Monday, November 4, 2013

Inspiration Monday - Quiet

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Monday.  It's a rather gray one here, we're getting some rain today and then maybe some snow tomorrow.  Lucky us!  I guess it is November and it is Minnesota after all.  Anyway, being Monday, it's also Inspiration Monday with two birds - today we have Freida Pinto (??? anyone ???) dressed in a super cute ensemble from an upcoming collection from H&M.  I have been avoiding fast fashion when I can but I can't help but love me some H&M!

I did my best to copy this look - I even incorporated an item of my own from H&M from last year.  It sort of works with the baby bump - I wish it tied over the bump than under it, but what are you going to do?  I'll just look like I'm carrying high today.

Sweaterdress - H&M
Blazer - Bill Blass, consignment
Leggings - Target
Boots - swap
Necklace - S&D

Did you all have nice weekends?  Ours was very quiet for a change and you know what?  That was ok with me.  I did get a bunch of baby clothes washed and put away so that was nice.  Mr. Monkey had to work for a bit on Saturday, so opted for a pretty quiet night at home with a couple of movies.  Finally watched Behind the Candelabra - I highly recommend, it's very good.  We also watched an indie flick called Free Samples that was kind of cute.

Sunday I met a couple of friends for some mall walking before the mall opened.  It was great, we could window shop without risking spending money and I got some good exercise which was nice too!  I headed home and was pretty much lazy the rest of the day, save for one trip to Sam's Club to stock up on a few things.  I really don't mind that it was such a quiet calm weekend, we've kind of been needing one of those.

The extra hour of sleep from daylight savings time was nice too!  I don't like how dark it is at night now, but getting up in the morning feels just a little easier!  I'll enjoy it until that winter hibernation mentality sets in anyway!

Head on over to two birds for other Inspiration Monday outfits.


  1. i'm sure she's in more movies, but she is best known for slumdog millionaire (if you haven't seen it, it's very good). i love your's great with that fun dress! i'm glad you had a good weekend...i love that they are starting to slow down a little with the cold coming in!

  2. A nice slow weekend sounds like a great idea! I really like this dress and the fun print. H&M has always been a disappointment for me. Ours just seems so crowded and disorganized that I end up leaving empty handed. Oh, and your boots are pretty amazing!!!

  3. Lurv that dress, and how you styled it! Glad you had a good weekend!!

  4. I hate DST and how it gets dark so early! It was nice having it be light out when I got up this morning though...definitely makes it easier to get out of bed and ready for work!

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  5. Omg I love the boots! Very cute look! Oh I am jelly of your weekend. I think my friends are too needy.

    lol! We do like a lot of the same stuff! That is why I love blogging, I love findnig people who like the same random crap I like. hehehe :)

  6. Pretty pattern. It goes so well with the boots! I dressed up in this inspiration outfit but it looks so awful that I'm not sharing!!!

  7. Love the stripey cardigan, but I have to admit I gasped, "Snow??" We're just starting to get cooler temperatures!


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