Monday, December 10, 2012

Inspiration Monday - And it snowed

Hello Friends! Happy Monday!  I just had quite a weekend, we had a really big snowstorm here in MN.  They had said they thought we'd get some snow early on last week, but then things shifted and we hit the snow jackpot.  We'll have a White Christmas for sure now, which actually, I'm not going to complain about!

So snow or no snow, it's Inspiration Monday and this week the birds picked Mrs. Justin Timberlake, aka Jessica Biel.  Did you know she's a MN girl?  Apparently she grew up in Northern Minnesota.  Useless trivia.

 So, my outfit here is actually quite a few weeks old, but I had it saved in an "extra outfit pictures" folder and realized it matched the look quite well, which is a good thing because I didn't have a chance to wear something like Jessica's look this weekend or today.  It's not a great photo, the Pants Monkey took it on my iPhone before we went on a date night because I loved the way it looked so much.

Red shirt - Michael Kors, from Lynne
Jacket - Mossimo, Target, old
Jeans - Old Navy
Necklace - thrifted
Boots - Payless

For today, I actually did keep the inspiration look in mind as I selected my outfit, but I wanted to be warm and cozy since after the snow fell the temp seriously dropped.  So I kind of kept her orange shirt in my head, and that's about it.  

T-shirt - Maurices, thrifted
Sweater - Aeropostale, old
Corduroy pants- Old Navy
Boots - Mossimo, Target
Necklaces - jerseymaids via Etsy (gift) and S&D

I had a good day off on Friday, the calm before the storm.  I did some baking with my mom and we did a little Christmas shopping, so I'm off to a good start there!  That makes me super happy.  How are you doing with your Christmas shopping?

For more Inspiration Monday looks, head on over to two birds.  And to all my MN friends, be careful out there, roads still aren't super great!


  1. I like both looks, but love the second one. It's perfectly pulled together. You look stylish, but warm and cozy. I love the green color of your cords paired with the boots :) Heather

  2. it's so funny that you were inspiration monday psychic!! the color of that top looks great on you, and i love your cozy sweater in outfit #2!

  3. Both outfits look very pretty on you!

  4. Bethie the Boo! great outfits, both of them. i love your smile in the first photo. thanks for your nice words, too. drive carefully in the white stuff!

  5. Love both of those outfits! Stay warm today!

  6. Seems like a lot of people got snow over the weekend...I saw so many instagram pics! We just got cold, gross rain. Your cozy sweater is great for a snow day!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Both looks are so cute! I love that sweater in your second look--it looks SO warm and cozy. I'm starting to wonder if we'll get any sort of precipitation this year--we haven't had rain OR snow in what seems like forever!

  8. You are obviously a very hot date! And you look warm and cozy today. Snow, huh? It's like 70 degrees here. Pffffffft.

  9. Love this cute casual look! You look amazing :)

  10. Comfy yet stylish, my favorite look!

  11. I totes didn't know that about her! I'm not a huge Jessica Biel fan, but I do like her look here (that jacket!) and your interpretation :) Also, I'm jelly of the snow you got! No snow here in IL yet!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  12. Lurv your inspiration outfit... the jacket is really cute!
    But I prefer today's outfit... nice and warm and COZY!

  13. Sounds like a great long weekend, friend. I am almost done with my shopping. :) Just a few things left! It feels really good!

  14. Ooh, that's one lovely date night outfit! How serendipitous that it matched today's inspiration! I regretted wearing the inspiration look today despite putting on stacks of layers, just that because of the length of all my respective tops, jackets, gilets and ponchos, my kidneys and waist area were cold because they seemed to have been missed by everything except the t-shirt!!!

  15. Love your date night outfit:) Have a great week!

  16. Love both the looks, but especially the colors of the second. I am beyond done with my Christmas shopping. I did it all in November, mailed everything asap and called it done. I'm also counting my pennies until January and school funds come in.

  17. I love the jacket in your first look! So perfect for the inspiration. Your cozy look is cute too :)

  18. Hi, I am stopping over from the link up! I love your interpretation of the look for today. Your hair is so cute!

  19. I can see the inspiration in both of your looks! You look super fabulous and I really like the date night look. So fancy!


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