. Very professional.

  14. your scarf is totally lovely! very cute!
    and Ilove party photo - you look adorable

    Inside and Outside Blog
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  15. I like how your scarf matches your shirt! And Parks and Rec is a funny show!


  16. What a great scarf - it ties this whole look together!

    Pearls & Paws

  17. Blue is a pretty color on you. And OMG I love Leslie on P&R - definitely an outfit she'd wear :)

  18. I'm so glad you guys started watching Parks and Recreation and love it! It's such a great show. The blazer is definitely a Leslie Knope look, looks great on you!

    Jess - J's Style


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