Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The number game

Hello everyone!  We've made it to Hump Day!  We're halfway to that coveted weekend!  And next week is a short one with the Thanksgiving holiday!  We've got this!

So it's really interesting to me the foods that will spike my blood sugars and the ones that don't.  I have to check my blood sugar an hour after every meal for the Gestational Diabetes.  It's all about balancing your carbs - not necessarily the sugar.  And you have to eat SOME carbs.  So, here's an example of how funny I think this is - yesterday for lunch I had a spinach salad with some chicken, a small yogurt and a breadstick.  My number was in range, but on the high side of normal.  For dinner, we had nachos with cheese and meat and well, taco chips of course.  Chips you would think would really be something that would spike me - nope.  My after dinner number was on the low side of normal!  Potatoes and rice spike me.  Pasta does not. With bread it kind of depends.  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  It's just all big old game, but at least I'm still winning!

Shirt - QT Maternity, consignment
Sweater - swap
Pants - Liz Lange, Target
Shoes - Steve Madden, thrifted
Necklace - Stella and Dot 

I told Mr. Monkey I don't know that I want to test at all on Thanksgiving Day - not only is it going to be a carb heavy meal, we're going to be eating at odd times that day too!  We'll see.  The end of this wackiness is in sight at least!


  1. That's crazy at how different foods would do that to you. You would think bread would break down into the sugars and spike it up. Like you said, at least the end is near!

    I really like your colorful top. What a fun print and great colors!

  2. It really is funny! I know for Lukas some carbs affect him really bad and other don't. It's so strange (although his can also be due to the lack of insulin or too much insulin). Although you are rocking GD and doing an awesome job! Love your top and I can't wait to see you tomorrow morning!!

  3. Lovely top! I am looking forward to US Thanksgiving (I always take those days off to watch football with L) - long weekend! Woo!

  4. I like this look a lot, that top is so cute! Oh man, nachos are my weakness, so I am totally going to eat them if I ever get preggers, lol. Do you have any special plans for Turkey Day? How cool that you have the rest of the week off. This is the first Black Friday I have had off in over 8 years.

  5. That is so crazy that pasta is fine but not potatoes and rice! Yay for the end being near!

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  6. Good work on keeping your numbers within normal! It must be so hard to stay away from all the sweets!

  7. haha, at least you're coming out winning...and you can have nachos. win/win!

  8. We do we do, we've got this! And girl you look amazing :) Can BARELY tell you're pregnant!

  9. That's so would make me want to eat nachos for dinner all the time! :)

    Jess - J's Style

  10. Hmm... Nachos.... BRB.... Going to make some nachos....

  11. You look great and nearly there now!!

  12. You sound a bit down. Keep your chin up and know that soon the gift of love with be with you both. Babies have a way of doing that. lol Glad to know your numbers are on the low side. Thanks for loving my new tights!

  13. Oh no, do you have gestational diabetes? My sis had that just a few months ago and it wasn't fun for her at all. =( I hope you're able to indulge a bit during the holidays, but take care of yourself! It's all worth it!!


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