Monday, November 18, 2013

Inspiration Monday - SO a Monday

Well.  It's SO a Monday today you guys.  It's not even 9:00 yet and I managed to spill the old coffee grounds from our coffee pot at work all over the bathroom floor here.  And I somehow misplaced my camera, so today's outfit is photographed with the self timer on my iPhone.  Let's hope this day starts to turn around!

It is Inspiration Monday with two birds and today we have Miranda Kerr in a skirt I wouldn't be caught dead in at this stage of my pregnancy - but I like what I did manage to pull together.

Bad lighting for the photos, but otherwise I really do adore this outfit.  It was a chore getting it all put together I tell you - the Pants Monkey was laughing at me this morning as I struggled into my leggings and boots.  But I made it work!!

White shirt - swap
Blazer - b. a resale shop
Skirt - Liz Lange, thrifted
Leggings - Steve Madden, via DSW
Boots - from mom
Buttonflower - MMD
Earrings - S&D
Necklace - gift from friend 

In spite of my whining about Monday, we did have a good weekend.  Our music group threw us a shower and we got another bigger ticket item crossed off of our list so that made me happy.  We also went to a car seat install clinic, so now I feel like the car seat will be safe and secure.  We also managed to have some lazy time with breakfast on Sunday and dinner on Sunday night, so that was good too!

But now it is Monday and I just hope that the way the morning started isn't an indicator of the entire day!  It's early yet though, there's plenty of time to turn this ship around right?  Optimism!!

For more Inspiration Monday outfits, head on over to two birds over here.


  1. I hope your day gets better fast dear! Your outfit is super cute today, so that should help I hope!! <3

  2. I hope your day turns around! I love your outfit today - it's super cute!!! Glad you had a good weekend and that you and Pants Monkey were able to have a relaxing and low key Sunday! Love you!

  3. well look at it this way...things can only get better, right??? i hope your day turns around!

  4. Mondays do kind of suck! The plus side? I like your outfit way better than Miranda's! Her skirt is just a tad too short for my liking. Here's to hoping your day turns around!

  5. I hope your day goes better from here on out!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. OOh, this is a lovely chic look on you! Well done for getting into the boots- hard with hauge baby bump, right? Glad you had a nice weekend and hope that hours on, that the day did indeed get better!! x

  7. cute take on an inspiration outfit!
    Too bad about the not so awesome start to Monday but hey, there's so much the week can offer! =D

  8. Well, sometimes Mondays are just...Mondays. The best you can do is stay positive and laugh at yourself. At least you look cute. :)

  9. It is a great outfit! I love it! I can also see it being a great post-baby outfit, maybe with a cardi to make it a touch more casual as well!

  10. Love this look, especially with the blazer! Glad you were able to get some time in over the weekend to relax. Those days are probably limited, huh?! :)

    Jess - J's Style

  11. I think you look so tall in this outfit!!! I love the leggings and boots look so much!

  12. Right on Bethie!

    Thanks for the nice words regarding baby Z. I am late getting to you today because we ventured off to see him today. I got to finally hold him and I also fed him. He was so sweet and fell asleep in my arms and laid on my lap for about half an hour. Yay! Best day ever!!!!!! LOL

  13. Congratulations on making an inspiration picture that made me go "No." (maybe it was just the skirt) and making it into something really nice and stylish looking!


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